USAG Baumholder- Congrats to Chris Glutting- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

I am so excited to kick off my Germany tour here at USAG Baumholder and want to thank the incredible prevention team here for all their hard work setting up this program!  Thank you to LTC Sullivan for the intro, the great soldiers who attended and the many civilians who filled out the audience! Baumholder is now the home for one of the largest concentration of combat Soldiers outside the United States. Besides the main post, it consists of one sub-community and is populated by more than 13,000 American Soldiers, Airmen, Civilians and family members.  Thank you for inviting me here and hosting my Happy Hour Tour.   

site51Me with my brother Sean BAUM Baumholder1 Greg Pryor Sarah and ASAP

 Above: me on stage.  Me and special brother Sean, ASAP staff, and the one and only Sarajane! 

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12 Responses to USAG Baumholder- Congrats to Chris Glutting- “I Killed” raffle book winner!!

  1. Chris Glutting

    Great show today, thanks for coming

  2. Ryan Sarjeant

    I am still at your show and your getting a coin thanks for the message

  3. Amy Danzeiser

    Thanks for the great show. Very motivating!

  4. Kelly Simpson


    Thanks for the show. It was a much more memorable message than powerpoint.

  5. Jacqui Haggerty

    GREAT SHOW! That was SO MUCH BETER than the ‘normal’ training – entertaining, informative and thought-provoking… THANK YOU!!!

  6. Jacqui Haggerty

    Attention Germany! If you have the chance to see Bernie McGrenahan – GO!!!

  7. Ilaria de Franco

    Thanks so much! It was a great show 🙂

  8. Emma Robinson

    Hi Bernie, enjoyed your show again. Saw you here two years ago (I think)! Thanks again!

  9. Hildegard Bragg

    Thank you for a great show and sharing “your life” with us. I know it is not easy to tell other “how bad I was, when I was a teenage and I had a problem”, but with you telling us your story, it may help’s other people to say “ I have a problem” and seeking help and getting help. Thank you and good luck.

  10. Mike Sullivan

    Thanks so much for making your way up to The Rock today! We truly appreciate your sense of humor and sharing your message with us. All the best buddy!

  11. edgar

    I would love to hear more of your story. thanks for what you do

  12. Kaprena Camp

    I had an amazing time at your show today. I wasn’t quite sure how your comedy show would count as training. But is was GREAT! I APPRECIATE your story and how you use humor to share it! Continue to be a blessing to others!
    God Bless, Kaprena