Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Center- “Happy Hour” is in San Diego!!

Hello San Diego!  It’s wonderful to be here in beautiful Southern California at The Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center!!  The Center’s mission is to develop and deliver world class surface combat systems training to Fleet Sailors.   Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” tour.  I will be at the FASW Base Theater at 1250 on Friday September 5.  Please come by, say hello and have some laughs!  Can’t wait to see you all there!

Bernie 2  Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Training Center 1Sean loving his big bro

Above: me doing what I love most. The Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center medallion. Me and my special brother Sean.

SD1SD2SD4 Post GatheringSD 5 Lt CutlerSD3 Post Gathering

Above: Pics from todays program!

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14 Responses to Fleet Anti Submarine Warfare Center- “Happy Hour” is in San Diego!!

  1. STGSA Jonathan Wilds

    Awesome show! Very funny with a great message. Thank you and keep doing what your doing!

  2. MNSA brown

    Great show. By far the best GMT yet. I actual fell bad for people who didn’t attend. HOOYAA Bernie!!!!

  3. STGSN Brown

    Great stand up performance. The story reminded me of a relative i know. I will help him out

  4. Raquel Garcia

    Hey! I’m the “great laugher”/”Motrin” chick. I just wanted to say that I haven’t laughed that hard since high school. Thank you so much!

  5. MNSN Pasterak

    Hope you kill again, soon.

  6. MNSA

    That was a great show! Thank you for sharing your story with us. The best general military training I’ve ever had!! Thanks Bernie!!

  7. STGSN Buhrman

    Really had a great time. It was a good change from our normal GMT that most of us dread going to on fridays. Thank’s a lot!

  8. LT Darren Cutler


    On behalf of TSC, thank you for coming out and doing the show! I enjoyed it and I know my Sailors did as well. A powerful message with a hilariously effective delivery. Hope to have you on base again soon!

    LT Darren Cutler


    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Your timing and delivery was outstanding as well.
    Thanks Bernie.

  10. STG SA Bradley Clark

    Thanks Bernie!! Loved it and truly appreciated the laughs and overall message!


    Thank you Bernie, you put on an awesome show!

  12. STGSA Flood

    That was the first, and probably the last GMT that I didn’t have to force myself to stay awake! Awesome performance, with a great message! Hope you kill again!
    HOOYAH Bernie & Sean!

  13. stgsn Cameron

    It’s a dry heat.

  14. STGSA Zimoski

    Absolutely great show! Funny stuff, along with a great message and an amazing story! Glad i was apart of it to hear.
    God Bless.