Show Raffle Winners- Comedy Book “I Killed” True Road Stories from America’s Top Comedians featuring Bernie McGrenaghan

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I Killed True Road Stories from Americas Top Comedians Pensacola4

The following show attendees were randomly picked to receive a copy of I KILLED:

AUG 2013:
6- Ft Gordon- Kirby P- Mailed 8/24
8 -Ft Dix- David White- Mailing 10/4
20- White Sands Missile Range- Andrew Moya-Mailed 8/24 22- SUB BASE New London- Charles Tyre & Rone Hall- Mailed 8/24
29- Ft Stewart- Indian Marquez and Andrew Kesler- Mailed 10/4

SEPT 2013 :
4-Southcom FL- Marty Weeks- Mailed 10/4   
9-13-Ft Hood- Dean and Kari Jackson-Hahn- Mailed 10/4
18- Norfolk Vista Point- Christian LaTelle Offley- Mailed 10/4 
24-Utah National Guard- Candice Cochegrus- Mailed 10/4
27- Fairchild AFB- Natasha Roberts and Daniil Pereyaslov- Mailed 10/4

OCT 2013:
1-4- Minot AFB, ND: Gerardo Gonzalez & Kristen HilemanMailed Oct 8th
24- Columbus AFB, MS- Sarah Engle & Tim Simmons- Mailed 11/5
26- Bryan Robin and Tim Melin- Mailed 11/5

NOV 2013:
6- Sheppard AFB- Jania Munoz and Christopher Worthington – Mailed 11/25
7-8- Laughlin AFB- Laura Watson and Enrique Soto- Mailed 11/25

DEC 2013:
5- Ft. Carson- Estevan Garza- Mailed 1/7
9- Ft. Irwin- Sebastian Zarasua– Mailed 1/7
11- Ft. Riley Tim Bishop– Mailed 1/14
17- Ft Detrick- LTC Chessley Atchison– Mailed 1/7
18- Walter Reed Army Medical Center- Andrew Hoort– Mailed 1/7
19- Forest Glen Annex – Tristian Lewis– Mailed 1/7

FEB 2014:
6- Joint Base Pearl Harbor/ Hickham- William Pohlman- mailed 2/11

Congratulations from The HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message staff!

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