Ft Belvoir Rocked Today!!

The two crowds at the COMMUNITY CENTER TODAY  were awesome and supportive.  Thank you for your attendance and your service.  We had a few tech issues for some who tried to post comments.  I apologize. I am somewhere high above Belvoir on a plane en route to San Diego via Minneapolis.  I was able to log in thanks to the GOGO internet on board this flight and resolve the issue.      Raffle will be extended 24 hrs until midnight Thursday to accommodate audience all day Thursday  till midnight!  Winner from the show gets a copy of  “I KILLED- TRUE ROAD STORIES from America’s Top Comedians” and will be posted FRIDAY on this website.   To the soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen and civilians who attended today, Thank You.  I hope I added to your day and did not disappoint.  You took me to new heights with your service and laughter.   

Ft Belvoir 1Bernie Wiesbaden 1SeanBernie

 Above: Ft Belvoir medal, me doing what I love, me and my special brother Sean! Below are pics from today’s presentations!
Belvoir1   Belvoir3 Belvoir7 Post Show
Left) The incredible ASAP team     Center) Colonel Mitchell   Right) The very special to me, post-show gathering and support from soldiers, marines, sailors and civilians.
Belvoir6 Belvoir4 Belvoir2
Left)  A sincere and heartfelt hug received from the base Chaplain who expressed his appreciation for my love and commitment to ‘those who serve’.
Center) Expressing my appreciation in return.
Right)  Me with Natale and Lee, two warriors who serve us proud. 

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9 Responses to Ft Belvoir Rocked Today!!

  1. Bernie

    Belvoir- AWESOME! Thank you to Colonel Mitchell, ASAP, the soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors and civilians who attended the first program and packed the community center at the 1400 show! Your laughter and respect will not be forgotten. Bernie

  2. Kevin Good


    Great laughs and a distinct message sounded today at Fort Belvoir! Glad to spend the afternoon in your audience. Thanks for what you do-stay safe

  3. Carrie Gordon

    Enjoyed your Comedy Show today and the message that you give us.

  4. Chuck Hendrickson

    Never before had I enjoyed a training session so much. Thanks Bernie for the powerful message as well as the laughs.

  5. Mel

    Your show was very poignant and right on the mark. Thank you for coming!

  6. Yvonne Johnson

    Excellent show – great message and super delivery. Delightful, personal, and very helpful. Thank you, Bernie, for a super afternoon, and thank you ASAP for bringing him to Fort Belvoir!

  7. Tim Huggins

    A truly amazing show today. The best training so far in my 14 years of service. Great message with a spin that had the audience wanting more. Truly an inspirational story. Keep doing what you’re doing and getting the message out there. It’s very much needed in todays Military.

  8. Frank

    THANK YOU! The show was awesome. Hilarious jokes with a serious message. Great show overall.

  9. SFC Craig Ingram

    Awesome show! And remember, were not short people…were just fun size! 🙂