Fort Campbell, KY- Congrats to James Ferguson- “I Killed” comedy book raffle winner!!!!

 Shepard AFB Live  2Campbell Campbell3Ft Campbell 3 OOOPS!    Sorry for the BLUURRRRY Pics!  🙂  Will have photographer check his settings!

I’m thrilled to be back at Fort Campbell, KY!! Fort Campbell is a United States Army  installation located astride the Kentucky-Tennessee border between Hopkinsville, KY and Clarksville, TN. Fort Campbell is home to the 101st Airborne Division and the 106th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.  The fort is named in honor of Union Army Brigadier Genera William Bowen Campbell, the last Whig Governor of Tennessee. Please come by the Wilson Theater on Tuesday March 11 and Wednesday March 12 at 0930 and 1330.  I would love to meet you all and share some laughs and inspiration.

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41 Responses to Fort Campbell, KY- Congrats to James Ferguson- “I Killed” comedy book raffle winner!!!!

  1. Reed kaiser

    your comedy special was a good relief from the army norm.
    we all thank you very much

  2. Noah Labeau

    Fun show makes training more enjoyable. Thanks for coming out!

  3. Jake lawson

    Great show. It was great training

  4. Ashira Gardner

    Great show today! Had MANY laughs and it was great hearing your story. Hopefully many Soldiers actually listen to the advice you gave us!

  5. Terri-Ann Wellington

    Fantastic show. Fun twist for mandatory training.

  6. Kent Hofilena

    Thanks for coming out. Really enjoyed your show!

  7. Cassie Cowell

    Thanks for coming out to Fort Campbell. Soldiers don’t always take away a lesson from training sessions. Happy Hour was an inspiration, and hopefully has touched some that needed it here.

  8. andrew carignan

    Great Show thanks!

  9. antonio hayes

    It was a great show! We had heard about you during previous training. And I think we all enjoyed it!

  10. David Carr


  11. Gloria Francis

    Thank you so much for making us laugh, sharing your story & staying afterwards to take pictures. We really enjoyed the show.

  12. James Ferguson

    As a commander, your show is inspiring hearing it from someone who has been to the bottom and being able to realize and overcome deficiencies and inherited addiction. Hope all our Soldiers learn from your story!!

  13. Zachary Ray

    When I heard there was a mandatory “class” we had to go to, I thought I was gonna have to be put through a 2 hour slide show presentation. But as soon as you took the stage, it was all laughter from there. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Great show!!

  14. Trent cook

    Hilarious and great message

  15. Eric Bergdahl

    Your experience straight and hope was awesome to hear do you know DR. Bob?

  16. Michael Shell

    I was really dreading this. I usually find standup comedy an abysmal experience. You really surprised me. Super funny with a permeating message. Thank you for what you do.

  17. Samuel Dearing

    Thank you sir, for the extremely motivational boost you gave me 🙂 I appreciate you and you have put a new light on putting any upcoming problems for the future , not necessarily pre Army Drug/alcohol issues, but family related and financial issues, thanks for putting the power back in my hands

  18. Luis Mendoza

    I was voluntold to go to your show. Turned out to be very awesome. Thanks for the stories, training, and laughs.

  19. Courtland Sympson

    Thanks for sharing your story. Best hour of mandatory training I’ve been to and a powerful message.

  20. Staci Scarcello

    You were amazing! That was the most touching and inspiring message that I’ve ever heard. Thank you!

  21. Matthew Rodriguez

    Great show this morning

  22. Juelisa Hines

    The Army should base ASAP and other training (SHARP, EO, etc) off of what I saw today. Very Funny, but also serious and many lessons learned.

  23. Tristan

    Hilarious! I wish more Army training was like your show.

    Thanks for the show.

  24. Justin Shepherd

    This was the best ASAP training I have been to. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and talk about issues like Bernie did. I was pleased that my soldiers attended and they told me that they enjoyed the show! Thank you soo much for coming!

  25. Charles Rodriguez

    Thanks for coming out to Campbell Bernie!

  26. Gonzo

    Great training awesome comedy had fun.

  27. Blessed Son Holley

    Hello sir it was a blessing to hear your story today, it lifted me up as well as showing me just how awesome the god we serve is. Continue to do what you are doing, I have no doubt that you are impacting lives because you have impacted blessed always

    SGT Holley

  28. Jeff Wagner

    Great story and message!

  29. Isaiah Williams

    Just finshed listning to Bernie’s message. Great training!

  30. Allan Goldie

    Very good show!!!!!

  31. Tanya Lynn Yates

    Thank you so much Bernie!
    This training was close & dear to my heart! You’re an amazing comedian! You made my day at work today!

  32. Garrett Green

    Second time ive seen one of your shows, still makes me laugh hearing the crazy things you come up with.

  33. spc Mike Randall

    What a great show today,it changed my mood from bad to great.

  34. Cassidy Chattam

    I enjoyed our mandatory laugh session this afternoon, I appreciate the visit and sharing your story with us.

  35. Trevor Smith

    Loved the show. The part with your brother shaun really hit home I have a brother with down syndrome, step brother with autism, and a half brother whose is deaf. So I know what its like to feel weighted down because of the attention they need but I don’t ever consider myself a victim in anyway I feel its a blessing to have grown up with family members that has special needs gives me a different outlook on life. Again loved your show keep doing what you do.

  36. Jon "Professor" Nelson

    Bernie, Bro. Again, allow me to thank you for coming out to Ft Campbell to talk to our soldiers. Your testimony and message are always well received. Your contribution to the readiness and wellness of the US Army is invaluable, thus you are serving our country in your own special way. I heard many wonderful comments from soldiers after your show as they were leaving the theater. It is evident that you genuinely care and your heart is in the right place, and in the entertainment world that seems to be very rare. Karma wilI keep enriching your life. I look forward to the next time you are out here at Ft Campbell.

    Thanks again bro.

  37. Leejay Lockhart

    I know it was training, but you made me laugh. Thanks for coming to Fort Campbell.

  38. Scott Madden

    Bernie, I wanted to once again thank you for sharing your experience and story with us this morning. I stayed after to share with you the story about my brother Brian and how he has struggled over the years and has just recently celebrated 1 year of sobriety. I know your message has hit home to a couple of Soldiers as I spoke with them afterwards. It has hit home with me as it is similar to my own story. I hope all continues to be well with you. Keep the Faith and One Day at a Time!

  39. Alison Ross

    I want to thank you for coming to Campbell! I really enjoyed your “Happy Hour”, even though some parts pulled at my heart strings. Your story is very inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  40. David Altvater

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  41. Karen Milner

    Bernie, You are an inspiration, and I truly appreciate your visit to Fort Campbell. Your genuine heart in support of our service men and women is undeniably evident. Thank you for sharing with Fort Campbell’s Soldiers. looking forward to your return.