Marine Corps Base Hawaii (Kaneohe Bay)- “Supporting Readiness and Global Projection”

Statue  MCBH Kaneohe Bay 1 MCBH Kaneohe Bay 2 

I’m  excited that my “Comedy With a Four-Star Message” has brought me to beautiful Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay!!!  You guys were AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you to the morning crowd of 200+ Sailors and afternoon crowd of 400+ Marines who attended the programs at the MCBH Theater.  I hope I was able to provide you with some much needed laughter as well as give you something to think about as you head into your Independence day weekend.  Another huge thank you to Linda Boswell, NCC(SW/EXW/AW)Loribelle C. Valdez and NC1 Skeete for giving me the opportunity to be here and taking such great care of me while I was here!!  See the pics from the programs below. Also: CONGRATS to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Matt Shields and Ashley McHale!! See I KILLED raffle post below for instructions to claim your prize.

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37 Responses to Marine Corps Base Hawaii (Kaneohe Bay)- “Supporting Readiness and Global Projection”

  1. nickolas sammartino

    Nice show man… figured I do while ur talking just so I can read your book later 😉 oh I’m with vp4 command just so you can find me. Can’t wait to read ur book.

  2. Patrick Badeaux

    I was here at the theater!!

  3. Patrick Badeaux

    Had the same idea as nikko. Same command, Vp4. Great show so far!

  4. nickolas sammartino

    Man you weren’t joking I’m the first to post

  5. Anthony Blackwell

    I was there. Best training I’ve gone to in my 5 and a half years in the navy.

  6. Matt Shields

    Thanks for the show at kbay! Killed it.

  7. Levi Allen

    Awesome time! Thanks so much! Mandatory fun day!

  8. nickolas sammartino

    Eh bro just wanted to say you did a great job. And I’d figure I’d fill up you page some more with some sweet comments. If any one has a chance to go she is guy do it!! He is a great and made me feel like I’m actually serving a purpose for our country. Thank you very much 🙂

  9. Lea

    That was one of the best training we’ve ever had! Hope to see more of you! Enjoy your stay in Oahu!

  10. Sheldon Luke Metoyer

    Great show, man. I was the guy near the front cracking up at pretty much everything. Sorry my laugh sounds like a four year old girl who’s parents just stopped her from crying my tripping on one of barbie dolls.

  11. Lea

    You killed!

  12. Danielle Poux

    The best training I’ve ever been to! Great show. Thank you performing for us and sharing your story. It was real, you were real, instead of some random scenarios. The lessons you’ve learned were understood. I loved when you were talking about your younger brother and how excited he gets when you pick him up. But I think I laughed the hardest at you giving the airlines a hard time when you give them the Conf number phonetically…I will be posting that on fb

    Thanks again
    Danielle Poux

  13. Lea

    My boyfriend is a big fan of stand up comedy, he will sure love to read the book, after I’m done reading it

  14. Cory Garey

    Enjoyed your show. Needed some laughs. You killed me… definitely looking to read the book too.

  15. Aaron

    I use to have a problem with alcohol also. Luckily I was about to do something about it before jail time. Loved the show. I’m 3 years sober.

  16. uriel ramirez

    Enjoyed the show Bernie, thank you for sharing your story. God Bless and keep doing what you are doing.

  17. Zack edwards

    Came to the show CLB3 support company

  18. Jose solis

    I know you said you appreciate the military but I know everybody appreciated you today at the kbay theater! Can’t wait to read the book!

  19. Israel Medina

    Hey Bernie! Was just Here at your show at Marine Corps Base Theater.what an awesome show! Your Brother Sean! What a blessing I bet.. My Brother Pedro Montano Is 31 Years Old With The Same Condition, the joy he brings when he asks Me what I’m going to buy him on each holiday Lol but especially when he tells me himself Hoe he brags about how his brother is a Marine And How Badass I Am. Awesome show and thank you for the show! Blessings to your family!

  20. Aaron Salazar

    Your show was very good. Enjoyed hearing your life stories and experiences.

  21. Matt

    Great show! I will definitely be recommending this for everyone. Thank you for sharing your story!

  22. Kerstein Hume

    Awesome show… Thank you

  23. Isis

    Show was mad funny … About that book tho …. Lol no seriously

  24. Jake thompson

    The for the laughs and the message behind it. Enjoyed your show. Leave out the captain crunch /lieutenant crunch joke next time though

  25. Erika Watson

    Great comedian, great show, new way to capture attention for training.

  26. Meghan Corson

    I really appreciated you coming out, it was a great show!

  27. Dayton Oakley

    Fantastic show! come back soon but it couldn’t be soon enough. Would love to try and workout taking you around a few places to show you different jobs aboard the base!

  28. Carlet

    Thank you for giving us light through your eyes and not only making us laugh but giving us a message with all jokes aside, you truely are doing great things in lives of people by spreading your testimony, great show, I highly enjoyed myself and again thank you!

  29. Chris Barbas

    Greatest training I have been to in my whole career. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

  30. Ashley McHale

    I’ve never left training with a smile on my face, made my day. You did an amazing job, thank you!!!

  31. Nicholas Wells

    Solid performance! Had me rolling laughing and portrayed a fantastic message at the same time. That’s tough to do, good job and thanks for coming out.

  32. Claude Watson

    Hey Bernie! Excellent show today. Your approach to bringing attention to serious issues is definitely one of the best I’ve seen. Your story certainly hit home with me, as I’m sure it did with many others. Keep the shows coming and keep killing!

  33. Christopher Vallejos

    Bernie…The Bern-Meister…Bernasaurus Rex!!! You killed it!!! Great bit about the airline confirmation number. That had me in stitches. I definitely related to your story today. It’s almost as if you were talking about me in regards to your personal struggles and legal troubles. I had some run-ins with the law a few times, both before the Navy and after I enlisted. I too finally had to look myself in the mirror and take responsibility for my actions. I had to serve a seven month jail sentence which was served in the weekend incarceration program…mind you while still enlisted in the Navy. Duty all week and jail every weekend for 22 months! You bet your ass I make wise decisions about my life now, alcohol is not bad but it definitely can ruin your life. I’m so blessed to have had a second chance. And like yourself I too try to help others by telling my story so thank you.


  34. Frederick Hardy

    Thanks for the laughs Bernie! Great message also, thanks for coming out!

  35. Gillian Miller

    Loved your show! Your story really touched me. My sister Olivia has special needs. She’s 24 and is mentally a 16 years old and that’s about as old as she will get mentally. Thank you for coming to MCBH and sharing your story.

  36. Leonardo urbieta

    Best show I have seen. Really moving!

  37. Phillip Woods

    I just saw you at the Sharkey Theater and the show was amazing. Your story was truly inspirtional. You were able to take each challange and struggle you faced and find a way to become a positive person for your brother and the rest of your family. Thank you for everything. May your brother rest in peace.