SUBASE New London! Happy Hour is Rolling In………

Amazing to be back here at SUBASE , home of the greatest new sailors a country could ask for.  The Dealy Center was rocking today, with energy unparalleled by any venue I can remember.   Thank you sailors and shipmates for being so cool to me and allowing me to spread some laughter and share my life with you.  I hope you take my experiences, honing the good, improving the bad, through better planning and smart prevention and intervention when necessary.  As I wind down my Navy tour for 2013, I think of all the great men and women I have met and have been humbled to perform for.  I hold you dear in my heart and an so proud to know you are serving and protecting this great nation: The United States of America!  Thank you Fleet Forces for making this possible.  I will forever hold you all in high regard.  

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My brother Scott..RIPMe with my brother Sean     9 Debra Bernie
My siblings: Scott, I miss you bro, Sean my special brother in the middle, and sister Debra.  The love of family.

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48 Responses to SUBASE New London! Happy Hour is Rolling In………

  1. michael stauer

    It was great. Training never was like that, you were funny as shit and from NY too thats always a plus thanks for not having a slide show.

  2. david frye

    Great show Bernie. I really appreciated how you updated your material since I last saw you less than a year ago in Charleston at the red Bank Club with the disco ball. You had a much larger venue this time looks like you really are moving up. Still very funny and a great message. Hope to see you again soon, way better than any other SAPR training I’ve had. Also congrats on the marriage.

  3. Johnpaul lubrani

    Had an awesome time. One of the best trainings I’ve been to! Glad it wasn’t death by power point.

  4. Zavier Carver

    Thanks for coming Bernie! Best GMT I have had since being here. Come back to Groton soon.

  5. Kurt O'Donnell


    It was great getting the chance today to listen to your “training”, but more importantly the message. The way you put it out is a definite way that I think it sticks with other sailors. I think the laughs and the message of life stories helps associate with sailors from all different ways of life. Thanks for your effort and keep up the hard work. Look forward to maybe seeing you again during my career.

  6. Craig

    Great meeting you, thank you for sharing your story and bringing the message in a whole new way.

  7. Frank Martinez

    Great show! I really enjoyed it. I like your style of comedy. I didn’t even realize where all the time went when I looked at my watch at the end. That you for a great GMT.

  8. scott huxtable

    Thank you Bernie that was a great show. Thank you for having the courage to share your story with us, it was special.

  9. Tyler Wentz

    Thank you Bernie it was a great show. I appreciate your story, it really struck home for me.

  10. Brian Komar

    Thanks for everything Bernie, you’re show was great and really helped lift the spirits of the sailors on base.

  11. Gabriel Camber Stevens

    Thank you very much for coming today and giving us a wonderful change up to GMT. You had me laughing so hard the whole time. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the good advice.

  12. Jess Aldred

    Bernie, great show. It was great to have you in Groton with us.
    Loved the show.

  13. Robert Harley

    Hey Bernie I loved your shows. Thanx for all the laughs. And reminding us sailors how important family is. Your story really you touched me. Sorry for the lost of your brother. And I’m glad you made that change in your life.

  14. Hector Valles

    HOOYAHHHH BERNIE..i was at the show at groton..

  15. Jonathan Lee Beaulieu

    Hello Bernie,
    I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing inspiration to us all! Some of the guys thought it was long but Lord was it one of the greatest GMT’s. It definitely helped solidify my views on life. I was reminded of the past but you helped me realize that no matter what we go through.. There will always be a great ending to a story. Keep going strong brother! Thank you once again for your service to our country. I was more than obliged to to be at the mandatory GMT today. God bless.

  16. scott justus

    thank you bernie,great show.really gaind some things from it,hope to see you back again.

  17. Brenden Crutchfield

    Thank you Bernie, for an outstanding and touching performance, and for doing so with such fervor and humor in your delivery.

    The mix of slight low-brow and tactfulness in your humor was refreshing and inspiring, and gave me more than a few laughs. Thanks for coming out here today and giving us a solid show.

  18. Shane Fleegle

    Thank you so much Bernie that was very inspiring and I went back to my room and called my little brother, fiancé, and son and told them all how much they mean to me and that I loved them, and also told them how great your message is. Very inspirational God Bless and thank you again Bernie.

  19. mackeon dudley

    You are a great comedian! I had a great time. You had a good message too.

  20. Parker Hamm

    Thanks for the laughs!

  21. Austin Shirley

    Great show and an even better message! Thanks for hanging out with us.

  22. Dustin Hill

    Bernie, you cracked me up. Most comedians the military brings are lame but some of the story you shared I could relate to. How about a drink sometime?

  23. Michael Allen Wayne Dodge

    Hey Bernie, thanks so much for the entertainment and a great training session. I think your comedy and stories really hit home with a lot of sailors and we really appreciate what you did today for us and what you do all the time to show your support for every branch of the military. A huge thanks from those of us at SUBASE in Sunny Groton!

  24. Devin Baker

    Awesome show

  25. Michael Lehn

    Hey Bernie I used to be an Amatuer comedian before the Navy

  26. Greathouse

    seen your show today. you was pretty oc.

  27. Stephen zapolsky

    Loved the show loved what you do good thing you’re doing here Bernie.

  28. Will Shaw

    I had a great time today! You made this training session fun and informative.

  29. Gary Lynch

    Great show! Definitely a unique way to deliver a great message!

  30. Benjamin Osberger

    Nice show! I really enjoyed it!

  31. Dennis brown

    Such a great show. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ll look out for your name to see it again. Best of luck!!!

  32. Tony Vlassis

    Great show today. Glad you could take some time out of your schedule to entertain the troops, and spread a good message. Thanks!

  33. Jason Crotwell

    Thanks for making “mandatory” training fun.

  34. Rone Hall

    I will be honest, I was not looking forward to more sexual assault, DUI, or suicide prevention training. I am VERY thankful I had today’s experience! Best training ever and had a blast. You drove the point home with your personal experiences better than anybody else has in my 17 year career!

  35. matt lichtman

    I really enjoyed your show!!! thank you for the support and coming out.

  36. Anthony DeSantis

    Thank you for coming to CT, and I’m here for the raffle. Be in touch.

  37. Ryan Zurich

    Bernie, thank you for sharing your message with us today, it shows that there are real life applications that effect people every day in this world, and that no matter how trivial you may think an issue is, if it is brought to your attention by someone you love, you should heed their warning and seek advice, my Uncle, Larry Lawton does a similar program, he’s not quite as funny, but I’m sure as effective, thank you for coming to SUBSCOL to share, this is the king of GMT that people will listen too.

  38. Charles Tyre

    I’ve seen so many GMTs here in groton that I could describe almost every video they have, almost every powerpoint slide by slide (they do make new ones a lot). So many of us have nicknamed GMT as “General Misuse of Time” because of this it’s not even funny anymore.

    Once in a while however, Albeit rare, we get a worthwhile GMT. This was one of those cases. And I’m happy to have been there for the show. Excellent message, pretty inspiring, and best of all lots of laughs.

    Thank you for coming to SUBSCOL

  39. Dallas Andrews

    I really wish the navy could deliver more training like this. You hit home way more than some statistic on a PowerPoint presentation. Thanks for sharing your story with us and making us laugh for a change!

  40. Kyle Fortin

    Great show Bernie, easily the best GMT I’ve been to so far since coming to Groton. Thanks!

  41. Kevin Semma

    Great showing today! Way better then any other training we ever get. Really appreciate the time you take to teach us a great lesson in an entertaining way. Thank you

  42. Chris Aggie Brandon

    Awesome GMT today! Ways better than any NOFFS expert we’ve had in there! Glad to hear something great emerging from something so tragic and that they allowed you to share your story and wit with us. Hooyah sub school!

  43. SA Bravo, Julian

    Bernie your show was excellent. I enjoyed the message you brought to us and the way you delivered it. I almost pissed myself at the making stairs with an etch-a-sketch bit. if the navy had more presenters like you. More people would get the message. Thank you for coming to Groton.

  44. Bryan Parent

    Hey Bernie.
    Great show and great message. Absolutely a better time than a one hour power point.

  45. Daniel Schmenk

    With a younger brother with alcoholism your message hit home. Keep up the good work.

  46. Kayla Shay

    That was a great show!! I think I can speak for all of us, but you should come back more often!

  47. Erik Rosa

    I was at the show it was great

  48. Jacob Kuhn

    Thanks for the show. I enjoyed it a lot, even though my dinner time was cut pretty short. It was worth it.