Sexual Assault Prevention

 Bernie’s program is an alcohol and drug prevention based training which includes training material on sexual harassment and assault, Bernie will address this topic from his personal experiences and conduct when under the influence of alcohol.  The topics of Safety, Alcohol,  Drug &  Suicide prevention will accompany the sexual assault prevention segment in this training.  *Most individuals make safe and responsible plans prior to attending a social gathering. Some seek to mix alcohol and physical interaction with others.  Bernie focuses on striving to change and deter this culture.  “With 90% of sexual assault perpetrators being under the influence of alcohol, we must focus in on the dangers of high-risk drinking and put plans into effect prior to attending social activities”.  Bernie encourages respect and honor to be displayed at all times!

“Great message, and great show. Had me laughing and crying. Thank you!”

    Bernie promotes bystander intervention as a powerful tool which can reduce harassment and assault. “It is time we all step in and stop what we know to be inappropriate behavior where someone’s welfare and safety is at risk”.  Topics also addressed in this ‘upon request’ segment are: Definition of consent, date rape drugs,  the awareness to protect your drink, rape victims are not only females, treatment resources for victims, the value of a victim advocate and the variations of reporting: Restricted and Un-restricted options.  

***97% of Bernie’s audiences have come away a new perspective on how they will treat their fellow brothers and sisters in uniform, family members and civilians within our communities.

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A perfect fit for Sexual Assault Prevention Month in April 2018!

Comedians Real Sexual Assault Message Prefaced by Humor, Ft. Carson, April 2017

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