Hurlburt Field- “Happy Hour” has arrived!!

“I Killed” Raffle Book Winners!!

Monday 9/22- Heaven Carroll
Tuesday 9/23- Cody Hankins

It is great to make my first trip here to Hurlburt AFB in Florida, the only United States Air Force Special Operations Command Headquarters base in the world!.  A tremendous team of Airmen who take pride in their duties, each other and the country they serve.  I was extremely grateful today for the two crowds today at the King Auditorium. It brings joy to my heart to see the faces of hard training Airmen laughing and enjoying themselves in a training, yet focused and intent on the serious issues addressed as well.  I thank the leadership of Hurlburt for hosing this program as well as the Clinic and staff for their support.  I have two more presentations Tues at 0900 and 1400 in the King Auditorium as well as a 1200 hrs program Wed for the Leadership Conference in the Club.  Thank you all for your service and dedication.  

Hulrburt Field 1 Hulrburt Field 2 SeanBernieHurlburt1 Airmen


 Hurlburt2 Earl Rivers Hurlburt3 Hurlburt4 Live hurlburt5

Above: a few photos of Hurlburt Field. Me and my special brother Sean.  Photos of me with the Airmen and Earl Rivers at today’s programs!

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34 Responses to Hurlburt Field- “Happy Hour” has arrived!!

  1. Christopher Young

    Hey I really enjoyed the show, thanks for the laughs and the deep thoughts.

  2. Adam McMillen

    Really enjoyed the show, thanks for coming out!

  3. Amanda Mills-Saur

    Thank you so much for the show! It was great to start the week out with some laughs and thank you so much for telling your story. That is hard to do and I appreciate you courage!

  4. Ben Donahue

    You provide resiliency training through laughs and sharing of your own personal experiences. Thank you for the laughs.

  5. Nicholas Colón

    Awesome show. Had a lot of great laughs.from cali myself and have an older brother… Indeed he took all the blames for everything i did wrong growing up

  6. Greg Gauntt

    Great show at Hurlburt. Struck home a bit my father was an alcoholic growing up. Great message and funny comedy as well. Thank you for coming.

  7. Jamal Tabor

    Thanks for the message today. It amazed me that you could manage to make laugh and then transition into crying in a matter of minutes. I’m sure you message impacted a lot of people today. Just commenting to let you know I’m one of them. You really did achieve your goal today. You “killed it” hands down.

  8. Christopher lomax

    Great show today. I wasn’t sure to expect but you far exceeded my expectations. I’m glad I was picked to come watch.

  9. Norberto Guzman

    Great show man, thanks for sharing your story and your humor, killer!

  10. Jennifer Richardson

    I was very impressed. I honestly was not happy to be present, however you changed my mind entirely and my outlook for the entire day. Thank you so much!

  11. Dakota Feth

    Loved the show. It isn’t even over. Thanks for the laughs when I really needed them most.

  12. Anonymous

    Great stuff

  13. Donald lach

    I was there! It was an awesome show and great learning experience

  14. Joseph Adu

    Powerful stuff! If you wasn’t there you missed a great show full of laughs and passion with a strong message!

  15. amberlyn hawkins

    Your show hit so close to home for me. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing a laugh to a very shitty Monday.

  16. Emily Martinez

    It amazed me how you were able to transition from funny to serious back to funny. Your show today really was phenomenal. Thank you for taking your time to come to Hurlburt Field and share a life story. I can only imagine how many people were able to connect to your story. Also it’s always nice to hear about someone else who doesn’t have the “normal” brother, and understands that there is nothing they can do about it except have great people around them to make them feel special!

  17. Keny Brown

    Thank you for the awesome show/life story! It amazes me when people are able to take something tragic and use it to better the world around them. You are for sure someone special. Thank you again for the show this morning, God Bless.

  18. Heaven Carroll

    Great way to get across a good message. Much better than traditional presentations. Enjoyed the laughs!

  19. Michelle Garcia

    I really enjoyed your show, and hopefully it got people to think about themselves and there current situation in life. I love how you took something bad that happened in your life and turned it around into something so positive. You are truly an inspiration and I’m sure you touched almost every heart in that room…. and without a doubt saved someone’s life 🙂

  20. Kris Campbell


    Thanks alot for coming to Hurby, I really enjoyed your show. I also really enjoyed hearing your life story and hearing about your brother, it really has inspired me. It is so awesome that you came from a pretty crappy situation and did a complete 180 and now seem to have a pretty great life. Congratulations on all your accomplishments especially being sober for 20 plus years, I know it was a long and trying road. Thanks again for the great message and inspiration.


  21. Corey Rodriguez

    Thank you very much for coming out and sharing your story. Your comedy is captivating, and the powerful message is exactly what we need to hit home with the young airmen these days. Once again, thank you.

  22. Pearson

    Thanks for the awesome show. Your story truly inspired me to take a look at my life and what alcohol can do to you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

  23. Gladys Pargas

    Bernie, thank you for the stories and laughs you brought us today. It definitely takes a lot of courage to tell us what you went through on top of growing from it and making jokes about the lighter portions of it. Definitely enjoyed the stories involving your brother in Las Vegas.

  24. Sebastian Lopez

    Bernie thank you looking at our training and putting a rare unique spin into a real subject and very personal to you. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story and allowing us to have a few laughs along the way. From a fellow New Yorker you are my Hero today!

    I’m glad my Airmen and I had the opportunity to meet you attend your one of a kind resiliency training. You are providing an invaluable service to us service member, sir for that I Salute YOU!

    Keep up the great work!

    Very respectfully,
    MSgt Sebastian Lopez

  25. Clyde Corns

    Thank you for the wonderful laughs, and your amazing life story. God bless and don’t stop doing what you are so good at.

  26. Bryan Hurley

    Great show man!!!! They should have you come gor all our briefings!!!!

  27. Andrew Muhlhahn

    Awesome show!! It is definitely a different way of getting the message across but very effective. I really enjoyed it.

  28. Jennifer Stutes

    Thank you for coming to Hurlburt Field…The most effective way to to express Resiliency…I definitely enjoyed it.

  29. Cody Hankins

    I was at the show on Tuesday and I just wanted you to know it was great, you had a great messege and very funny. Looking forward to reading the book and I think I can speak for not only myself but for all my brothers and sisters in the military when I just say thanks for doing what you do and taking the time to come talk to us.

  30. Mike

    An amazing, uplifting story about problems a majority of us face in our own lives. Really touched on a personal level and took us all through a roller coaster with a positive message.

  31. Shawna Durlauf

    Bernie! The show was great! I had no idea it was gonna be more then just stand up comedy. You sent an inspiring and uplifting message that I’ll remember for years to come. Thank you for all that you do.

  32. Julie Hollenbaugh

    Bernie… You’re lucky I got the heads up what to expect today, from yesterday’s group…. I’m pregnant and emotional– I’m not stable enough to handle that many emotions in two hours!… Thanks for coming out to visit and sharing your story. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Hope to see you back again sometime.

  33. Stefanie DePriest

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today, as well as taking the time to speak with Airmen after the show. Your courage, honesty, and sense of humor have touched me (and many more!) for years to come.

    It’s been a pleasure and an honor to attend your Happy Hour today! THANK YOU!

  34. Kamiyla Felder

    Hello Bernie!

    It was really nice to have a sensitive issue presented in a different manner. I hope you’ll be able to come back in the future so more young airmen like me can hear your story. We lead stressful lives and it’s nice to take a break from work and have a laugh. Also, it’s nice to hear someone knows where Newburgh is!

    Thank you for your positive message and I hope you have a great next show! 🙂