NAF Atsugi- Cinema 77 on Feb 3 @ 0800 & 1000

It’s awesome to be back here at the largest United States Navy air base in the Pacific Ocean: Naval Air Facility Atsugi.  Part of their mission is to provide logistic support, coordination and services to units assigned to the Western Pacific.  Thank you for your service and for hosting my Happy Hour Tour.   Please come say hello and have some post – Super Bowl laughs! I will be at Cinema 77 on Feb 3 at 0800 and 1000 hrs.   

NAF AtsugiNAF Atsugi 2Sean loving his big broFt Hamilton 2

Above: NAF Atsugi, Me and my brother Sean, Me on stage!

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16 Responses to NAF Atsugi- Cinema 77 on Feb 3 @ 0800 & 1000

  1. Joshua Garcia

    Thank you for your inspiration. I have heard you speak and share your story twice and it always is a blessing on many levels. Thank you. God bless you and your family.

  2. Chanel C

    Thank you for the laughs today in Atsugi!

  3. Kassie Aird

    Thanks so much for coming out to Atsugi, it was a great show!

  4. Rich Klug

    Thank you for coming out today and sharing your story. Better than a powerpoint for sure!

  5. Reed Flom

    Thanks for the show! By far the best all hands call I’ve been to!

  6. Mario De barroslago

    Thank you for the presentation today, not only was it a very powerful, inspirational, message the stand up was very good. as soon as they told us we were getting sent to a comedy show we all rolled our eyes and expected the worst, but I am glad to say that it exceeded our expectation by a billion !!! well done sir!!

  7. Taylor Netter

    You killed it Bernie. Let’s just say I needed that laugh. And the Lt. Crunch joke wasnt THAT shitty.

  8. ABF1 moore

    Great show nice transition from the funny stuff to the real message

  9. Christopher Montgomery

    Second time seeing your show. You killed both times. Thanks for the laugh.

  10. Charles Kramer

    Bernie, you will never know how much you inspire people like myself to achieve a higher goal. Thank you for the comedy and the serious side of your show as well. God Bless you.

  11. ADAN Herrera

    I really appreciate you going up in front of all of us and sharing your personal story. It’s not easy to open up like that to strangers and deliver the way you did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

  12. Jerry gramling

    Bernie, still inspiring!! Caught your show years back and twice the last couple years. Still funny and still an needed message. Thank you,

  13. rachel bryant

    I enjoyed your show today at atsugi

  14. Jessica

    This show was great! It really made a powerful message get through without another boring powerpoint!Thank you for sharing your story Bernie! It was greatly appreciated!

  15. Juan Izaguirre

    Bernie!!!! Thank you for all the great laughs and for sharing your awesome, touching messege keep it up man!!!

  16. Gabriela

    I’m not one for comedy but I have to be honest There were a few chuckles… Thanks for lending your time to send a powerful message.