Comedy ‘With a Message’ Tour Raffle Winners- I KILLED comedy book!

 Pensacola4 On Tour Live!

The following show attendees were randomly picked to receive a copy of I KILLED:
11th- Pensacola: Shaw Bell- Pending- Need mailing address! 

10- NAS Sigonella Italy- Ryan – awaiting claim 

22- Key West, FL – Caroline Cuento- Awaiting Mailing address

*(22 winners were picked and mailed prizes between Jan and July except the above three unclaimed winners)

6- Ft Gordon- Kirby P- Mailed 8/24
8 -Ft Dix- David White- awaiting mailing address
20- White Sands Missile Range- Andrew Moya-Mailed 8/24
22- SUB BASE New London- Charles Tyre & Rone Hall- Mailed 8/24
29- Ft Stewart- Indian Marquez and Andrew Kesler- awaiting mailing addresses

4-Southcom FL- Marty Weeks- Awaiting Address
9-13 Ft Hood- Dean and Kari Jackson-Hahn- awaiting mailing address
18- Norfolk Vista Point- Christian LaTelle Offley- we are awaiting your mailing address! 

Congratulations from The HAPPY HOUR Comedy with a Message staff!

Contact  to claim your softback copies of I KILLED !

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6 Responses to Comedy ‘With a Message’ Tour Raffle Winners- I KILLED comedy book!

  1. adam

    Just attended your show, incredible content and captivating. I’m a critic when it comes to anything dealing with people in a sense that most come off insincere, but this take on substance abuse and suicide is very solid and real. Thank you…

  2. Ezequiel

    Awsome !!! TEN TIMES better than death by power point. Made me realize how important it is to be clean!

  3. William Nordness

    Just saw the show today was really good. The message was very powerful and funny. O yea and by the way welcome to the great place. LoL

  4. Mr. Richard Trotter

    I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule (tour) to come to Fort Hood and provide a little humor while educating us over risk-reduction and prevention. My heart goes out to you along with everyone else who has lost a love one or close friend to suicide. Thanks for sharing your life with us and my God continue to bless you each and every day.

  5. Blanche Culbreath

    Hello Berni, I attened your show this morning at Fort Hood, Texas, and the things you were saying touched my heart so much about family. It helped me ease my pain from all the things I’ve been holding inside, coming from an abusive and acholic family. I could listen to your story all day, it is so motivational. I would love to meet your mother and other family member’s. I thank you for sharing so much of you, with honest. I pray God continue to bless you all.

    Thank you, again

  6. Melissa Scheller

    Just saw your show today here at “The great place” Fort Hood! Thank you for saving me from death by power point! The show was great and sharing your personal story helped drive the point home. By the way if I should win the book raffle could you and your brother Sean sign it?