Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners:  Chris Perkins, Alana Pascale and Brian Yarbrough!!

On Wednesday I start off 2019 with a BANG by heading to Georgia to Moody Air Force Base to deliver my Safety and Resiliency training to over 2000 Airmen for their Safety Day.   Thank you to the Safety Team: Bert Stamm, SSgt Salih, SSgt Meherg, Mr Bell and colleagues for leading the charge to bring me here.  I will be at the Fuels Barn on 2 January at 0930, 1130 and 1345.  See. You. THERE!!

The Major Command at Moody is the Air Combat Command (ACC).  The 23rd Wing is the home of the world famous “Flying Tigers”, Combat Search and Rescue, and Security Forces warriors. The 23rd Wing consists of “first in” combat search and rescue, close air support, forward air control, interdiction and force protection Airmen who conduct worldwide operations in support of US national security interests and the Global War on Terror.


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