Patch Barracks- Patch Community Club at 1400 hrs- Friday April 18, 2014

It’s an honor to spend this afternoon at Patch Barracks!  We were a mighty group this morning and I thank you Soldiers, Airmen, Sailor and civilians for attending the program.  I hope you enjoyed the laughs and story.  Patch Barracks was awesome.  Thank you Colonel Stack and the hundreds of people who filled the room and made me feel welcome on my final Germany stop on this 9 post, 10 show, 5-day tour!  It has been an amazing experience all around.  Keep the focus.  Stay Ready and Resilient! 

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Photos courtesy of Martin Greeson

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16 Responses to Patch Barracks- Patch Community Club at 1400 hrs- Friday April 18, 2014

  1. Rachel Carter


    Thank you for your entertaining yet powerfully humbling testimony. It’s a completely different spin to attach a human factor to Alcohol Abuse and Suicide Prevention. We become desensitized to powerpoint slides and caricatures on these issues, but hearing your family’s story and seeing the sheer joy across your face when you talk about your brother Shawn, is extremely uplifting to the individuals that have experienced either personal or familial issues with Alcohol Abuse and Suicide. Thank you for your time and your optimism!

  2. Eric Donald

    Thanks for the laughs and the inspiration.

  3. Mac

    Entertainment with a message, my kind of “Manadatory Training”!

  4. Patrick Lopez

    This show was awesome . Truly inspiring and insightful

  5. Kirsten Sippel-Klug

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

  6. Christine Dawn Watson

    Awesome show! You should come back more often!

  7. David Hachey

    Thanks for coming all the way over here and taking your time to share your story with us. Great way to end the week!

  8. Catherine

    Hi Bernie, Thank you so much for coming to Stuttgart. The show was great! Your story was such an inspiration, that it got me thinking…not only about difficult situations in my life and how I have overcome them, but the things I can do to be a better person for myself and my loved ones. I have not had the same experiences as yourself, but I have experienced those critical moments in life where one is faced with two choices…keep on down the path that they are on or have the courage to go down a new path. Thanks for laugh and hope to see your show again!

  9. Kendall Beasley

    Awesome Show! I wish everyone of our yearly trainings could be this enjoyable.

  10. Denise Sokolowski

    Thank you for sharing today at Patch. Your experiences touched all, from the youngest to the oldest in the audience. What you said today will no doubt be taken to heart and *heard* more than the next hundred PowerPoint presentations. Thank you for making the journey to visit us!

  11. Lacey Garber

    Great show! Thank you for taking the time and sharing your story with us. You made mandatory training fun! You truly have a gift of making people laugh but at the same time getting an important pint across. I hope your message of not drinking and driving can save at least one life. Thanks again!

  12. Elizabeth Lopez

    Awesome show today, so glad you came out to see us!

  13. Carol Lynn

    Thank you so much for sharing you with us here in Stuttgart. You provided such a powerful example of how pain can become passion and your ability to share it with others is truly a miracle. Thank you, thank you!!

  14. Silverly Green

    Thanks so much Bernie for the laughs and great insights. Stay blessed!


    Through my life/military experience I have learned that humor is a way to articulate those truths that are so difficult to express otherwise. And to laugh at the inherent craziness of life at times, then a person can better facilitate one own healing.
    Bernie you can declare mission victory and a job well done. SFC (RET).

  16. Kristi B

    Thank you very much for coming to Stuttgart! You message was powerful, and entertaining at the same time! We appreciate your dedication and support! 🙂