Columbus AFB, Mississippi…. Congrats to Sarah Engle and Tim Simmons- “I Killed” book raffle winners!!!

I am excited to return to Columbus AFB.  It has been 6 years since I’ve been here and I am grateful for the opportunity to deliver “Happy Hour Comedy With A Message” for Wingman Day! Columbus AFB was established in 1941 and is home to the 14th Flying Training Unit.  14FTW’s mission is to provide special undergraduate pilot training for US Air Force and Allied officers.  Thank you men and women who are committed to defending our freedom .  Come say hello and share a laugh in the Kaye Auditorium at 1100 & 1400 on October 24, 2013. See you soon and hope you enjoy the  show.Special thanks to Command, Ms. Daisy Jones, all VA’s Sgts Perrio and Wilson!
1Airmen 2 Colonel Sears 3 Daisy and Carla 

Columbus AFB 2   Bowling  Columbus AFB 1   

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35 Responses to Columbus AFB, Mississippi…. Congrats to Sarah Engle and Tim Simmons- “I Killed” book raffle winners!!!

  1. Christian J. Harrison

    Thanks for coming to Columbus! WWaaaayyyy better than a powerpoint. Keep doing what you’re doing. Also, YOU KILLED!!!

  2. Sarah Engle

    This was amazing! Thank you so much for coming to Columbus to talk to all of us for wingman day. Your message was inspirational and really hit home for me on some points. Your comedy definitely killed too!

  3. Trae Reed

    BERNIE, BERNIE…berrrnieeee! Great show man. Thanks for sharing your story.
    – Keep Truckin

  4. Theo Moran

    Excellent show. Definitely hit home.

  5. David Vaughn

    Bernie–Great show. Thanks for delivering an excellent message on our Wingman Day. (ps: Please leave the towels in your room when you check out.)

  6. Clinton Oja

    Thanks for a great show! We all have our stories and I appreciate you sharing yours!
    So you’re saying NyQuil and orange juice is my kind of Screwdriver? 🙂

  7. Bernice A. Boone

    You are awesome. Come back again!

  8. Dave Albertson

    Great job, brother.

  9. Jonathan Modrall

    Great Work at Columbus AFB. You really Killed everyone in the auditorium. Airman Brown was so upset about his muscles not being big enough so he went to go work out in a speedo to make his muscles look bigger. Maybe next year they can call you back again…!

  10. Dilynn

    Thanks for coming Bernie!! Lots of laughs and fun! Highlight of wingman day! Come back soon!!!

  11. Tim Banning

    Thanks for coming. Great Show!

  12. Jason Rodriguez

    Really enjoyed your stand-up! Keep inspiring people the way you do. You’re really making a difference.

  13. Campbell

    Great Show!! One of the best ive seen in the 10 yrs i’ve served!! Come back next year!

  14. Greg Hudgins

    You killed it.

  15. Linda A.

    You were awesome. I especially enjoy how you integrate your comedy with your story. Thanks for sharing with us!

  16. M. Taylor

    Thank you so much for making this 1.5 hour show so interesting and motivating. I did not fall asleep once.

  17. Leria

    Outstanding show and message…funny and inspiring….keep up the great work!

  18. Annette Sumrall

    I loved your show today! I hope the people who saw it will take what you said to heart! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  19. Jason

    Great Show! Best briefing ever!

  20. Allison

    You KILLED it today Bernie! Thanks for sharing your personal story with us. Way better than another powerpoint

  21. Sgt Alexander

    Absolutely hilarious with I truly moving story. I would count you among the best, very few people can touch and move people in so many ways. Might not mean much but you have my respect for what you are doing. As you said you killed. I enjoyed hanging out with you at the bowling alley. God bless.

  22. J Harris

    Thanks for the awesome comedy and hard hitting message. Don’t send a book to Sgt Alexander; he can’t read (or write).

  23. Rob Gibson

    Best Air Force brief I’ve ever had. You were witty and I could tell you were genuine. It’s refreshing to hear this stuff straight with no BS. Hard to encounter people like that nowadays. Also, it was totally cool of you to chat and hang with us at the bowling center. Keep doing what you do brotha! And tell your bro “Hi” for me!

  24. Rob Gibson

    Jonathan Modrall didn’t bring brownies to lunch one day. Alexander can attest to that, therefore should not receive a book. 😛

  25. Sgt Alexander

    I attest to the above statement and even though we have given him a clean slate out of the goodness of our hearts. I do not think it warrants a book of this magnitude. Maybe a brownie cookbook but that’s about it.

    Thanks again Bernie

  26. Catherine LeGrand

    There were a few “Come back next year!” comments but I’m retiring soon so a more apt comment from me would be “Where in the heck have you been for the last few years’ worth of Wingman Days?”… But seriously, thank you for the sidesplitting laughs and thought-provoking message. I know it is something we will all remember, both here at Columbus AFB and beyond!

  27. Jonathan Modrall

    Please excuse Rob and Alexander they get a bit jealous when they don’t get brownies when they come home from a stand up comedy show. Oh by the way guys I got brownies and only Bernie can have some! Eat my shorts.

  28. Tasha

    Thank you for making mandatory fun actually fun! Especially for the civilians who weren’t to excited to be there.

  29. Vance Kondon

    Bernie, two great shows today! From all of Team BLAZE, thank you for sharing your story. All the best to you and your family!

    Chief K

  30. Greg

    You are super funny, top 2 or 3 comedians I have seen if not the best. You killed today! That was a pretty tough crowd and you made them all laugh and enjoy it so much we are all hoping to see you again soon. You made a great positive impact on everyone today! Well done!

  31. Tim Simmons

    Bernie- thanks for sharing your story. In 8 years of military briefs, I can count on one hand the ones that truly got my attention and left me thinking long after they were over. Add one more to the list! I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks for bringing this message to the armed forces. I’d rather be KILLED by comedy than power point anyday.

    2Lt Simmons

  32. Aris Rivera

    Thanks for sharing your story! Peace and blessings to you and your family. Aris Rivera

  33. Dillon

    Great show Bernie!

  34. Tyler

    Great routine! We all thought we were headed to another powerpoint presentation that we’ve seen so many times but you surprised us. You did a great job!!

  35. Cole

    We could all use a weekend at Bernie’s! Way better than a power point presentation man, thank you for breaking up the monotony.