Beale AFB- Warrior Airmen, Leading the Way!!

“I Killed” raffle winners: Tylher Coleman and Candace Dugo- CONGRATS!!

I’m happy to be up here in Northern California at Beale AFB!!  You guys were such an amazing group the last time I was here and I am excited to be be back.  The mission at Beale AFB is to train, deploy and employ our Airmen and assets to deliver globally integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance in support of National Objectives. The vision is: Warrior Airmen, Leading the way, who embody Air Force Core Values in all we do !   Thank you to Tamara Togiai, SSgt Brandon and staff for going to such tremendous lengths to bring my “Comedy with a Four Star Message” here and make it all happen within a short matter of three weeks!   It takes a LOT to coordinate an event like this, and your efforts are nothing short of amazing.   I will be at the CAC ballroom this Friday, June 12 0900 & 1300.   Can’t wait to see you all there!
   Beale AFB 3   Beale AFB 1 Beale AFB crew &captains Anderson & Johnson from safety team Beale AFB SSgt Brandon (tee) & SSgt Thompson safety team Lt Colonel Franquemont Beale AFB 1 Beale AFB 2 Beale AFB 3 Beale AFB 4 Beale AFB 5 Beale AFB 6 Beale AFB 7 

Above: Post show breakdown crew and captains Anderson and Johnson from safety team. Me and SSgt Brandon (tee) & SSgt Thompson of safety team.  Me and Lt Col Franquemont.  More professional photos of the programs and post show (courtesy of A1C Anthony Adelan of Beale Air Force Base Public Affairs)​. 

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20 Responses to Beale AFB- Warrior Airmen, Leading the Way!!

  1. David

    Bernie even though you sucked thanks for the nonstop laughs and inspirational stories. Come back next year!

  2. Tylher Coleman

    Hey Bernie! Thanks for the laughs this morning! Great jokes and a great inspirational story! Hope your not melting in the heat of vegas!
    Hope to see ya on stage back home!
    (The airman from vegas)

  3. Devan Stanford

    Hey Bernie, that was powerful and hilarious at the same time. You definitely killed it. I enjoyed myself. Please come back sometime.

  4. Dawn

    Thank you for your message and God Bless You as you travel and support our troops. Just a modern day “Bob Hope” with an upbeat message!!!

  5. Candace

    Great laughs this morning! Thank you for sharing your story, best safety briefing I have had in my 12 years in the service!

  6. Jordan

    Thanks for the laughs! Ended with a very inspirational message which I’m sure resonated with everyone.

  7. Correy

    Thanks for coming out and killing the show. You definitely changed the definition of “Mandatory Fun”!

  8. Anna T. Ruiz

    It wasn’t mandatory for Vera and I (Lodging personnel), but it was beneficial and funny as hell!!!

  9. Vera K

    Good show and a lot of good information to pass on! Keep killin’ it!

  10. Mary M.

    Bernie, I’m so glad I came to your show this afternoon. Thank you for all the laughs, but thank you even more for sharing your stories. You have a powerful message and the means to share it. Thank you for doing so. Coma back soon!

  11. C J

    Thanks Bernie, your life stories rocked and the humor was the best. We were a small but mighty crowd and your message will be with me for a long time to come. God Bless!

  12. Jacob Harris

    Hey, at least it wasn’t a PowerPoint presentation! Thanks for stopping by Beale AFB and I hope you enjoyed the pizza!

  13. Mandy E

    Thank you for your time with us! You had great stories that we can all relate to in one way or another. Thanks for the laughs.

  14. Amy mcmillan

    Had a great time at the show today! Amazing guy.

  15. Amy mcmillan

    Great guy and super funny with a great message! Glad I got to see him!

  16. Jason Campbell

    I was the short guy running the sound for you. Thanks for the show!

  17. Jeremy Taisipic

    Bernie, thanks for being an inspiration to service members around the world. I’m sure you’ve saved thousands of lives already! BTW, killed it!

  18. Greg Ellsworth

    Great show and I’m also standing with you in the picture.

  19. Tyson Foster

    Thanks for the outstanding briefing. Can easily say it’s the best one I’ve been to in my career in the Air Force.

  20. Sal Oliver

    Thanks for the amazing laughs and powerful story today Bernie! Even though I was dragged to this You really made my day!