Sembach Kaserne- Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winner: Steve Alombro!!

It is an honor to be here at Sembach Kaserne, my fourth stop on my Germany tour.  Sembach Kaserne (formerly Sembach Air Base) is a United States Army  installation in Semabach, Germany near Kaiserslautern, and is about 19 miles (30 km) east of Ramstein Air Base.  Prior to October 2010, it was a United States Air Force  installation, and prior to 1995, it was an active military airfield known as Sembach Air Base (former ICAO ETAS, IATA SEX). During the  Cold War (1950–1993), Sembach Air Base housed a variety of USAF Tactical Reconnaissance, Close Air Support and Tactical Air Control units as a front line NATO air base.  Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour program.  It is a pleasure to serve those who serve.  Please come to the Tiger Theater at 1400 on Tuesday April 15.  Can’t wait!!

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34 Responses to Sembach Kaserne- Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winner: Steve Alombro!!

  1. John Goes

    Thanks for the great show and message.


  2. Sonyia Vasquez

    Excellent show! Thank you very much.

    Sonyia V.

  3. John Little

    Had me rolling! Nice twist on mandatory training.

  4. Steve Bovee

    Thanks for the show. Best Mandatory training!

  5. Sam Barnes

    Thanks for the message – and the laughs! It was great to hear a funny and hard-hitting message about a topic many struggle to face on their own. Thanks for putting your story out there!

    Sam B

  6. Kimberly Diana Esters-Watkins

    Really good show, lots of laughs and almost a few tears. Message well received.


    Best show ever!!!!! That is how you reach people.

  8. Andy Sherbo

    Great show, sir. Thank you for coming out to visit us at our little hill-fort. Best of luck on the rest of your tour.

  9. Steve Alombro

    The best and the most entertaining “mandatory” training I’ve ever had in 17 years!!! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I can’t wait to see your next show.

  10. Jessica York

    Thank you for coming and to your family for letting us borrow you. You make the difference.

  11. Adam gossens

    Great show and great message. Thank you for sharing your personal story.

  12. Dave Mattingly

    Super performance and very effective, but if you ever come back to Sembach we’ll have to … (it’s a joke…)

  13. Stu Bystrzycki

    Great show and message. Thanks, Bernie!

  14. 1SG Shad

    Bernie Great Show! My Soldiers Loved it

  15. SSG Turnipseed

    Much better than Powerpoint torture.

  16. SPC Witczak

    Great Show Today!! Keep Killing It

  17. Brian Buchanan

    Great show. Big laughs and important messages that hit home.

  18. 1SG Kramer

    He was the best comedian on Sembach on 15 April 2014 that is for sure… There are a few others that I would rather have seen (past and present) like (in no particular order): Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Woody Allen, Mort Sahl, Buddy Hackett, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Richard Lewis, Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Gilbert Gottfried, Jerry Seinfeld, Albert Brooks, Lord Buckley, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, David Brenner, Jonathan Winters, Dick Gregory, Sam Kinison, Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Sarah Silverman, Jackie Vernon, Bob Hope, Don Rickles, Shecky Greene, Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Andy Kaufman, Bill Hicks, Martin Lawrence, Redd Foxx, Jack Benny, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey, Joan Rivers, Professor Irwin Corey, Billy Crystal, Shelley Berman, Eddie Izzard, Jon Stewart, David Chappelle, Henny Youngman, Andrew Dice Clay, Elaine Boosler, Johnny Carson, Bill Maher, Freddie Prinze, Johnny Yune, Jon Pinette, Steven Wright, Roseanne Barr, DL Hughley, Mitch Hedberg, Alan King, Richard Jeni, Totie Fields, Robert Klein, Dennis Miller, Gary Shandling, George Burns, Jackie Gleason, Richard Belzer, David Steinberg, Will Durst, Cheech and Chong, Pat Paulson, Lily Tomlin, Sandra Bernhard, Martin Mull, Ellen DeGeneres, Groucho Marx, Rick Aviles, Damon Wayons, Dana Carvey, Denis Leary, Tommy Davidson, David Cross, Jackie Mason, Moms Mabley, Jan Murray, Mel Brooks, Morty Gunty, Larry David, Carl Reiner, Jerry Lewis, Adam Sandler, Paula Poundstone, Larry Miller, Tim Allen, Jay Leno, Ray Romano, Lewis Black, Phylliss Yvonne Stickney, Joey Bishop, Billy Connolly, Flip Wilson, George Wallace, T.K., Kirkland and about 100 others… But he was alright…. Just messing with ya Bernie, Great show and thanks for all you do for the military…. Challenge accepted for cracking on you in a public forum… Just sayin

    • MSG Coughlin

      Wow, how long did it take to type this up? …Pretty good response to the crack though. 😉

  19. sherer

    Great stand up performance! Keep supporting us!

  20. SFC Waller

    Excellent show and I really appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  21. Mike Mosley

    I had a good time at your show. I know quite a few others that enjoyed it as well. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  22. MSG Coughlin

    Great show and presentation, made drug and alcohol training fun. I can honestly say, that was the best mandatory training that I have been required to attend. I would recommend Bernie to any military community.

  23. Dan Madsen

    I tell you what, I was one of those people that was pissed off before the show started. But, I didn’t expect what happened, I was laughing my ass off 2 minutes in. Not to mention your emotional story and great message. Thanks man.

  24. SSG Kramer (no relation!)

    Thank you for sharing your story. Best ASAP training in 12 years of service. Thanks for serving those who serve.

    • 1SG Kramer

      Don’t to be associated huh…. I see how it is.

  25. Brian Martin

    Thank you very much for taking a lot of your time to go around to different military installations and giving the substance abuse of training a more human touch military members and civilians that support the forces. A lot of individuals do not take training seriously when it is all power point and briefings, you unfortunately shared a tragic event that happened in your life and people seem to take that more seriously. It also gave a sobering effect that hopefully will assist those that need to reach out for the help that they required to beat substance abuse. The show/ training hit the mark and please keep up the
    exceptionally great work! Best wishes to you and your family and yes you “Killed it”.

  26. andre corbin


    Your passion was obvious and your support for the military laudable.

    Check out for other tales highlighting great service members.

    Thanks for your great show.

  27. Aaron Cox

    The show was very moving and tells a story of great triumph. Bernie YOU NAILED IT! You have an amazing talent and you really moved the crowd. Very impressed with your attitude about the military and the way you support us. You are doing us a great service and saving a lot of lives indirectly. Best of luck to you and your new bride……now at least you will have more material to add to the funny events in life.

  28. Tony

    Thanks for the show. Last night’s fight with the wife was a doozy. Your show was the inspiration I needed at the right time. Thanks for lifting me up.

  29. SSG Peppard

    You killed it today! Thank you for sharing your story and making the mandatory comedy show entertaining. I havn’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  30. Kathy Burrell

    You sucked me in…the beginning was so funny and then your story pulled at my heart strings. Thanks and God Bless YOU ♥

  31. Carlos Salinas

    Excellent show yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Best of luck with your touring and getting that message out there.

  32. Bradley Boone

    Day late I know, but I had to miss out on the raffle contest! I’m the recent (March) birthday guy. Enjoyed the laughs & the message.