Naval Air Station Jacksonville- “Comedy with a Four-Star Message” is here!

Congratulations to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Obin Robinson and Emilie Magnon!!! 

It’s wonderful to be back in Florida at Naval Air Station Jacksonville!  Thank you to the 400+ sailors and civilians who came out to Dewey’s today.  You guys were awesome!! Hopefully you had a few laughs and left inspired and motivated to make change.    Thank you to Marie Parker of the US Fleet Forces Command and SAPR staff for hosting my “Comedy with a Four-Star Message” tour.    See pictures from today’s programs below! 

Jacksonville 1  Bernie and Sean gate  Ft Hamilton 2  JAX post show 1

JAX postshow 2  JAX postshow 5  JAX Capt Haley  JAX w Sailors 

 JAX view of lake Clarks Fish Camp  JAX Clarks Fish Camp

Above: NAS Jacksonville. Me and My special brother Sean.  Me, live on stage.  Post-show pics! Me and Captain Haley. Me with sailors. Pics of the lake from Clark’s Fish Camp during dinner. 

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13 Responses to Naval Air Station Jacksonville- “Comedy with a Four-Star Message” is here!

  1. Erika clark

    Great training with an amazing message. Really enjoyed myself

  2. Amber

    Great Training wish all our training could be that good!

  3. byrann gilbert

    Great message man at first I thought it was just going to be another boring navy thing but I really enjoyed ur message and enjoyed the laughs thanks for coming

  4. Rob Wilhelm

    Excellent comedy show with a message! Thank you for performing Bernie!

  5. Obin Robinson

    Outstanding Jacksonville NAS show! I had been through many of these trainings and this is by far the best one I’ve seen in my career. Bernie delivers the message better than any other presenter I’ve seen.

  6. Krystal Libersat

    Wow! You “killed” it! You were able to hit on some very real subjects but found a way for it to be absorbed much more than any other training! I appreciate your time and thank you for sharing your story. Good luck and God bless!

  7. Mikel Hamlin

    What an amazing comedy show with a heartfelt message! I truly hope that this show has touched someone’s life as much as it has done mine because life is short and anything can happen at anytime. Value life. Thanks so much for the awesome show, Bernie.

  8. Chris Radloff

    Great training today. You “killed it”!!! Definitely put a much for entertaining and effective spin on those subjects. Thanks for coming to share your message with us.

  9. Emilie Magnon

    Your messaged rocked! You killed it! Give your brother a hug for me! (PS looks like you are over the 5 messages). God bless you.

    • Emilie Magnon

      Oh my goodness! I am super duper excited! Thank you. I sent Melissa a message. Stay safe and keep sharing your wonderful message!

  10. Ashley Folds


  11. Dylan Spake

    Thank you for coming to our base today. It was a breath of fresh air from the normal trainings. I enjoyed it and thank you.

  12. Dalia Ignacio

    Throughout my 16 years in the military I have been through countless training about alcohol, sexual harassment etc. This had to be one of the most engaging, funny yet serious, attention keeping one yet! What a great message! Hope to see you at NAS JAX soon!