Redstone Arsenal- Home of Team Redstone!!

Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Casey Perkins and LTC Greg Simpson!!

Thank you to all of you at Redstone Arsenal for coming out the 0900 training and showing me so much love!  You guys were an outstanding bunch and I hope I made the ‘mandatory’ training feel a little more fun for you!  A BIG thank you to Dr Julie, SFC Cruz and colleagues for all of your help in bringing me and for all of the prep and effort that goes into making these days a success.  I appreciate you all very much!  Redstone Arsenal is the center of testing, development, and doctrine for the Army’s missile programs.  Besides the U.S. Army Materiel Command and the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command, Redstone houses the Tactical UAV Project Office, Redstone Test Center (RTC), the Missile Defense Agency, the Missile and Space Intelligence Center, and other operations.  

Redstone Arsenal entry Redstone Arsenal  Redstone stage  Redstone stage2 (2) Redstone stage3 (2) Redstone stage4 (2) Redstone stage5 (2)  Redstone meet and greet  Redstone meet and greet2 (2)

Above: photos from Thursday’s program at Redstone.  Photos courtesy of Carrie E. David, Command Information Officer.  Thank-you!

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32 Responses to Redstone Arsenal- Home of Team Redstone!!

  1. D. Shannon Berry

    Loved the message and the humor–I would’ve gone even if it wasn’t mandatory! Thanks, Bernie.

  2. John Robinson

    Best Safety, SHARP, and Suicide Prevention training ever. Bernie was funny with a serious punch. His life experiences hit home in a lot of ways. Thank you for sharing. I have been 38 years without alcohol. Great to see you were able to turn your life around. Thanks for coming to Redstone.

  3. Cecil Longino


    Thanks for sharing your story and your great wit. I enjoyed your performance and think your message was on target!

  4. Derek Redford

    Great presentation! It’s great to get a break from the normal training!

  5. John Jones

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I know you have made a difference for somebody. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Curtis Miller

    I agree with John Robinson. This was the best Safety, SHARP, and Suicide Prevention training that I’ve been to since I have worked for SMDC. Your testimony was touching, and the show was effectively.

  7. Ken Royston

    Thanks for sharing your personal story, serious and direct message, and great comical perspective on life’s events! Kudos to Dr. Lindahl for arraigning to have you provide your unique style of training!

  8. Monica Dumont

    Thank you so much for bringing your message and your story to Redstone Arsenal. This is training/awareness that I think is effective in an environment like ours!

  9. Casey B. Perkins

    I have been involved with the military my whole adult life. I started out as a solider of almost 10 years, and now continue as a Federal Civilian employee. When you hear mandatory training it is in our nature to cringe that we are forced into something whether we want it or not. This is one of the few times where it actually paid off. You were funny but then transitioned to a more serious message. It was outstanding to hear a different message versus the same old messages as before with a slightly different twist. This was original and heartwarming. Out of my 20 plus years of attending these events I only took the time out to acknowledge you and the performance given by a Mr. Orvie B. Baker Jr and his female co-worker redemption of sexual harassment/assault. If you two team up then it would be the shock (Orvie) and awe (Bernie)of the decade.

  10. Daniel Estremera

    Mr. Bernie McGrenahan, I really enjoyed your presentation this morning. It was refreshing, meaningful and from the heart. Thank you for sharing your life with us this morning on this very important topic. Thanks for what you do. God bless.

  11. Reed Carpenter

    Doing 9am comedy in front of a ‘mandatory’ audience is nearly impossible.

    You killed! Thanks for bringing the laughs, and the seriousness.

    You surely gained fans today and probably changed lives.

    Thanks for doing work that matters.

  12. Mark Hubbs


    Thanks for your humor and your testimony today. It was the best “mandatory” training I’ve ever received.

  13. Lisa Gilbert

    Thank you for sharing your story and your comedy with us today! I love your “Comedy is a Cure” message!

  14. Steve Toler


    I sure enjoyed your presentation today. You did a great job raising our awareness on several sensitive issues in a real and personal way. The humor was inserted at the right time and level.

    Thank you!

  15. Frank Cox

    Thank You for your humor and sharing your story. I was laughing throughout, but the message was clear. Get help when you need it. BTW you killed it!!! Hope your housekeeper rest a bit easier.

  16. Jason Calvert

    Thanks for telling your story Bernie. Best training in my 12 years here!

  17. Dana Henslee

    From Redstone.. best mandatory training ever. I appreciated your openness and honesty. I laughed, I cried. Very powerful.

  18. Carol Garth

    Thank you for sharing your gift of humor to bring light to a problem many face daily.

  19. Simone Philson

    What an awesome experience this morning! You touched my spirit on so many levels. I laughed and I cried. I, too, am a survivor of a family suicide, and I know you never really get over that. Thank you for being raw enough to share your very personal story. You have a God-given gift of speaking and changing lives. Thanks for making this the most enjoyable mandatory training session ever!

  20. Rhonda Norris

    Thank you for sharing of yourself and your experiences – if we only had the ability to know/admit and learn from others in lieu of life forcing us to learn/know/admit – but thank goodness there are people like you working to improve the human ability to know/admit/learn. We are lucky to work for a Command – that although mandatory – sincerely cares. Thank you for your inspiring/”killed it” sincerity !

  21. Ken Strom

    Thank you…..

  22. Melissa Lively

    Excellent message today! I enjoyed it very much, Thank you for what you do! 🙂

  23. Jeffrey Warren

    Thank you Bernie. Best “mandatory training” I have attended in over 25 years of active duty and civilian service.

  24. Don Severn


    I was a little skeptical on how we could have a class on Suicide Prevention and Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention presented by a comedian. Brother, you killed it! What a great presentation! Keep it up, give your brother a big hug from Alabama, and buy him a Coke.

  25. Roberta

    You killed it! You should be on the Last Comic Standing. You would kill it there too!
    I wish all our mandatory training was as entertaining as the time we were mandated to spend with you today.

  26. COL Chad Skaggs

    Wish all “mandatory training” could be that enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your life’s journey with us.

  27. Eric

    Best thing I’ve heard all year. Really made me think about what is important in life.

  28. Stephanie Ford

    Funny, sad, poignant, relevant. And no Powerpoint presentations. Perfect!

  29. John Clay

    Thank you for your perspective and light touch. I wish my cousin Bobby had been able to meet you 14 years ago…you would have made a difference in his decision to take his own life. Thank you again !

  30. Bobby Land

    Thank you sir for taking the time to take your test and turn it into a testimony that you were willing to share with all of us. May Jesus continue to give you courage and strength to reach many more.

  31. LTC Greg Simpson

    Great presentation! Really enjoyed the humor and how you wove that in with your real life experiences. Very beneficial and powerful. Thanks Bernie!

  32. SFC Cruz

    You da maaaaan Bernie…. Excellent Show..