NB Ventura- providing effective and efficient readiness from the shore!

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This week I traveled to the Golden State…California!  First stop: Naval Base Ventura County!!    Thank you to all of you Sailors, Airmen and civilians who came out to the Needham Theater  to hear my Comedy With A Four Star Message program.  You guys were amazing!   A HUGE thank you to Chief Garner, NADAP and COMPCFLT for all of your efforts in bringing me here.  Chief Garner, you’re the best! See pic from the trainings below, NBVC is a premier Naval installation composed of three operating facilities – Point Mugu, Port Hueneme and San Nicolas Island. The mission of NB Ventura County is to support and enable the Fleet, Fighter and Family by providing effective and efficient readiness from the shore.  

NBVC_LOGO_6_wide  NBVC entry  NBVC 1300 show sailors march NBVC 1300 show NBVC MandG Chief Garner NBVC

Above: a couple photos of NBVC.  Sailors marching into the 1300 show (awesome!).  Me and Chief Garner. 

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14 Responses to NB Ventura- providing effective and efficient readiness from the shore!

  1. Matt cohara

    Bernie came to us, which turned out to be an epic way to the start the morning. Nothing like laughing historically first thing in the morning which set us up for a great day. It was an honor to get to meet you. I loved your outlook on life and your jokes were clever, unique and hilarious. You the man Bernie. Keep on making people laugh because u are good at it. We need to laugh more in today’s society. We live in a negative world and you are helping to change that. Respect brother. Hope to see you again soon. Power in positive. Keep smiling and keep being you.

  2. Robert Spann

    Great way to start the day! Great stage presence, delivery, and overall demeanor. Had fun telling his jokes and his story but staying level with the audience to not talk down to us. Eye contact, reading name badges, and identifying with multiple people made for an engaging, down-to-earth performance about real experiences and real scenarios we can face. Happy to have the opportunity to receive training with an all-around good message and a great lack of powerpoint and systematics. Thanks for the laughs and the message. Tell your brother wrestling is awesome!

  3. Cisco Hernandez

    Awesome show. She’s my book?

  4. Paul Petersen

    Thanks for the show. I loved it. I will definitely be sharing it with the wife.

  5. Shane Rust

    The best training I have ever been to.

  6. Robert Wetzel

    That was a great show. Thanks for coming out and making us all laugh. What you do is very important and means a lot. You may not be serving this country through the military, but you have found a great way to give so much to the military and country. You may not be a brother in arms, but you are a brother in spirit. Thank you.=, HooRah!!
    p.s. Tell Shawn that you “killed” us all with laughter.

  7. Victor Dioquino

    Awesome training Bernie! I am an instructor at NCTC and I went back to my classroom and reiterate the importance of your story and how it will affect my students lives and careers! Have a blessed day!

  8. Jordan Vesey

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to come to California. Loved to hear the strong and message behind it, it’s very touching to hear how much you love your brother. I hope to meet him and you again one day. Goodluck with the rest of your tour.

  9. Johnathan thomas

    Hey was at your show it was great

  10. Gema Candelas Flores

    Great mesaage… ur story really touched me… I will be sharing the importance of your message with others … one team one fight… and we have to keep each others back… thru good and specially bad times. Thank you for sharing with us.. hope to see u soon…

  11. Anthony Deel

    Great comedian with an even greater message. Thanks for visiting and sharing your story with us. I guarantee you changed someone’s life today, keep doing what your doing!

  12. David Seaver

    Great show! The message is one that can’t be spread far enough or loud enough.

  13. Christine Fletcher

    Thanks for the laughs and great message.

  14. Chris Robinson

    Great show this morning! Enjoyed the jokes and was completely in awe of the important message and courage it takes to share what you do with so many others. Keep up the great work and thanks for both the laughs and life lessons!