White Sands Missile Range- Thank you. Andrew Moya- Show winner!

I am excited to be back here at WSMR! I had a blast in the Post Theater Tuesday. Thank you WSMR for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I am so thankful to all of you amazing Troops that defend our Country.  The strong Civilian contingency complete our team. My Freedom is only possible because of you. Army Strong!  Andrew Moya- Congrats for winning the show raffle. See below to claim your prize!

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44 Responses to White Sands Missile Range- Thank you. Andrew Moya- Show winner!

  1. Jacqueline Reyes

    Great way to get message across…wish ALL my friends could see your show!

  2. Shad Harris

    Thanks for sharing your story, Bernie. I think most of us (especially the young ones) need to hear what you have to say and be reminded of what’s really important. I think you did a great job showing how to push through tough times and still enjoy life. Really enjoyed it, thanks again.

  3. Mike Hall

    Thanks for sharing and delivering a meaningful message in an entertaing manner that Moms and children could listen.

  4. Nancy Perrigin

    Best ASAP training I have attended here so far. You have a great way of getting a very important message across. Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Jessie Eguia

    Thank you for providing an interesting training session on substance abuse awareness.

  6. Curt Hohmann

    Great show!

  7. Jesse Hobson

    Enjoyed the show Mr. Bernie! Thanks for sharing your story, and good luck with your shows and travels!


    Thank you for the important message that we all need to be reminded of ;even if we don’t drink (Sometimes we become bystanders instead of stopping others). Great training

  9. Alejandro A. Aguilar

    What a show and what a message. I really appreciated the vulnerability you displayed. It’s not easy to really expose your life and all the ups and downs that happen. As a parent of a child with special needs it can be stressful especially when you have other children too. Finding the correct outlets and having solid, dependable relationships are the key. Thanks again!

  10. Scott Huskey

    God’s blessings to Shaun and you. Thanks for a great show!

  11. Jason Carter

    Excellent show.

  12. Lupita Soliz

    Truly enjoyed your show, Sir.
    Lots of laughs and some tears!
    Best of Luck.

  13. Lilia Smith

    Wonderful 0800, mandatory show. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for the inspiring message. Hope to see you again soon!

  14. Jess Tabacca

    Thanks for the great show. I took a lot away from it and it is inspiring to see someone make such a difference in their life. Here’s to one of those four comments!

  15. Richard Weber

    I didn’t know what to expect but I was amazed at the powerful way you dilivered such an important message. Thanks for sharing about your family members and yourself. Comedy is really the cure!!

  16. Enrique Irigoyen

    Beeeeeeeeernie, :0)

    Thank you for comming out to visit us and sharing your touching life story. There are so many important lessons that don’t usually get through to us until it’s to late, but seeing you live, telling your story… has a way of really sinking in. Thanks!


  17. Alberto Garcia

    Truly Inspirational! The message you bring is deep, it goes beyond prevention of substance abuse; it shows a true test of integrity and accountability. Thank you and keep charging.

  18. Charlotte Driver

    Hi Bernie! Loved your show and appreciate so much your dedication to the military. I am retired Army and know how hard it is for soldiers to find other sources of relief besides alcohol(the legal drug). Thanks for your humor, we take ourselves way too seriously. Charlotte

  19. Andres Iglesias

    Great show and even a better message!

  20. Kirstin Smead

    I appreciated the message. It is good to see someone who is able to share real life with real people in a real way. Thank you for what you are doing. Simply. One day (or mandatory 0800) at a time.

  21. Micke Reed

    Your the Rocket that did not fizzle on take off! You meet the “T Time” with great accuracy. Mandatory Training, well you are the bomb! Hey, grow up and eat something else besides, Captain Crunch!!! Honey Nut Cheerios is for guys like us at age 50!!!! Thanks for your support!

  22. Robin Wilson

    Excellent show.

  23. Jose Herrera

    Is this how we get our raffle ticket? Great show by the way!

  24. Margie Apodaca

    Awesome show, you brought me to tears….of joy; is how hilarious you are. A message with some comedy to help us remember to make time for laughter in the midst of life’s chaos. Truly today’s top stand-up comedians in America. God bless.

  25. Bobbie J. Salas

    Bernie you are an inspiration to us all and you are awesome!! I really enjoyed it! Thanks! 🙂

  26. Tanya Montoya

    Thank you, Bernie. I enjoyed your show.

  27. Michelle Nguyen

    Great show Bernie ! Thank you for for sharing your touching story. Best wishes to you and your family 🙂

  28. Lisa Reeve

    Thank you for coming out to White Sands again! We love your show and the great message!

  29. Josie Mirabal

    Great show!!!

  30. Janice Bridges

    Enjoyed your show this year. I had to walk out of it the first time I saw it. My son Paul graduated from Basic training 10 years ago on August 22, 2003. Sadly I lost him to suicide on Nov 2, 2006. He had 5 different meds in his system at the time…he was in Taji, Iraq when it happened. As a Mother, I went to a dark place myself. I was finally diagonsed with Survivors guilt and finally getting the help I need. I two other sons that mean the world to me and I know now that I need to be around for them…I hope that all Soldiers get the help that they need. Smile



  32. Dee Bradley

    So much of what you talked about is so common among so many of us. “Nothing better to do” reminded me of learning to “powerslide” in a car on a dirt road with 16 oz. Cuba Libra’s! By the way, how did you ever get that Spyder up to 80 mph?!

  33. Blanca

    Finally…people laughting at WSMR!

  34. Gilbert

    Great show and message for all! Best wishes to you and your family!

  35. Andrew Moya

    Best mandatory training I have ever taken…I would enjoy seeing you, even if it wasn’t mandatory. Really enjoyed it, and thanks for sharing your life experiences.

  36. Todd Kelley

    Thanks for the laughs and the down to earth message. Give your Bro a big hug from us at WSMR.

  37. Tonya R. Hancock

    Bernie you are still awesome. No matter where I get stationed I will always make sure I bring you. Great Show and Awesome Message. See Ya Next Time


  38. Cheryl Rivera

    You were great. Nobody gives a message like you do. My husband is activty duty and we are stationed at Bliss. I travel to White Sands every day! Best training I have ever been priveleged to attend. You touched me with your story. And oh, by the way you are pretty darn funny. I laughed and laughed so hard I was crying, then at the end you still had me crying, but not from laughter. Thanks for coming to White Sands. You make a difference and what a professional you are. Thanks! Cheryl Rivera

  39. Jacob Lara

    Awesome show, great message! Loved the joke about the speed trap cameras…..sent you a picture of your attorney in cuffs lol

  40. Candelario gomez

    Bernie your show was amazing. Glad I got the chance to see it. It was completely optional for me lol. It was great and I wish more of my buddies would of seen it. There was an amazing message in the show. Definitely something for me to learn from especially with me being so young.

  41. Rick Pierce

    Great show

  42. Michael Hurst

    Enjoyed the shows greatly. Never get tired of enjoying your humor or powerful message. God Bless you for what you do!!!

  43. Cat Mitchel

    Great show! It is definitely one of the best trainings I have been to–funny, yet very inspiring. Your story is a testament of the positive change people can make in their lives to overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges and adversities. I appreciate you making this a training that I will never forget and will be referencing and recommending others to see for years to come! Stay blessed and thanks for supporting our military!!!

  44. Cammy

    Thank you for coming out!!!!! You truly made my day!