NAF Atsugi- Cinema 77 on Feb 3 @ 0800 & 1000

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It’s awesome to be back here at the largest United States Navy air base in the Pacific Ocean: Naval Air Facility Atsugi.  Part of their mission is to provide logistic support, coordination and services to units assigned to the Western Pacific.  Thank you for your service and for hosting my Happy Hour Tour.   Please come say hello and have some post – Super Bowl laughs! I will be at Cinema 77 on Feb 3 at 0800 and 1000 hrs.   

NAF AtsugiNAF Atsugi 2Sean loving his big broFt Hamilton 2

Above: NAF Atsugi, Me and my brother Sean, Me on stage!

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Show Raffle Winners- “I Killed”- True Road Stories from America’s Top Comics featuring Bernie McGrenahan

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I Killed True Road Stories from Americas Top Comedians Pensacola4

The following show attendees were randomly picked to receive a copy of I KILLED:True Road Stories of America’s Top Comedians!

15- Joint Base Charleston-Gary Grove and Jonathan Blount- prize contact info sent Jan 16
26th- USAG Yongsan Japan- Aaron Byers- mailed Jan 30
28th- Chinhae Naval Forces Japan- Scott Bryson- prize contact info sent Jan 29
30th- Yokosuka Japan- Brandon DaCosta & Valentina Collas- prize contact info sent Jan 31

Congratulations from The HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message staff!

Contact  to claim your softback copies of I KILLED !

COMFLEACT Yokosuka- The Fleet Theater was Rocking Friday!

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   This is my first trip to Japan for 2015 and am happy to kick things off at the largest and most strategically important U.S. naval installation in the western Pacific: COMFLEACT Yokosuka.  It’s mission is to maintain and operate base facilities for the logistic, recreational, administrative support and service of the U.S. Naval Forces Japan.  Thank you for service and for inviting me back here to deliver a very important message along with some laughs.  I will be at the Fleet Theater 0800 & 1000 on Friday Jan 30.  See you there!

 Yoko 2 Comfleacts Yokosuka 1 Yoko 3 Navy pic

Comfleacts Yokosuka 2Sean HorseYoko 4

Above: NRT Airport, Pics from the theater, COMFLEACT Yokosuka.  My special brother Sean. Me on stage doing what I love!

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COMFLEACT Chinhae- FFTC @ 0800 on Jan 28

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 It is an honor to be invited here to deliver my Happy Hour Program in Chinhae, the second and final stop of my time here in Korea.  COMFLEACT Chinhae’s mission statement is “To provide service and operational support to the fleet and strengthen the US-ROK alliance”.  Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour Tour.  More importantly, thank you for your service to our country.  I will be at the Fleet and Family Town Center on Wed Jan 28 at 0800.   I hope to see you there!

Chinhae 1Chinhae 2 Chinhae Train 1


Chinahe FFTC inside Chinhae FFTC CMDR Weatherford CMC Robinson (2)

Above: COMFLEACT Chinhae, train to Masan, Fleet & Family Town Center (inside and out), Me and CMDR Weatherford and CMC Robinson 

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USAG Yongsan- Base Theater Jan 26 0800 & 1000

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I am honored and excited to be here in Seoul, Korea to entertain the sailors at USAG Yongsan.  Yongsan Garrison is located in the Yongsan District of Seoul, South Korea in an area which serves as the headquarters for the U.S. military presence in South Korea, known as United States Forces Korea.   Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Without you, our freedom isn’t possible. Come say hello and laugh!  I will be at the base theater on Jan 26 at 0800 and 1000 hours. 

  141026-N-UH865-061 141026-N-UH865-124 141026-N-UH865-044 141026-N-UH865-054 

Above photos courtesy of MC1 Frank Andrews

Bernie and Sean gateUSAG YongsanYongsan 1

Above: a pic from the training!, me and my special brother Sean out exercising, USAG Yongsan, me doing what I love.

Seoul based Sailors embrace resiliency programs during readiness summit

By MC1 (SW/AW) Frank Andrews, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea Public Affairs

SEOUL, Republic of Korea (January 27, 2015) – Seoul based Sailors participated in a Personal Readiness Summit held at the base theater and the Dragon Hill Lodge at U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Jan. 26-27.

The training seminars covered a variety of Sailor resiliency topics ranging from physical readiness, stress management, sexual assault prevention and response (SAPR), drug and alcohol abuse prevention, suicide awareness, to the leader’s role in creating a healthy command climate.  

Rear Adm. Lisa Franchetti, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea, provided opening remarks for the summit and stressed the importance of involvement at all levels of command leadership.

“Participation and support for resiliency programs must come from all levels of the chain-of-command,” said Franchetti. “It’s very important that we have input from both our Senior and Junior Sailors, so that we understand each other’s unique perspectives in these important areas, and we can help our Sailors and their families not just survive, but thrive.” 

The summit began with remarks from stand-up comedian, Bernie McGrenahan, who gave a personal testimony of his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and the loss of his brother due to a suicide. 

 “I use stand-up comedy to develop a relationship with the audience,” said Bernie McGrenahan. “Then I segue into some of my personal experiences growing up with alcohol and partying, some of the trouble I got into, and the road it took me down.”

“Every Sailor, Every Day” is this year’s summit theme, which focuses on peer connections and personal responsibility.  The training reinforces the ongoing Sailor resiliency approach of encouraging members of the Navy community to reach out to each other and take meaningful actions to promote cohesion, build trust, and help fellow shipmates thrive in the face of adversity.

“The training we did today was different from the norm,” said Navy Counselor 1st  Class Michael Knight. “It kept us focused on the issues and topics because Bernie McGrenahan gave his personal life examples with alcohol abuse and how it affected him and his family members.”

Sailors also heard from various program managers and facilitators of resiliency programs from the OPNAV and U.S. Pacific Fleet staffs.  The summit’s interactive training format enables leaders at all levels, from senior officers to junior enlisted members, to share best practices, lessons learned, and to ask questions about resiliency programs and the development of future initiatives.

“I think it’s great to have these Navy facilitators out here in Korea to talk with us face-to-face,” said Yeoman 2nd Class Kyle Graves. “It’s been good to ask them tough questions in an open forum like this one. They heard our stories and received our input about the current policies and we learned more about how to utilize these programs to take care of our shipmates.”

The Navy facilitators for the Personal Readiness Summit will continue their outreach to Korea based Sailors Jan 29-30 at Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae where they will meet with more than 150 Sailors assigned to the installation and associated tenant commands.



JB Charleston- “Happy Hour” is back!

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I can’t think of a better way to kick off my tour schedule for 2015 than to be here at Joint Base Charleston!!  JB Charleston is a US military facility under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force 628th Air Base Wing, Air Mobility Command.   The facility is an amalgamation of the United States Air Force Charleston Air Force Base and the United States Navy Naval Support Activity Charleston.   I will be at Charleston Air Base Fitness Center at 0800 and Charleston Naval Weapon Station at  1300.  Please come by , say hello and have a few laughs!

Bernie Wiesbaden 3JB CharlestonSeanBernie

Above: me doing what I love, JB Charleston, me and my special brother Sean. 

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Laughlin AFB- What a great two days!!

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 What a two days at Laughlin AFB!  This is the  largest pilot  training base in the USAF, and is home to the 47th Flying Training Wing of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). On weekdays, the airfield sees more takeoffs and landings than any other airport in the country.  Wing Commander Hastings, Chief Clapper and staff lead one great team at this incredible Del Rio, TX location.  Aliyah, Sabrina, Sandra and leaders, thank you. Melissa, could not have done this without you. The Airmen and Civilians made this the best Wingman Day I have ever!  I cannot express the appreciation my family and I have for the determined, focused and resilient Airmen who serve this nation so proudly.  My brother Sean made his first Military base appearance to a thunderous applause and one that will lift his self esteem for years to come.  I have been moved to emotions with your reaction and treatment of my brother and family.  Your respect and honor will be treasured for a lifetime!  

6 Standing O   4Sean   5 Sean Standing O 

  12 Sean Stage  1Group  2Sean Airmen  

  3Sean 8 Line to Shake    13 Sean Greeting
9 Greet Sean Colonel Patronis 10Chief Clapper  7 Sean
18 Sean Entering 24 Sean Stage 14 Sean Addressing Packed House 

16 Meet and greet 19 Flight Suit 17 Greet

20 Flight Line 21 Flight Line  22 Flight Line

19 Sabrina Viv 22 23 Sean Post Gig

Above -last row: Sabrina and Viv gifting Sean a personal Wrestlemania T-Shirt in honor of their son Nicky. Sean will honor him proudly. Aliyah and Sandra, we love you dearly.  Sean said to tell you so, before he passed out in the car on the way back to San Antonio airport.  Job well done my brother.  You officially have a taste of life….’On the Road’!  


Bernie 8Laughlin AFB 1 25 Lt Stowers

Above: Me on stage. Logo of the 47th Flying Training Wing. Me and my special brother Sean.

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Show Raffle Winners- “I Killed”- True Road Stories from America’s Top Comics featuring Bernie McGrenahan

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National Guard Association of Arizona- “Happy Hour” is here!!- Allen Readiness Ctr 0830 on Sept 30

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It is an honor to be invited to speak for the National Guard Association of Arizona!!  The purpose of the Association is to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of our heritage of freedom, democracy, and patriotism, as well as to help provide for the security of the citizens of our State and Nation.   Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour.  I will be at the Allen Readiness Center on Tuesday Sept 30 at 0830 hrs.   Looking forward to meeting you all.  Please come by and say hello and have some laughs!! 

Bernie Wiesbaden 3AZNG 2Me with my brother Sean


Above: Me doing what I love.  NGAAZ Medal. Me and my special brother Sean.  Pics from today’s program!!

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Presidio of Monterey- Price Fitness Center- ROCKED today!

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It is a pleasure to be invited here to the beautiful Presidio of Monterey, the last and only Presidio in California to have an active military installation.  Currently it is the home of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.  I had a blast today and met so many great people.  CSM Wynn gave me a great tour of the facility and Carolyn McPherson and Staff know how to gather the troops!  I was spoken to today in 16 different languages, and three I never knew existed.  We have some BRILLIANT, DEDICATED young Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Guard and Reserve prepared to interpret life’s unexpected matters and bring countries together.  Below were some pics of today’s training.  Monterey by the way, what a SWEET community on the coast of North Cali.  Had me missing my CA days.  But Vegas, is now the main base for Comedy is the Cure Inc…    OH- and did I mention the BLUE ANGELS were in town doing some test runs for the Air Show tomorrow- Sat Sept 27, 2014.  When those bad boys took off over my hotel, the thrust and power of those engines warmed by heart as the pounding sound of freedom soared straight north to the sky.  Those are some bad ass men and women in those jets! 

Presidio of MRY 1 Presidio of MRY 2Ft Hamilton 2 071014-N-5476H-721

Above: Pics of Presidio of Monterey.  Right: me doing what I love!  Blue Angels! 

 Pres8 Pre Show Pres22 CSM Wynn Pres7 Pre Pres1 ASAP

Pres4 Post Pres3 Staff Pres6 Greet Pres5 Post

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