Bernie McGrenahan is a stand-up comedian touring the globe expressing gratitude to our Military’s service members, civilians and dependents for their service to our nation!  This original Comedy ‘With a Message’ training has been delivered to over 300 military bases world-wide.  Bernie’s Stand-up comedy material breaks the ice, followed by his personal life experiences.
The ‘inspirational testimony‘ is the key factor to this program’s overwhelming demand and success. 
A true program of the heart. 
A tale of one person’s willingness to admit his shortcomings,
the courage to ‘ask for help’ and the resilience to ‘make a change’! 
Program Topics include
Resiliency, Safety, Risk-Reduction, Substance- Abuse/Sexual Assault/Suicide Prevention & Bystander Intervention!  ‘Comedy “With a Message’ is where Laughter meets Inspiration and Resilience!
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Patrick AFB- Home of the 45th Space Wing

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Consuila Harris-Gaines and Chad McCoy!!!

What a way to close out the Patrick AFB Wingman day in support of the SAPR program with a large and loud crowd. The audience came in full support including Brigadier General Schiess and Mrs Scheiss. Thank you Lori for the introduction,Greg and Judy for your support. Precious I appreciate the photos. The crowd was full of energy and loud which made for a great comedy event with a follow-up focus on Respect, Consent and Resiliency. I am very grateful to be part of such an honorable Wingman Day at such a prestigious Air Force Base. Laura Tasker and staff you Rock! May we all meet and do this again!!

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Cape Canaveral’s 45th Operational Group

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Drew Carrigan and Tom Buist!

What a fantastic morning it was getting to perform at the historical launch site site Cape Canaveral.  The Shark Tank venue provided an intimate space to share some enjoyable laughs with many of our finest Airmen and Civilians.  Thank you not only to Command Chief King and Colonel Lang for your leadership and support but the many attendees who filled the room and my heart.  Your service will forever be appreciated.

Some cool facts about CCAFS :  A number of American space exploration pioneers were launched from CCAFS, including the first U.S. Earth satellite in 1958, first U.S. astronaut (1961), first U.S. astronaut in orbit (1962), first two-man U.S. spacecraft (1965), first U.S. unmanned lunar landing (1966), and first three-man U.S. spacecraft (1968). It was also the launch site for all of the first spacecraft to (separately) fly past each of the planets in the Solar System (1962–1977), the first spacecraft to orbit Mars (1971) and roam its surface (1996), the first American spacecraft to orbit and land on Venus (1978), the first spacecraft to orbit Saturn (2004), and to orbit Mercury (2011), and the first spacecraft to leave the Solar System (1977). Portions of the base have been designated a National Historic Landmark for their association with the early years of the American space program.

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Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC)

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Brian Boyer and Charlotte Simon!!  
Today was an incredible experience getting to perform for some of our brightest lights at the Air Force Technical Assistance Command. Though I cannot delve into their mission and operations publicly they are masters at sniffing out dangerous threats to not only our country but the world.
Thank you not only to Colonels Hartmann and Bordner, Master Chief Gaines, Laura and Kathie but to the 300 awesome enlisted and civilian attendees today. A special shout out to the bleacher participants and wall-leaners who could not secure a seat in time. Your support and presence was acknowledged and appreciated!!!
The laughs were plenty today with this awesome group who stayed present and attentive throughout the show.  We overcame the helicopter sound challenge and embraced the ‘Sound of Freedom’ with grace and understanding.  Your responses today during and after the show will linger in my heart and soul. Hats off to AFTAC !!!!
Special thanks to Colonel Bordener for bestowing me with  this honorable coin.  It is truly appreciated and one of my favorite:)
Special acknowledgement for my good friend Marc O’Donnell back home in Las Vegas who turns 40 this week!!  Though my personal mission calls me to Florida this week and I will miss your celebration, your character, honor and integrity are not overlooked and very appreciated.  Happy Birthday my brother!

AFTAC is based at Patrick AFB and is an Air Force surveillance organization assigned to the Twenty-Fifth Air Force.  Its mission is to monitor nuclear treaties of all applicable signatory countries. It is the sole organization in the federal government whose mission is to detect and report technical data from foreign nuclear explosions. Woah!

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