NAVIOCOM, GA – Alexander Hall- Wednesday July 16 at 0900

I’m excited to be back here on the East Coast at NAVIOCOM, GA!!   NAVIOCOM stands for Navy Information Operations Command Georgia and provides critical support to deployed naval, air, and ground forces operating in the European and Central Command Areas of Responsibility. Thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” Tour.  Please come by Alexander Hall on Wednesday, July 16 at 0900 hours and say hello and have some laughs.  See you there!


Above: me doing what I love.  

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18 Responses to NAVIOCOM, GA – Alexander Hall- Wednesday July 16 at 0900

  1. Sierra

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. And for the encouragement for others to not drink and drive. Good luck with everything. Tell Sean ‘hi!’ from Georgia!

  2. Sarah Hill

    Never stop being an awesome brother!

  3. David Diggs

    Awesome show! Very funny and purposeful!

  4. Tommy

    Great Story, very funny and much better then power point!!

  5. Adam Shelar

    Great show! Thanks for coming.

  6. Jesse

    Awesome stories thank you for shairing, and congrats on the new found life! You made the GMT’s actually enjoyable.

  7. Erik Almodovar

    Best GMT I’ve ever been to! Great stuff and a great message. I love Last Comic Standing and you fit in with the best of them. Good luck and God bless on all you do. (whew, is that enough for the free book??)

  8. John Burns

    Thank you so much for one of the most memorable GMTs we have had.

  9. Leo

    Great show! Thank you for sharing your story.

  10. Kelly

    Thanks for being a welcome alternative to the usual death by power point! You’re a great person for overcoming all your life’s challenges and deciding to use that to help others. Thank you.

  11. Phil Alcorn

    Thanks for sharing your story with us Bernie! We appreciate all you do for the US Military!

  12. Andrew

    Easily the best GMT I’ve ever sat through and a great comedy routine too. We literally were paid to watch comedy. Your story is both inspiring and motivating for all individuals who heard it. Thank you for sharing it and thank you for what you do for all the service members across the globe.

  13. Keith Canovi

    Awesome performance with a great message!

  14. Patrick Murray

    Great show, and so inspirational. We appreciate you coming and sharing your story with us. Never pass that curb, but make sure he has more than a PS3 to wear!

  15. Jessica

    Thanks for sharing your story! Your time with us was probably the most effective and eye-opening training most Sailors at Fort Gordon have ever experienced. I hope Ft. Gordon will become a regular stop for you in the future! Good luck!

  16. Alicia

    This is the second time I’ve seen your show and the message and comedy still hits home! Thank you for all you do for our military.

  17. Cory

    Thank you for the amazing show and sharing such an incredible story. It is people like you that make sailors like me proud to serve my country and motivate me to do the best I can everyday that I am blessed to have. Say hi to Sean for all of us at GA.

  18. Ruben

    This is my second time seeing your show always a good time.