New Jersey National Guard- Amazing crowd today!

Rich Adair and Maria Hamlin- CONGRATS!  “I Killed” raffle book winners!

Hello New Jersey National Guard!  I want to thank all you soldiers and airmen for your service and for the amazing reception you gave me today at the Timmerman Theater.  I felt honored and humbled by your standing ovation.  I hope you had some laughs and enjoyed a new approach to “mandatory training”.  The consists of over  9000 Guardsmen and is currently engaged in several worldwide and homeland missions. On the home front, the Guard is responsible for Homeland Security tasks in the State of New Jersey. Their mission is “To Provide Mission Ready Units, Equipment and Personnel to The Adjutant General of New Jersey and the United States Air Force.   

njng-emblemnjang-airplanes  njng-back-of-house njng-back-of-house-2  

njng-front-of-house phl-76ers-stadium phl-eagles-stadium

Above: a couple pics of the Guard and the audience from today’s program.  76ers stadium and Eagles stadium on the way back to the PHL airport. 

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40 Responses to New Jersey National Guard- Amazing crowd today!

  1. Conrad Jorge

    Thank you for your humor and positive message. Your words were definitely heard by some people that need this message. Thank you again.

    • Michael Sheridan

      Loved your show and thank you for no power point s

  2. Jessica Hunter

    Great show today.

  3. Janelle Atwell

    Thank you for your time, we appreciate your story and your support. It’s refreshing to have a outside person that can understand the trials we face on a daily basis.

    Keep being awesome

  4. Kelly Darish

    Thank you for staying true and sharing your personal story

  5. Paola Velez

    Thank you so much for all that you do for our servicemen and women!! Had a blast! Best military class ever!!

  6. Javier Colon

    Bernie!!! I really didn’t know much about you till today, at fort dix. We both have have alot in common and it really hit home to hear your story. I look forward to reading your novel. I appreciate your time, and your experience. I will share them with all those who are in struggle with there mental health. Again thanks and your awesome

  7. William Griffin

    Excellent show, your story about your brother with special needs reminded me of my son

  8. Arenas Leydi

    Thank you so much for the show! It was freaking awesome… It touched my heart.

  9. Jorge Ditren

    BERNIE! You killed you killed it! Wow! Amazing message.

  10. Wayne Woolley

    Great show, great message.

  11. Vincent Pizzi

    Bernie thank you for giving us your time to share your story and be a great role model!

  12. Rich Adair

    Great job! You killed it!

  13. SGT Pena, Leandra

    BERNIE! Just amazing, Your message, your attitude, I am very thankful to have been here today.

  14. Kira Maguire

    Thank you for sharing your story today it really hit home, it was honestly amazing

  15. SFC Marcus Alfinez

    Awesome presentation. I admire how you the the message. Particularly being that it’s personal. Please keep inspiring and curing with comedy!

  16. Chris Lazas

    Fantastic show today! Thank you very much for supporting the warfighter and thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the great work.

  17. Clyde Taylor

    Bernie, thank you for your time and your story. It touched a lot of Soldiers. Great way to get a message out. Keep doing what you do. You defiantly kill!

  18. Sgt Woods

    Awsome show, You killed it!!!

  19. SFC Martin

    You did an AWESOME job on putting out a important message

  20. LTC Robert Bryan

    Bernie, great show. The personal experience definitely makes your message one that is better received. Thanks for your support to the men and women who serve! If you had an impact on even one person today, it is worth everything.

  21. SFC Trainor

    Great way to spread the message !! ODAT !

  22. SGT Victor Lopez

    What a great show!! Your message really hit home.

  23. SPC Gunn

    Best mandatory training of my life!

  24. SGT Mio Ortiz

    Bernie, what an incredible show today. You did an amazing job putting out a very powerful message in a way that caught everyone’s attention. You nailed it. Wish you the best in your career.

  25. Meg Petrangeli

    Bernie, Great delivery of such an important message, I hope you get the chance to present this to millions more.

  26. CW3 Tom Russo

    All I can say is Thank You and it does shed the light on a horrible subject.

  27. Bobby Joseph

    Awesome show man. You did a wonderful job. You’re really funny guy. I was tears the entire time. Powerful message.

  28. SSG Jeffrey Garcia

    Great Show! It was heartfelt and funny at the same time.

  29. Denise Horton

    Was so very good to see you again. Congrats on your family and 27 years of sobriety-I remember when it was a few less… we are at building 5616 doughboy loop JB MDL, 08640 609-562-4011 – keep in touch HUGS Denise

  30. Sgt G

    I’ve been to over 20 Suicide preventions and non has touched me the way this one did. Thank you for sharing your story.

  31. SAY Diaz

    I walked into the theatre this morning with a heavy heart. The soldier that passed away ovr the weekend was someone I knew personally that I had deployed with. When I saw that they were introducing you to do stand-up I felt a little taken aback to be honest. I didn’t feel like comedy would be appropriate. You are able to come in and make us laugh, and without knowing it your show today helped me deal with the situation at hand. I felt that your honesty and the way that you delivered the message will really touch a lot of people. I know that it touched me. I appreciate your honesty and even though I didn’t think it would help I appreciate the laughs today. Thanks again and I hope that you are able to continue to do your show and tell your story to our Soldiers and Airmen!

  32. Terry jordan

    By far the best mandatory briefing I’ve ever had to attend. Thanks

  33. Pat McCarthy

    Awesome job today Bernie! I’m sorry you went through what you did, but I respect how you use your experience to enhance the lives of others. You are truly an inspiration.

  34. Grenille

    Bernie thank you for sharing your story, it really touched me, I’m sure after al these years it’s still not easy to talk about. Great delivery for such an important measage, appreciated the jokes, but most of all you captured the purpose, importance and you brought it home.
    Congrats on your sobriety!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for doing what you do we appreciate it.

  35. Lashunte Lantz

    Thank you so much for delivering the Suicide message in such a different way. This topic hits home for me your testimony is awesome!

  36. Lydia Wilson

    Thank you so much for coming I laughed so much today! You were great and I appreciate the laughs that you give to our service members!!

  37. Lola Washington

    Amazing delivery today! Thank you for sharing your personal testimony. You left a lasting impression and message for our civilians, soldiers and airman. Safe travels home and I hope you can deliver your message for years to come! God Bless you and your family.

  38. Maria H

    Your show was amazing! Although you presented this topic with a comedic twist , the sad reality is we continue to lose soldiers and Airmen every year , and that is why this training is so important. Thank you for sharing your life story, you are truly a resilient person. I hope that those in attendance today really heard your message and understand the importance of every part of it. May God continue to bless you and your family.
    PS your brother sounds like an amazing person

  39. Johnny Soriano

    Your show/presentation was amazing and very informational. I could not stop talking about your personal stories you shared with us and how you overcame them to my family. Thank you for making this mandatory brief awesome!!