Naval Base Coronado- Navy’s West Coast Quarterdeck in America’s Finest City!

CONGRATS to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Sarah Kaitlyn Fisher  and Shawn Houston!!!!!  (Miss Fisher, please email for instructions on how to get your book!)

On Thursday I have the pleasure of delivering my Comedy With A Four Star Message to the “Navy’s West Coast Quarterdeck in America’s Finest City”…Naval Base Coronado!   NBC is committed to delivering and directing base operating support programs and services that exceed customer expectations and contribute to the operational readiness of ashore and afloat commands at Naval Base Coronado.   Thank you NADAP, CMPCFLT and LCDR Hamilton for all you’ve done to make this happen! Please join me on Thursday 2 Nov 2017 at the Lowry Theater for some laughs and a different spin on your normal training.  0900 and 1300 hrs.   See you there!

NB Coronado emblem  NBC bridge  110202-N-5684M-137 NB Coronado CMC Patawarren

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Above: Pics of NBC and me with CMC Patawarren!


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14 Responses to Naval Base Coronado- Navy’s West Coast Quarterdeck in America’s Finest City!

  1. Graciela kennedy

    Hey it’s grace from Brooklyn and my parents didn’t have money lol! I enjoyed your words today , I actually lost an uncle to alcohol & you hit home. That’s the main reason I don’t drink and never did. Keep telling your story , you never know who can relate! Thanks from CSSN KENNEDY NAVAL BASE CORONADO

  2. Rex Azinge

    Thank you for the laughs and messages today. I appreciate it. God bless you always.

  3. Emani Butler

    Hey Bernie!

    I was at the base for training and you were there. Your story really hit home for me. You just might have saved me from making a terrible mistake. Thank you!

  4. Brittany Johnson

    Thanks for coming. You gave us lots of laughs

  5. Kayla haase

    I attended your seminar at NBC. I just wanted to say thank you for telling your story. You may have saved multiple lives. My mother took the same route Scott did, so my prayers go out to you and your family. Your story really hit home and I thank you for opening up your insight to a bigger group of people. Again, thank you so much!

  6. Gabriel Marin

    Hey Bernie, just saw the show at Coronado, good stuff! best mandatory training ever!

  7. Guiovanna Salinas

    Great show! Thanks for the training at NBC!

  8. Arturo Bocanegra

    Hey Bernie! Just saw you in Coronado, such a great show, definitely one of the best mandatory things Ive ever had to attend.

  9. Darren Willis

    Yo Bernie!

    Great show man! Just saw you at the Coronado theater. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  10. AJ Pantaleo

    Thanks for walking through life with eyes open.
    Enjoyed and appreciated what you had to share today at the Coronado Base Theatre.

  11. Michael Kimbrough

    Thank you for a great show and inspiring words.

  12. Shawn Houston

    Hey Bernie, this is shawn. just saw u in Coronado island and I loved your show. Connected with me on a personal level. I too used to drink a lot and destroy relationships and my career suffered cause of it. I’m now married with a kid and life is good. Thank you for coming and supporting us. Hopefully get to see u again.

  13. Nick

    Great time this morning! I appreciate you sharing your story! Also apprecaite your support to the military. Enjoy your weekend with your brother!

  14. Sandra wilson

    The comedy was good but I enjoyed hearing your life story. I wish more training we have was honest about things like this instead of PowerPoints and statistics.