NAVSTA Norfolk- Thank you for the love today!

It was so awesome to be back here today at Naval Station Norfolk!!   I am always humbled at the sheer magnitude of this place.  Thank you to the 700-800 sailors, civilians and commanders who attended the program this morning in Devary Hall.   I hope you had a few laughs and let the message sink in!  And, most importantly, thank you for your service.  You are the people who make our freedom a reality.   

NAVSTA Norfolk 1 NAVSTA Norfolk 2 NAVSTA Norfolk 3 NAVSTA Norfolk 4

NAVSTA Norfolk 5 NAVSTA Norfolk 6 NAVSTA Norfolk 7

NAVSTA Norfolk 8 NAVSTA Norfolk 9

I would personally like to thank the gas station owner who raised his prices after seeing me pull in!!

Above: Photos from today’s programs!  All photos courtesy of MC2 Ian Carver.

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29 Responses to NAVSTA Norfolk- Thank you for the love today!

  1. Jaime muniz

    Your show was awesome Keep doing what your doing brother!

  2. Jocelyne Aguayo

    I enjoyed your show! Thank You for the laughs! And for sharing your personal story that you faced in life from the result of alcoholism. God bless you and your family! Especially your awesome brother Sean.

  3. John H

    Great show, Bernie, could you put it on a Power Point Presentation so I can show others? 😉

  4. josh cochrane

    Great show mandatory comedy show I’ve been to lol. Really though, amazing story. A true roller coaster of emotions. Glad I had the opportunity to to hear some great comedy and an even better story! Thanks for doing what you do, truly special to share your amazing story to help others.

  5. Philippe Chartier

    Good Laughs, Great message!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Chadd Richardson

    Hey Bernie, I was the guy with the 2011 Toyota Matrix. Honestly, it’s a great car, but I didn’t get to say that the reason it’s a piece of crap is because my Ex-Wife picked it out when I went car shopping. xD
    Anyway, your show hit harder than any like training i’ve been to. You’re doing great work man, and thank you for what you’re doing.

  7. Mike Bird

    Amazing show and way better then any normal Navy PowerPoint. First time we didn’t have to take Motrin afterwords.

  8. George

    Fantastic show Bernie, very funny first 30 minutes and very powerful last 30. You have a lot of courage to stand up and tell your story and I believe it will help many people. Keep up the great work.

  9. Morgan Hales

    I was there! I’m the one with the weird friend! Thanks again for the picture! The show was great! Hit home a few times for me! It makes me happy that after all the bad it has turned around for you! I liked hearing about your brother too! Thank you again for this experience!

  10. Diana Stacy

    Good morning Bernie! I loved the show and thank you for sharing your experiences and your family stories with us!

  11. sarah tomlinson

    Great show this morning! Made me think alot about my life. My sister and I don’t speak but life is too short and precious to hold grudges. Thank you for sharing your story and getting the message out while making fun at the same time. What you do is truly inspiring.

  12. Dyeneesha Waters

    It was a great show. Your story definitely hit home. Thanks for coming and keep up the good work

  13. Grant Morine

    Very funny and inspiring training! Thank you very much and God Bless You and your family!






  15. Charles riley

    Enjoyed the mandatory training for once. Great show. And yes pizza is actually a food group. Hope to come out to Vegas one day with my wife and then maybe you’ll buy us some pizza haha

  16. Danielle Aponte

    I was at Norfolk today for your show and it was AMAZING! It was mandatory for my department to go but I was excited to be there. When you told us your story I was in rears. I know the struggle. I have seen the battle of alcohol and drug addiction in my family and I have always tried to be that support system for my family members who struggle with it so your message hit close to home. THANK YOU so much! Keep fighting the good fight. It was an honor to meet you.

  17. Micha Wayt

    Thank you for

  18. Brian Gutierrez

    I appreciate you taking your time out for us to share your deep story. It wasn’t mandatory for me. They asked for volunteers so I found it as a way to get a break from work but Im so glad I did! My day hasn’t been this great in long time. Reliving that story with you was so meaningful to me. Keep up the great work and incredible spirits. What is the name of your book, I want to look for it?

  19. Steve Shawgo

    Thank you for coming to Naval Station Norfolk! You are hilarious AND deliver a powerful message. Love the PowerPoint joke!

  20. Norm Kosty

    Outstanding show Bernie and it was a pleasure meeting you!!! I wish you the best in all you do and try to get back to this area again.

  21. Garett G.


    Motrin in the Navy is “Vitamin M”

    “We don’t always have fun in the Navy,
    but when we do, it’s Mandatory!”

    The best MANDO fun I’ve had in my career!

  22. Daniel Lee

    GREAT SHOW!!! It is always good when training can be informative and enjoyable at the same time! Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us through your comedy! I wish you and your family the best in the future (and present).

  23. Shayne W

    Great show! Didn’t need the red bull to stay awake through the NAvy training for once.

  24. Valesha Janaye Arnold

    We loved you!!Come back again and get us out of work!! LOL

  25. Chet O'Shea

    Message hit home!!! Great job, better than a GMT!!!!

  26. Phyo K. Myo

    Thanks for the great show today! It was hilarious and insightful about how alcohol affects so many people lives by using yourself as an example! Would like to attend your shows again! 😀

    P.S: I wasn’t told to come but I chose to attend your show!

  27. Alex Rejos

    Thank you so much for a GREAT and AMAZING show Bernie, you are a great comedian. I appreciate so much you coming to NSN and sharing your personnel story.

  28. Rob Haulenbeek

    Great show Bernie! You’re an inspiration.

  29. Christina Enoch

    Your show is hilarious and inspiring at the same time. I would love to see in person how you and your brother interact, I bet that would be hilarious since he is pretty quick on his feet with comeback remarks. Many blessings to you and safe travels.