Presidio of Monterey- Price Fitness Center- ROCKED today!

It is a pleasure to be invited here to the beautiful Presidio of Monterey, the last and only Presidio in California to have an active military installation.  Currently it is the home of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.  I had a blast today and met so many great people.  CSM Wynn gave me a great tour of the facility and Carolyn McPherson and Staff know how to gather the troops!  I was spoken to today in 16 different languages, and three I never knew existed.  We have some BRILLIANT, DEDICATED young Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Guard and Reserve prepared to interpret life’s unexpected matters and bring countries together.  Below were some pics of today’s training.  Monterey by the way, what a SWEET community on the coast of North Cali.  Had me missing my CA days.  But Vegas, is now the main base for Comedy is the Cure Inc…    OH- and did I mention the BLUE ANGELS were in town doing some test runs for the Air Show tomorrow- Sat Sept 27, 2014.  When those bad boys took off over my hotel, the thrust and power of those engines warmed by heart as the pounding sound of freedom soared straight north to the sky.  Those are some bad ass men and women in those jets! 

Presidio of MRY 1 Presidio of MRY 2Ft Hamilton 2 071014-N-5476H-721

Above: Pics of Presidio of Monterey.  Right: me doing what I love!  Blue Angels! 

 Pres8 Pre Show Pres22 CSM Wynn Pres7 Pre Pres1 ASAP

Pres4 Post Pres3 Staff Pres6 Greet Pres5 Post

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23 Responses to Presidio of Monterey- Price Fitness Center- ROCKED today!

  1. Karlyn Woody

    Hey Bernie! !! Just watched your show and I really appreciate your message. Give Sean a hug when you see him! I have two autistic siblings with much the same mannerisms as Sean and I adore them. Again thank you for your message and coming to visit my brothers and sisters in arms.

  2. Jonni jones

    Thanks for coming out to the presidio Bernie! Thank you for making us laugh at this mandatory engagement. It fun and touching and I hope you get the chance to visit again!

  3. Ally McKechnie

    Thanks for sharing your story at DLI tonight! It was awesome and I am so grateful for your comedy as well as candor. Thank you for all of your support of the military around the country

  4. Michael Salas-McKee

    Great show Bernie. Thanks for the laughter.

  5. Tonya Wells

    it was quite the treat to be able,to hear your story today. Not going to lie, I was forced to go, but by the time you finished I was very glad I was. Thank you for sharing your story with us! The experience was well worth it. ^_^

  6. Stephanie

    Thanks for the laughs Burnie, great message with great humor. Come back here soon so we can get out of another 4 hour PowerPoint of death

  7. Tobi

    Hey Bernie,

    Thank you for taking the time to come and talk to us. I really liked listening to you talk about your past, even if it was a sensitive subject. Come back soon! You are always welcome!

  8. Lisa Creveling


    Thank you for your show, great message, great jokes, and a real heartfelt story that people definitely need to hear. Thank you for visiting us at the Presidio of Monterey certainly a show I won’t forget. Best wishes for your continued success.

  9. Barbara McCurnin

    Bernie? Yeah. Bernie? Yeah! Berneeeeeeehhhhhh. Lmao! That show was phenomenal! A powerful message and a hearty laugh. I’ll never forget it!

  10. Noel Bloomfield

    Just saw the show. The show was great. Thanks for the laughs and for making a mandatory training enjoyable for once.

  11. Joseph Rafel

    The comedy was funny no matter my mood, but it was your story that hit me. Thanks for sharing it, hope to hear it again.

  12. Tom Dignan

    I went to your website like you asked me to.

  13. Sergio

    Thank you. It’s tough here and the comedy was definitely a cure for this week. Thank you again.

  14. Elise... wait for it...Denning

    I loved your show!
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Your show was long
    And I had to go poo.
    Just kidding!! But seriously…
    It was very touching and I appreciate that you took the time to come see us here on the Presidio! We would welcome you back anytime! Thanks so much!

  15. Samantha Tribble

    I was completely dreading this mandatory “training”, but I’m so glad that we had to go. You were funny and inspirational. I hope I see you at another “training”, just not here 🙂

  16. R Hardcastle

    Hey you were really funny and I even cried a little. Thanks for making that not suck. Book me!!!

  17. Rob Dougherty

    Mr. McGrenahan,
    Thank you for you performance today. You were great! I appreciate you coming out to see us and mix some laughs in with a very important subject. You killed us today and I hope you continue to kill ’em. You’re story is an inspiration. All my best.
    Rob Dougherty

  18. Rhett Bates

    Thank you Bernie for coming out and performing for us all. Your show was great and you have the best performance and message I have ever seen. I wish the best for you in all you do and no one deserves success more than you do.
    Rhett Bates

  19. Corinne & Carlos Sabando


    Thanks for an awesome show, hope you had a great time during your stay here in Monterey.

    Dig Deep and Stand Out!

  20. Samantha Wilson

    I’d have to say- this was the best “mandatory fun” I’ve had since joining! Wish all military briefings could be like this! Time flew by, it was genuinely funny, and the message was still got across- more effective than death by PowerPoint.

  21. Tyler

    I am 25 years old and I have 4 kids. I don’t drink or smoke. My wife and I had 2 sets of twins, all boys. The first 2 were born at 24 weeks. Their names are Cadyn and Connor. They are currently 7 years old and both miracle babies. Cadyn is fine, but connor has had 16 brain surgeries the last 2 being just last year. He has brain damage and is classified in the severe cerebral palsy category. Your experiences spoke to me and made everyone laugh as well. I fell asleep last night, I’m pretty sure on the stairs from exhaustion of chasing the kids around before bedtime. So I didn’t get a chance to write this last night since I was asleep on those stairs from about 8 oclock to 6 when the baby alarm clocks start going off. But I thought I would drop you a line in case the raffle hasn’t started yet and also say thank you. Not many people would have the same outlook as you on your brother.
    -Tyler Monk

  22. Taylor


    I had quite a crappy week and day and the first thing I wanted to do after class on Friday was take a nap. Your story about Sean inspired me to quit beating myself up about the grades so much and just to be thankful I have the ability to learn another language. DLI is a stressful place and I can assure you that you livened many spirits last night. Thank you for sharing both your precious time and story and I hope that you come back again. I laughed my ass off.

    Take care.

  23. Jesse & Melanie Yamson

    My wife and I attended the ASAP brief and being a solider from ft drum New York who’s been to more ASAP brief than I care to remember I have to say this was the first I didn’t fall asleep at and I laughed and actually learned something instead wishing it would end so I can go sham out. Thank you Bernie