Ft Carson, CO – Congrats to Estevan Garza- “I Killed” book raffle winner!!

I am excited to be here at Ft Carson to entertain the soldiers, civilians and any other branch joint efforts.  The base was closed yesterday, due to inclement weather.  I love that phrase: Inclement!    Looks like today we are up and running.  The two shows are at  1000 and 1400 hrs in the theater!  Here are a couple pics from the morning group of soldiers. We took these pics on a self timer!  HA!  It worked.    You guys were awesome to me!   Hoorah!

Ft Carson1 Ft Carson Ft Carson2 

 Thank you Ft Carson for having me back to your home front!

   Ft Carson header Ft Carson snow2snow truck



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11 Responses to Ft Carson, CO – Congrats to Estevan Garza- “I Killed” book raffle winner!!

  1. Michael Arnot

    Awsome show

  2. michael ramirez


  3. Frankie Barker

    Amazing show with a great story! Truly touched by your words and your life. Thanks so much! Good bless your family!

  4. David Costanzo

    Thanks for the great show I grew up with alcoholics in my family and I seen how it cab destroy lifes

  5. Josh Smith

    Awesome show, kept me laughing non stop.

  6. Ernest Hill

    The show was really good, started out really funny and had a nice transition to bring out a great message about having a plan whenever you drink and it was nice to hear your story about Shawn, Scott, and Debbie.

  7. Steve Sundberg

    Thanks for supporting the military

  8. estevan Garza

    awesome show, I agree laughter is a cure, its always help me through some hard times. Bernie you killed me today thank you very much for you show and your story.

  9. Daryl Cabral

    Show sucked! Joking awesome show thanks for the good show important message and inspiration. God bless you and yours

  10. Theodore Peterson

    Great show. Very inspiring and informative.

  11. mikal sheldon

    Great show.. thanks for the laughs and your story…