Ft Bliss, TX- Bernie McGrenahan’s original COMEDY ‘With a Message” Happy Hour Tour appearing all week!



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It is great to be back here at Ft Bliss, TX!  The crowds have been amazing this week.  I cannot thank you all for attending the presentations.  It is an honor to join the ASAP staff here at Bliss.  One of the best staffs in the country.   Fort Bliss is a United States Army post with an area of about 1,700 square miles (4,400 km2).  It is the Army’s second-largest installation, behind the adjacent White Sands Missile Range.  It is FORSCOM’s (United States Army Forces Command) largest installation, and has the Army’s largest Maneuver Area (992,000 acres) behind the National Training Center.  Thank you for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. You Soldiers are the reason why we have our freedom and we appreciate all that you do to serve and protect our country. Come say hello and share some laughs.  I will be at Sage Hall at 1000 hrs and  1400 hrs Thursday and Friday- the final two days of a great week.  Hope to see you there.

Monday: Cameron Vines
Tuesday: Patricia Rees
Wednesday: Christopher Fussell
Thursday: Steven Schoening
Friday: Pamela Thomas

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62 Responses to Ft Bliss, TX- Bernie McGrenahan’s original COMEDY ‘With a Message” Happy Hour Tour appearing all week!

  1. sitar, wesely

    Just got done listening to you at sage hall, awesome show

  2. Eric Hines

    Bernie, thank you for making us laugh and for sharing your story… “I killed” comedy book raffle.

  3. Cameron Vines

    Hey bernie awesome show today im actually glad that the army had you come in and help do the training with us hopefully you’ll come back it was awesome

  4. Tyler McGaha

    Great show today Bernie!

  5. Val

    Your show was very inspirational really put things in a different perspective. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Ft. Bliss.

  6. Daniel W. Kohlmetz

    Thanks for the comedy, and thanks for the support.

  7. Rustie Jones

    Thank You for what you do and sharing your personal experiences.

  8. Melissa

    Bernie, Thanks for your point of view and the humor you added to a serious subject.

  9. Melvin Campbell

    Great show in sage hall it was really funny

  10. Pat Rees

    Great message at todays show. Nodding my head to alot of the statements you made. Living with alcohlic, who was active duty. Makes life even harder, living day to day with out family support. Keep up the good works, words.

  11. Adam Cooper

    Hey thanks for the laughs

  12. Mark Keagy

    This was the best ADAPT training i’ve ever received from the Air Force! If your message saves even one life, it was well worth it! keep it up!!!

  13. Tyler Barry

    Great show, really feel your message is getting through.

  14. deloach, nolan

    Dude good show.

  15. deloach, nolan


  16. Crystal Flores

    I just want to say thank you, your show really hit home.

  17. Sydnee Dillard

    Good show at the hangar, thanks for the laughs!

  18. Rick Reyes

    Thanks for the good laugh, and inspirational message behind it. Really good show… definitely beats the usual “death by PowerPoint” Lol..

  19. Dafeney Williams

    Awesome laughs at the hanger today and it wasn’t PowerPoint.

  20. Jason Mainor

    Great Show! Just got through watching you at B CO Hanger here at Bliss.

  21. Rex McReynolds

    Bernie, I haven’t laughed in a good long time until your presentation. I really needed that! You and I have overlapping stories – June 2, 1982 sobriety date. T-Rex

  22. Lance Gustin

    good show Bernie. Enjoyed it.

  23. Marlin Wilson

    Received a great message from Bernie today. Finally something mandatory that didn’t put me to sleep.

  24. Craig schea

    Awesome show Bernie.

  25. Michael Kruk

    Hey brother great show you made an impact on all of us. Your message really hit me with the stories of yourself and your family. God bless and take care.

  26. Morgan Ulrich

    Totally enjoyed your show at Sage Hall. It was really awesome. God bless you and your family!,

  27. Megan Lovin

    Your show was great. Thank you for giving us your time.

  28. Jennifer Durfee

    Really enjoyed the show, opened my eyes to a lot plus the jokes were hilarious. You KILLED it :o)

  29. Craig Colantoni

    Bernie awesome show thank you for the laughs toady and the inspirational message behind it awesome job today and again thank you for the laughs

  30. karlos rosado

    You are awesome man and hysterical, loved the show and say hi to your brother from us at 147th maintenance company 15th sustainment

  31. Charlie Huelgas

    Thank you for sharing your past. We all learned the importance of life.

  32. Frank Woode

    I admire your strength and resilience. Your ability to add humor to your life’s experiences to help others is admirable. Keep it up!

  33. Kyle Babb

    Enjoyed the show today. GIMME THAT BOOK! haha

  34. Chantelle Cutler

    You called me out today when you were talking about febreeze. Was totally laughing because that is exactly what we did during basic training. The struggle was beyond real. Thank you for taking the time to come to Ft. Bliss. I really enjoyed your show & story. Keep doin what you’re doing! Thanks!

  35. Brandon Campbell-Clay

    Your show was awesome, hearing your story was a lot better then sitting through power point thanks for you support. Great show

  36. Z'Andrea E.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome story today and calling out the soldiers or febreze abuse lol.

  37. Chris Fussell

    You killed it today man thanks for the good message !! I totally had to get a bowl of captain crunch after your show !!! : }

  38. Reggie Foster

    I had a blast at the show today. keep doing what you’re doing. btw “You Killed”

  39. Megan Henson

    Great show, great message. I enjoyed and hope to see you in more appearances.


    great show Sir, and a great message!

  41. Diamond

    Killed today

  42. Jeffrey Rea

    You are da bomb! I luuuuuuvvvved it!

  43. Jason Brotherton

    The show was excellent and the message was well received.

  44. Eva

    Great show – listened to you before but you still kept the audience going – great testimonial.

  45. Rebecca Balliet

    I saw your show today and it was amazing as a soldier I would like to thank you, people like you help us do our job. If I am having a sucky day or something like that I look for funny stuff on the internet to help me. Some of us who joined have had a hard life for me it is great to hear that I’m not the only one who made it out of our hard place! Thank you for being so inspiring. God Bless

  46. Ron Horton

    Bernie awesome performance. Even though I left Alabama, Roll Tide. Thanks for what you do. You present a powerful messageand I hope that it help people to think before they do something that could ruin the rest of theirs and their family lives. Thank again, hope to see you next year.

  47. Kyle Hull

    Mr 6’8 stopping by to say that was an awesome show at sage hall and I’m glad I was able to talk with u after the show and a few more laughs.

  48. Bobcat

    Bernie, second time I have seen you. Great story and show. My wife is sober 25 years. One day at a time. Now go buy your brother a Xbox game and tell him we said HI from el paso

  49. Antonio Rodriguez

    Awesome show I love your message, God Bess you!!


  50. David Burns

    Normally in the Army, mandatory is never fun, but your show was great! Thanks for the laughs!

  51. Steven Schoening

    Awesome show, just lay off the gym rats, just because we have muscles doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings

  52. Garrett Roberts

    Im the 98 explorer guy, you “killed” it today! well done and im definitely going to buy that book

  53. Gale W Jolliff

    Love the show, thanks for the laughs

  54. Robert Matts


    Thank you for a great time this morning at Fort Bliss!!!
    Serving for more than 20 years in the Army; This show hit home!
    Thanks for taking the time to speak with me after the show…. You are an amazing man and the way you put your show on was OUTSTANDING!!!

  55. octavius bellamy

    I just left yo show @ sage hall u killed it had me krackkkin up funny funny man 4real

  56. octavius bellamy

    Oh yeah I want that book

  57. Alessandra Gabrieli

    Your life story has really touched my heart. Congrats on the 25 years going strong!! Thanks for bringing laughter to our friday!!!

    Scott is looking down from up there feeling proud to have you as a brother!

    God Bless you and your family!

  58. Rose Shay

    Thanks for coming out again with your very important message for our troops. You are an inspiration to us all. You are a member of our ASAP now and forever. God bless Don’t forget to give a big hug to your brother for me. Til we meet again.

  59. Courtney Ledford

    Just wanted to say thank you for coming to Ft. Bliss. It was an awesome show with a great message. It was good to hear from someone whose had a similar experience.

  60. Chris

    Great show at sage hall today, despite the risk of being attacked by lawn mowers.

  61. Pamela Thomas

    Hi Bernie,

    Thank you again for making the choice to change your life. It was my honor to attend your show today at Fort Bliss. Your humor is contagious but what meant more to me was your willingness to share of your heartache and how you’ve allowed God to work. Total God Thing and may He continue to bless you! Those who didn’t attend are the ones who have missed a blessing. Thank you for stopping at Fort Bliss!

  62. Sharon Brown

    Love the show! Powerful message with a lot of heart! Not to mention Bernie is funny! Thank you thank you thank you! May God continue to bless you!