Ft Benning- Home of the Maneuver Center of Excellence

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Thank you Ft Benning for the wonderful welcome and reception!!  You guys made Patton Hall come alive today and I felt the love!  I hope you had some laughs today and will take the important message shared as you head into your holiday weekend. Be safe! Many thanks to Oskar Schlomer, Theresa Sanchez and Family Advocacy Program team (see pics below!) for inviting me here to deliver my Comedy With A Four Star Message Program.  Ft Benning was named after Henry Benning, a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War.  Since 2005, Fort Benning has been transformed into the Maneuver Center of Excellence.    

Ft bennign entry Ft Benning- Bernie w soldiers  Ft Benning- B w staff Ft Benning B stage2 Ft Benning hug Ft Benning mandg 2 Ft benning mandg  Ft Benning- plaque ceremony Ft Benning plaque ceremony Ft Benning Gerry and Drex Warner

Above: Ft Benning and some pics from today!  A pic of me, Oskar, Theresa and the FAP staff. Thank you for the plaque (Sergeant Major Dice and Chaplain Byle pictured).  Me with Gerry and Drex Warner. Gerry is a retired ASAP manager and friend!

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14 Responses to Ft Benning- Home of the Maneuver Center of Excellence

  1. Joseph Black

    That was without a doubt one of the greatest hours of my life. For once I could say I’m happy I decided to sit in the front row. Thank you for coming Bernie, much appreciated!

  2. Jesse Goad

    I really appreciate your performance at Patton Hall this morning. Great comedy routine with a powerful message at the end. I really enjoyed attending and hope that future “mandatory” training is this much fun. Probably not.

  3. Marvin Williams

    BERNIEEEEE my man, That was a powerful message. I almost shed a tear at the end but my friends were looking. I enjoyed every second of it. And I wish you the best throughout your career.

  4. Al Clay Jr (Retired Veteran)

    Thank you Bernie for a wonderful hour of laughter, stay strong, stay focus, and keep your head up. Your message is strong and powerful, the out come of life is all about the choices we make when face with difficult and challenging times. May God continue to bless you throughout the of your life and career.

  5. Edwin R Fernandez-Cruz

    Sir, I really enjoyed your performance at Patton Hall this morning. That was a great performance. I was in the service for over 20 years and retired now for over 10 years. This is the first time that I can actually relied in the person that this providing the training. Your comments about suicide are very close to my heart. Thank you for your time and for the information that you provide.

  6. Thomas Mccoy III

    Great show Bernie! Enjoyed your comedy and your honesty. Thanks for coming and keep up the good work my friend!! Also, thanks to Chaplin Byles and everyone who made it possible.

  7. Abimael Marquez

    Outstanding training, I learned a lot and appreciate you sharing your story with service members

  8. Eduardo Jimenez

    Thank you for coming out and taking your time away from your family to share with us your experiences. I went thru almost the same with drug addiction for about 4 years before I looked at my self and said what the hell. So thank you again and tell your brother we love him and keep doing what you are doing for the service.

  9. Ryano Adjmul

    Good show today at 1330 great message # reality check

  10. Dustin McClure

    I’m posting here because I want to win the free book… no just kidding, very funny show with a great message! Way better then any PowerPoint! But seriously where’s my book!

  11. Karoline Garcia

    Bernie, thank you for such a powerful testimonial! My son’s father struggles with alcohol addiction and I hope that one day he can find the strength that you and your father did, so he can be a good father to my 22-yr old son. He has not been a consistent and reliable part of his life in over 20 years, but you gave me hope today that he can turn his life around. Thanks again for bringing some humor and hope to my day! Bless you.

  12. Jared Fauber

    Had a great time at your show at Fort Benning. Your mixture of comedy and realness can be eye opening for those who need it.

  13. Melissa Lunn

    I cannot thank you enough for what you do for our Soldiers and their families. I appreciate that you are willing to talk about such difficult realities with us in order to help others. It touched my soul today. Thank you for taking the time afterwards to speak to us as well and share pictures of your loved ones. It’s people like you who are talking about these struggles that help give others the courage to reach out for help. I spoke with you for a few minutes after the show this afternoon and your complete genuineness (that a word?) made such an impact on not only me, but to everyone. Thank you and thank you to your family who is away from you so often as you travel for this cause.

  14. Chaplain Myron Byles

    Thank you so much for your support for our Soldiers and Civilians on Fort Benning! We enjoyed your testimony and humor today. Blessings-CH B