Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA- Congrats to Dave Quinton -“I Killed” comedy book raffle winner!

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It’s wonderful to be back at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA!! The Submarine Base is the US Atlantic Fleet’s home port for U.S. Navy Fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons. Thank you Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I appreciate all that you do. My hat is off to you amazing Sailors/Marines. You are why our Freedom is possible.   The 1300 crowd came in full force and the 1500 crowd was kind to hang tough with me in spite of the later start time.  I know you all work hard and long days to be the best of the best.  Special thanks to Fleet Forces and XO Callahan for showing their leadership and care for each and every one of us!  Below is my brother Sean’s new ‘SCrambled Eggs’ hat, compliments of the XO!  What a classy fleet!

 Kings Bay 4    XO gift for Sean  Kings Bay 3

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34 Responses to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, GA- Congrats to Dave Quinton -“I Killed” comedy book raffle winner!

  1. John Edwards

    Great show thank you for your time!!

  2. Randall Gentry

    Great show in kings bay. Movie idea for your brother. If he likes action Sabotage and Noah are out this weekend

  3. Ryan Roman


  4. Travis Butcher

    BERNIEEE. BERNIEEE. *bernieee*

  5. Tony Suarez

    They could be giving out money, cocaine, and hookers as soon as I am told it is mandatory it can no longer be fun. Not bad though.

  6. Christopher Mesa


  7. Justin Wright

    Great show. Keep the good times rolling.

  8. Kyle Dechy

    Killed it.

  9. LSC Wrigh


    Thank you for what you do and it was a great show. Just before your show started a sailor was talking to me about how they just got a DUI and what they should do. While I was listening to your story I was watching that sailor and the way that they did or did not take your information in. By the end you could tell that your message hit home and I am sure not only did I leave with a message but so did that sailor because at the end that sailor was sitting upright listening to all that you were saying.
    Thank you again and we do this for you and your family, server and protect!

  10. Jerome green

    The show was great my heart goes out to you and your family please continue doing what you do.

  11. Steve Shawl

    BERNIEEEEE???? Great show today, look forward to seeing you again sometime.

  12. Chris Colafati

    great show, great stories, havent had laughs like that at a training event ever

  13. JAred Carbone

    Good show. Interesting way to connect with people.

  14. Forrest

    Get show hilarious and very motivating

  15. Kelly wilson

    Thanks Bernie. Great to see you again..

  16. Michael Muyres

    Your comedy and home-hitting message made us laugh and learn, and challenged us to have the courage to examine our own lives and relationships.

    Thanks Bernie!

  17. Jim Kopf

    Good job! Thanks for coming back to Kings Bay.

  18. Marcus Alexander

    Hands down the best mandatory I’ve been to.

  19. Lisa

    Great training. If we had more training like that the word mandatory won’t sound like a death sentence. I hear mandatory training and I automatically try and think of ways to stay awake. Today all I had to do was listen. Any other day I have to rock from side to side, hold my eye lids open, and pray that I’m not dreaming I am paying attention. I can relate to some of the things you were talking about whether it be myself, family, or friends. We need more training like this because it’s more on a personal level and not a “coming from book” level. Keep up what you are doing, and if you didn’t inspire anyone in that room today know you inspired me to be that “go to person”. that person that people can talk to and I will listen no matter what, because you never know Who you can help with just a simple “I’m there if you need me”.

  20. Ryan jones

    Great show Bernie I saw you in groton as well and I enjoyed both shows thank you for all you do!

  21. Jon Frydenlund

    Thanks for coming, best training/comedy event I’ve been to.

  22. Adam Greer

    Thank you for sharing your story and making mandatory training enjoyable! Your support is appreciated more than you can imagine.

  23. Steven Bryant

    That was by far some the most fun I have had in a chapel thanks again.

  24. Tim Leurini

    Thanks for the show!

  25. hawkins

    Great show! The Commissary next time? Lol. Thanks for sharing your legacy with us.

  26. David Repking

    I really loved your performance today & will recommend it to my friends & family! Thank you for what you do!

  27. Zachary Scott

    Great show today Bernie! Really takes a strong person to overcome such hardships! Best of luck on your future tours!

  28. John Sparkowski

    Great Show! It made mandatory training meaningful. Thank you for sharing your personal life experiences with us all. I too have a family member that has a mental disability that affects his day-to-day life. You have given me a new way to look at his illness and look forward to the future like you do. I admire your outlook on life and applaud your success over the last 26 years. Thank you again, and be safe in all your future endeavors.

  29. Dave Quinton

    Your message was clear and your story was very powerful. Unequivocally the best training, delivered the best way, ( with humor) I have had in my 28 year career. Your words had meaning and your interwoven expression of the main points was priceless. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your family with us. It was very special and meaningful, continue your loving relationship with your brother and your family, you are truly blessed and have an unbelievable talent and gift.

  30. K Jones

    Best training I have had in a long time, thank you for taking the time to come share your story. And yes I’m one of the people that use the snooze button on my alarm lol. Thanks again

  31. Luke Wilhelm

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. It was refreshing to hear mandatory training in a new and refreshing light.

  32. Steven Maldonado

    A very entertaining and eye opening show. What you do saves lives. Keep up the good work!

  33. Alfred Gadapee

    I had a great time thank you for your time.

  34. Jess Luque

    Great show today at Fort. Bliss. Killed it…