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Bernie McGrenahan is taking Military Bases across the Globe by storm with his HAPPY HOUR program! Opening the program with a 30 minute stand-up comedy show, Bernie then segues into a personal testimony of High-Risk Drinking, DUI reduction & Suicide Prevention,  inspiring Military & Civilian personnel to make smart, safe decisions. ’HAPPY HOUR’ is changing behaviors and saving lives! For more, please click here to read his BIO.




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Adam Ramsey and Rachel Carter!!

Patch Barracks- Patch Community Club at 1400 hrs- Friday April 18, 2014

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It’s an honor to spend this afternoon at Patch Barracks!  We were a mighty group this morning and I thank you Soldiers, Airmen, Sailor and civilians for attending the program.  I hope you enjoyed the laughs and story.  Patch Barracks was awesome.  Thank you Colonel Stack and the hundreds of people who filled the room and made me feel welcome on my final Germany stop on this 9 post, 10 show, 5-day tour!  It has been an amazing experience all around.  Keep the focus.  Stay Ready and Resilient! 

Stuttgart Patch 1site51Patch Barracks 1Patch Barracks 1 Patch Barracks 2 Patch Barracks 3 Patch Barracks 4 Patch Barracks 5 Patch Barracks 6 Patch Barracks 7Patch Barracks 12 Patch Barracks 11 Patch Barracks 10 Patch Barracks 9 Patch Barracks 8

Photos courtesy of Martin Greeson

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Kelley Barracks at Kelley Theater USAG STUTTGART 1000 hrs- Friday April 18

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So excited to be here at Kelley Barracks on day five of my Germany tour!! Kelley Barracks is a U.S. military installation and headquarters of United States Africa Command, and is a part of US Army Garrison Stuttgart in Stuttgart-Möhringen in Germany. The post is administered by IMCOM- Europe.  Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour. Come share a laugh at the Kelley theater on Friday April 18 at 1000 hrs. 

Stuttgart Kelly 1Happy-Hour-Live-CAFBKelly1

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ILLESHEIM- STORCK BARRACKS – “I Killed” raffle book winner: Scott Wooldridge!!

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I am so excited to be here at Storck Barracks for a second training today at the gym.  I hope you had a few laughs and took my message and life experiences to heart.  I want to thank ASAP for hosting this incredible event.   They are a great team of resources- changing the stigma one post at a time that any change is possible with the support of others! 

On tour Live!  stork1   Shepard AFB LiveStorck2Illeshim Barracks 1 Illeshim Barracks 2 Illeshim Barracks 3 Illeshim Barracks 5 Illeshim Barracks 6 Illeshim Barracks 7 Illeshim Barracks 8 Illeshim Barracks 9 Illeshim Barracks 10 Illeshim Barracks 11 Illeshim Barracks 12

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USAG Ansbach – Katterbach Fitness Center- “I Killed” raffle winner: Laura Marie Joseph!!

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Day #4 of my Germany tour and excited to be here!!  Katterbach Kaserne is a United States Army facility in Germany, located in the village of Katterbach, about 3 miles east-northeast of Ansbach  (Bavaria); about 250 miles south-southwest of Berlin. Katterbach is part of the United States Army Garrison (USAG) Franconia, being home to the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, V Corps consisting of an attack helicopter battalion with several aviation and maintenance support units, and a United States Air Force liaison squadron (Det. 5, 7th Weather Squadron). Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour.  You are why our freedom is possible. Looking forward to see you all at the Katterbach Fitness Center at 1000 hrs!  See you there!!

100603-F-4800M-085Ansbach 1 Bernie 8Anbach Katterbach 1 Anbach Katterbach 3 Ansbach Katerbach 11 Ansbach Katterbach 2 Ansbach Katterbach 5 Ansbach Katterbach 6 Ansbach Katterbach 7 Ansbach Katterbach 8 Ansbach Katterbach 9 Ansbach Katterbach 10 Ansback Katterbach 4

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USAG Wiesbaden-Congrats to Parker Haley and Duane Dockstader- “I Killed’ raffle book winners!!

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Wies1 Pre introduction Wies2 ASAP Staff Wies7 Pre show  Wies3 Col KArstens CSM Rocco
Wies4 American Soldiers Wies8 Goggle Game  Wies5 Soldiers Wies6 Thank you

Wies9 Soldier Wies10 Post show Wies11 Post show Wies 12 Post Show appreciation

I was so excited to be at USAG Wiesbaden today.  Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour ”  Comedy ‘With a Message’ Tour.  The U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden serves the men, women and children who live and work in the Wiesbaden military community. Located 20 minutes away from Frankfurt International Airport, the Wiesbaden military community is host to several tenant units, including: V Corps, 5th Signal Command, 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, 421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment.  Thank you ASAP, Col Karstens, CSM Rocco and all the ACS, and Prevention teams who made this such an outstanding event.  I have never felt so much gratitude and appreciation by those who serve.  I hope I put a smile on your face and a touch of reflection in your hearts.  You have deeply touched mine.  You are all strong, determined and resilient.  You inspire me! 

USAG Wiesbaden 1 Wies 13 Thanks  Wies14 Wies15

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Wies 17 Ssgt Ronspiez my ride to Ansbach Sean loving his big broBrother Scott...RIP
Left: SSgt Ronspiez- thanks for ride to Ansbach, Center- my brother Sean, Right: My brother Scott, the purpose, honor & motivation of my tour !

Vogelweh Post- Kwanza Green is the “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

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Here I am at stop #3 on my Germany tour: Vogelweh Post. I am excited to be here!   The 569th United States Forces Police Squadron, based in Vogelweh Military Complex, Germany, is an Air Force Security Forces squadron. The mission of the 569th USFPS is to provide airtight security for its Protection Level resources while delivering the highest degree of Air Provost duties and Force Protection integrity to the Kaiserslautern Military Community. They are supplemented in this mission by German Military Police (Feldjager), and by the 230th Military Police Company. Thank you for inviting me here!!  I will be at the Galaxy Theater on Tuesday at 1000.  Please come by and say hello!

vogelweh-afb 1KDH News TexasTheatre-Sean-Bernie2


Vogelweh5Vogelweh1Vogeweh6 (1)

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Sembach Kaserne- Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winner: Steve Alombro!!

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It is an honor to be here at Sembach Kaserne, my fourth stop on my Germany tour.  Sembach Kaserne (formerly Sembach Air Base) is a United States Army  installation in Semabach, Germany near Kaiserslautern, and is about 19 miles (30 km) east of Ramstein Air Base.  Prior to October 2010, it was a United States Air Force  installation, and prior to 1995, it was an active military airfield known as Sembach Air Base (former ICAO ETAS, IATA SEX). During the  Cold War (1950–1993), Sembach Air Base housed a variety of USAF Tactical Reconnaissance, Close Air Support and Tactical Air Control units as a front line NATO air base.  Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour program.  It is a pleasure to serve those who serve.  Please come to the Tiger Theater at 1400 on Tuesday April 15.  Can’t wait!!

Ft Bliss 3Sembach 2Sembach3

Sem4 Sembach1 Sembach2

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RAMSTEIN – Rene Gallegos- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

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 3 Ramstein Capt Weller and ADAPT  germany_ramstein_baseOn tour Live! Ram1 SarahJayeCapt Weller and ADAPT Staff, coordinates, Bernie live and  SJ! 

It is great to return here to Germany at Ramstein Air  base- to present a program hosted by the United States Army and supported by the Air Force staff and Airmen! I even met two Sailors today!  You soldiers, Airmen and Civilians were very kind to me.  Thank you to the SAPR team, ADAPT, Family Readiness, ASAP and EAP.  I had a blast seeing some old friends such as Command Chief Morris Dr Tom and Capt Weller and meeting some great new ones like Carmen and staff.  It was so great to hear your laughs and I hope you enjoyed hearing a little touch of my journey.  Leave a comment here by clicking COMMENT on this post.    

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USAG Baumholder- Congrats to Chris Glutting- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

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I am so excited to kick off my Germany tour here at USAG Baumholder and want to thank the incredible prevention team here for all their hard work setting up this program!  Thank you to LTC Sullivan for the intro, the great soldiers who attended and the many civilians who filled out the audience! Baumholder is now the home for one of the largest concentration of combat Soldiers outside the United States. Besides the main post, it consists of one sub-community and is populated by more than 13,000 American Soldiers, Airmen, Civilians and family members.  Thank you for inviting me here and hosting my Happy Hour Tour.   

site51Me with my brother Sean BAUM Baumholder1 Greg Pryor Sarah and ASAP

 Above: me on stage.  Me and special brother Sean, ASAP staff, and the one and only Sarajane! 

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