Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Vance AFB



Vance Air Force Base 


Dear Bernie,

I just wanted you to know that your “Comedy is the Cure” presentation on alcohol and high risk behaviors, especially sexual assault, has received nothing but praise from our personnel, from airmen to leadership. You have a unique ability to pair comedy and tragic life events seamlessly and keep the audience totally engaged. After your presentation, I was stopped a number of times on base by folks wanting us to know how great your presentation was and hoping that we’d have you return. I have received more positive feedback on “Comedy is the Cure” than on any other training we’ve presented in my four years this position. It says a lot about your ability to capture an audience when “mandatory” training is bragged on so highly by attendees.

If anyone would like to contact me about your training, I can be reached at DSN 448-5598.



Sheryl McMullen

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

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