Laughlin AFB- Congrats to “I Killed” book raffle winners: Laura Watson and Enrique Soto!!

What a great two days. The SAPR team proved to be a great host of the ‘Happy Hour’ tour, and Airmen packed the venue in large numbers.  I cannot thank you Warriors enough for supporting WINGMAN DAY in Anderson Hall. Colonel Hastings was smooth as ever and shared a great message about resiliency and mental, physical and spiritual Fitness! To Mrs, Pena, my friend, and the entire great team of VA’s…continue to do great work.  I left Del Rio at 1700 hrs today( Friday) and my GPS says 3.5 more hours to San Antonio Airport.  🙂   I can still hear your laughter Airmen and Civilians.  Stay Warrior Strong and have a great weekend.   
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Laughlin AFB-T-6A_Texan_II_Laughlin_AFB  6    Laughlin AFB


I appreciate all public comments. Show raffle winners will be chosen Saturday at 1700 hrs.   If you want to reach me personally, send an email  to CONTACT link on this site.  I will return your message soon. 

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52 Responses to Laughlin AFB- Congrats to “I Killed” book raffle winners: Laura Watson and Enrique Soto!!

  1. SrA Alana Dees

    I really enjoyed your performance. And I wish I actually carried cash on me because I would have loved to purchase one of your books. Thank you so much for taking time to come out to spread the good word on doing the right thing and owning up to your responsibilities.

    • David dailey

      Great show thanks!

  2. SrA Evens Perjuste

    I enjoyed your performance and it certainly provide a lot of key insights in light of resiliency and the Wingman concept. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I think you doing a phenomenal job and keep up the happy hour tours!

  3. Brian Murray

    Great show!

  4. William Tyrrell

    I really enjoyed your show. It has made me re-think different actions that I might have made in the past.

  5. Renee Buss

    That was a great show. I think the message was loud and clear!

  6. Ben Clayton

    Wow I never thought I would actually enjoy myself so much at a mandatory briefing. What an inspirational story delivered in a way that reached everyone in the audience!

  7. Brian Brammer

    Glad you could come to Laughlin AFB and put on an awesome show for us, even though it was mandatory. Thank you for the laughs and the valuable lessons.

  8. Michael Bayer

    Awesome show Bernie! Great jokes and I could relate to the family experiences that you shared.

  9. Thomas

    I can’t read (and they’re going to make me a pilot!?!?), just kidding; but I’ll take a book. Thanks for taking the time to come to Laughlin and share your message. Great show!

  10. Cody Hall

    Hilarious show and great message, thanks for being there!

  11. Joshua

    Most entertaining hour of my life since being stationed at Laughlin AFB!

  12. Charles Wilson

    I had a blast.

  13. Brandy Mirenna

    Thank you for coming to Laughlin AFB!

  14. SSgt Stephanie Hogland

    AWESOME show. Great way to deliver message across the board. Thanks for taking the time to come out and gives us a great show.

  15. 2Lt DeNoyer

    Great show! Wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a great morning. Good comedy with a good message.

  16. Anesha Jackson

    Thank you for taking the time and coming to supply us with laughs.

  17. Sonya

    Great show today! By far best Wingman Day in my 13 yrs of service!

  18. Paige

    Thanks so much for your awesome show!!

  19. Christina Courtney

    What a great show!! Thank you for sharing your personal and heartfelt story! So happy that you came to Laughlin to share your humor and life with us!

  20. TSgt Eric High


    Thank you for the laughs, sharing your personal struggles, hard times, and huge victories. The best mandatory training I’ve ever experienced. God Bless you brother.

  21. Serafim Perdikis

    Thanks for a great show and some amazing life lessons. Way better than a 24 slide PowerPoint and CBT!

  22. David Isbell


    You Killed It, Bro!!

  23. Enrique Soto

    AWESOME show, you are truly inspirational!! God Bless!!

  24. CHICKS

    Outstanding show! It was great to get a good laugh and yet still have a good story. It was a nice breath of fresh air!

  25. K Norton

    Thank you for bringing us all laughter and tears. Hug Sean like crazy today!

  26. Jessica Cook

    Great show Bernie! Beats the heck out of death by powerpoint! Thanks for taking the te to come by and share your story and a few laughs.

  27. Thor the Explorer

    It’s my 2nd time seeing your show. Last time it was at the Air Force Academy. Great show both times. Thanks for the good message. I’m glad you get to spend time with your brother. I wish I had more with my own.

  28. Tyler Silva

    Definitely the best wingman day! Great show!

  29. Matt

    Best stand up performance I’ve seen! Nice sweater!

  30. Jimenez Diana

    great show! thanks for the laughs we really enjoyed it! cant wait to have you visit us again here at LAFB!

  31. Bryce Ribble

    Thanks for the great show. It was nice to have a few laughs and get away from the work place. Great message as well.

  32. Kevin Gunter

    Excellent delivery and flawless message. Thanks for the good time today 🙂 Keep up your awesome personality.

  33. Richard Scott

    loved your show at laughlin

  34. Bryant Hansen

    Attendance was mandatory, but laughs were definitely voluntary. Nice to come away from a Comedy show with more than a few laughs for a change!

  35. Tina

    Thank you, thank you! I am so sorry for the loss of your brother, Scott. I literally cried hearing about that part of your life. I can just imagine how sweet and innocent Sean is….pls give him a big Texas hug from all of Team XL.
    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being inspirational to so many airmen. God bless you and yours always!

  36. Jessica Domincovitch

    Great show Bernie! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story with us! Best of luck with everything!

  37. Laura Watson

    I saw you at Laughlin today! I can’t remember the last time (if ever) I laughed during a resiliency briefing! You’ve unlocked a unique and perfect balance between humor and important content. I typically leave resiliency briefings feeling depressed, but your presentation broke that mold (even considering the heavy material). I don’t feel as though an hour and a half of my life was wasted. Thanks!

  38. Alex Zinn

    Bernie that was hilarious today. Definitely killed it and had a great life lesson at the end. Thank you for coming to Del Rio and don’t forget to enjoy going back home where you have actual radio stations…

  39. Esmer

    Awesome show! Thanks for sharing your life story.

  40. Patrick Williams

    Great show, awesome presentation, and even better story. Thanks for your time!

  41. the bear

    Great show @ Laughlin come back soon

  42. Kevin Dona

    Loved the show needed a good laugh!

  43. Dallin McLaws

    Thanks for the laughs and message.

  44. JoLee McKaskle

    Enjoyed your presentation…glad I was there to learn of your struggles that made you stronger. You made a great impression on the group. Thx

  45. Chris

    Really enjoyed the show. It was a nice break from all the stresses of pilot training.

  46. Michael


    Thanks for coming out! You can finally check Del Rio off your bucket list. Great message and thanks for keeping it engaging. Best wingman day I have seen. All the best…

  47. Brennan Jones

    Thanks for coming to brighten our day, share your story and most importantly change peoples lives!

  48. Corey

    Bernie! You’re the man, we had so many laughs Friday. Keep up the good work!


  49. Taylor

    Awesome show!! Sorry I missed the raffle but thanks for coming out!!

  50. Sterling Scales

    The best “mandatory” fun I have ever had. :-] It was a great message delivered in a unique way. Thank you for coming and sharing your message. I hope you found your blue portfolio. Safe travels and best wishes.

    – Sterling Scales

  51. Brian Hastings

    Bernie –
    You Killed it! Thanks for dropping by Del Rio and sharing a little laughter and your life with our Airmen. You made Wingman Day enjoyable and memorable for all of us. Thanks for your kind words.
    Col Brian Hastings