ILLESHEIM- STORCK BARRACKS – “I Killed” raffle book winner: Scott Wooldridge!!

I am so excited to be here at Storck Barracks for a second training today at the gym.  I hope you had a few laughs and took my message and life experiences to heart.  I want to thank ASAP for hosting this incredible event.   They are a great team of resources- changing the stigma one post at a time that any change is possible with the support of others! 

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Leave a comment here and return tomorrow at 1800 hrs to see the show winner!   Personal emails to Bernie, click CONTACT on this site. !  Hoorah! 

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10 Responses to ILLESHEIM- STORCK BARRACKS – “I Killed” raffle book winner: Scott Wooldridge!!

  1. Daniel Balthaser

    Great show. Way better than traditional training.

  2. Daniel Aispuro

    Good show!

  3. Joseph McDonald III

    Thank you for coming. Loved the show.

  4. Myer Hunt

    Hi Bernie, I was there; you were hilarious.

  5. Daniel McCreary

    Great show man! We really appreciate you!

  6. michael lanza

    I really enjoyed your show today. Thank you for the words of wisdom. God bless you.

  7. Marlin Bryner

    Great show. Appreciate getting all my guys out of work for a great comedy show.

  8. Ryan Hogan

    Amazing show. Let’s celebrate, drinks on me! JK

  9. Scott Wooldridge

    I’m glad I got to come to the show today. Keep up the laughs for everyone!

  10. Timothy Lymburner

    Great show, really enjoyed it