Naval Station Rota- “Comedy With a Four-Star Message”

I’m excited to take the stage here at Naval Station Rota!  It’s been two years since I have been here and am honored to be invited back.   NAVSTA Rota is the largest American military community in Spain and houses US Navy and US Marine Corps personnel.   Their mission is to provide Command, Control and Logistics Support to US and NATO Operating Forces. Proud to be part of the Fleet Forces mission.  I will be at the base theater on Tuesday May 12 at 1300 & 1500 hrs.  I hope to provide you some laughs and provide an innovative ‘Training’!  See you there!

Rota NAVSTA RotaRota 6NAVSTA Rota 2

Rota 3  Rota 1 Rota 2

Above: Naval Base Rota. Dinner with the USFF and NADAP team.

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9 Responses to Naval Station Rota- “Comedy With a Four-Star Message”

  1. Robert Rogers

    I enjoyed the show and thought it a great balance of serious and humorous. Thank you for speaking today, Bernie!

  2. Mathew Olson

    Thank you so much for taking the time to come and see us here in Rota, Spain. In the military we are subjected to lecture driven training about the same topics over-and-over again, but I have to tell you that your ability to connect what we demand out of training with a very important lesson, which you draw from personal experience, is greatly appreciated. I think each and everyone of the Sailors and Marines in the theater today got something out of your message. Thank you. Say hello to your brother Shawn, from all of us here in Rota! Take care, and God bless.

  3. David S. Bell

    What a great presentation! It was a terrific change of pace from the typical ‘Death by Power Point’ lectures. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences to help aide understanding and bring to light difficult topics we all need to address throughout our lives. Kuddos to you and your comedy routine.

  4. Andy H. Martindale

    Bernie. Thank you, your show was great and a complete 180 from our typical trainings. Your story was inspirational, so thank you for coming to Rota and sharing it with us. On a good note if you’re in the Commissary tomorrow the AC is on.

  5. Nasy Tun

    Thank you for an amazing show. I couldn’t help but cried last half of show. As I can relate to your personal story. I have lost an older brother due to an alcohol related incident. Thank you for taking your time away from your wonderful family and speaking here in Rota,Spain. God bless and enjoy the rest of your time in Spain!!!!!!

  6. CDR David Schilling

    Enjoyed you 1500 show in Rota! It is refreshing to hear a comedy routine that is frank, funny, and family-safe. Thank you for using your story to motivate us to be the men and women we want to be.

  7. ABH2 Paul Thomas III

    Hey Bernie! It was a great show! History is best taught through past events. Thank you for sharing your past with us so that we can have a better if not great future.You were really funny, I laughed ALOT!!! Keep pressing forward and good luck in all you do!

  8. Carlos Finch

    I really enjoyed the show today one of the best
    trainings I ever had. Thank you for sharing your story, it was very emotional.

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