Comedy is the Cure

Comedy is the Cure has three versions of Happy Hour to choose from:

Sexual Assault Prevention:

“With 90% of sexual assault perpetrators being under the influence of alcohol, we must focus in on the dangers of high-risk drinking and actions which follow.”

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Safety, DUI Prevention, and Risk Reduction:

“‘HAPPY HOUR’ offers a program derived from ‘personal testimony’ on the dangers of high-risk drinking and Safety.   Bernie outlines many tools of safety to help reduce accidents across the board.”

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Alcohol, Drug, & Suicide Prevention:

“Bernie sheds light on the impact suicide has on a surviving family, as well as educating troops to detect signs of possible ideations in fellow servicemen. It takes one, to save one.”

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‘Thank you for what you do for our military community!’



Amazing show! I needed some good laughs after a long and stressful week. Thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to make wiser decisions, look after one another & better ourselves.

You’re a very brave, strong and courageous man! I am sure you have made a difference in thousands of lives if not more! You thanked us but, we should really be thanking you!