Schinnen/JFC Brunssum- “I Killed” Comedy Book raffle winner: John Grant!!

I am looking forward to today here at Schinnen/ JFC Brunssum: day 17 of a 24- day, six country tour!!  Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFC-B) is the NATO military command based in Brunssum,Netherlands.  It has been an honor and privilege to meet many of today’s true leaders and warriors. You are why our freedom is possible.  Thank you for your service always  and  thank you for hosting my “Happy Hour” Tour!    See you at the Alliance Theater on Wednesday April 23 at 1400 hrs.  Come share a laugh!

Brunssum 1 On Tour Live! BrunssonIMG_2657

The picture above on the right,  from the show CROPPED some of my friends out!  I am so sorry!  Thank you all for coming!

Leave a comment here for show raffle. Personal messages to Bernie – click CONTACT and I will write you back personally.  

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4 Responses to Schinnen/JFC Brunssum- “I Killed” Comedy Book raffle winner: John Grant!!

  1. Robert Goodson

    Awesome show today at Brunssum. I only did this for the book. Haha, seriously great show.

  2. Chris Beaudoin

    Was a great show – I forgot to do this yesterday so I guess Goodson wins by default haha – Better late than never. Thanks for sharing your story infused with comedy.

  3. John Grant

    Thanks for the thought provoking delivery. I enjoyed the “twist” on the serious subject. Safe travels…I must have missed you at the commissary.

  4. Ashley Woods

    Glad I was volun’told to come today :; I really needed a laugh like this !. I loved it , would love to hear more of your story , wish you well with your career …