Safety, DUI Prevention, & Risk Reduction

    While the majority of most our men and women in uniform are safe and responsible, ‘HAPPY HOUR’ offers a program derived from ‘personal testimony’ on the dangers of high-risk drinking and Safety.   Many accidents occur due to poor risk-management and Bernie implements many tools of safety to help reduce accidents across the board including MOTORCYCLE safety, DISTRACTED driving, and the obvious possible killer: Driving under the influence ( DUI).  Safety Chiefs around the world do a great job educating and preventing accidents. Bernie brings an additional weapon to safety trainings: Personal testimony of his three DUI arrests and six month jail incarceration at 26 years old.

“The show was great and the lesson was greater!!! You killed it!!”

   Drinking and driving is no-joke, and designated drivers are too often overlooked or not included in proper planning.  Now 24 years alcohol free, Bernie takes you through a step by step safe- planning checklist of how to reduce your risk for danger. Fatigue from alcohol is addressed, and how it increases risk for accidents on and off the job.  Personal risk management (what we do away from the job) can affect operational risk management (how we perform ON the job)!  We are accountable for all our decisions and actions.  With proper planning, a good safe time can be had by all!

** Hundreds of military bases have reported not only a substantial drop in DUI arrests in the months that followed Bernie’s ‘HAPPY HOUR’ Comedy with a Safety Message program, but many have gone DUI-free for extended periods of time!

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