Ft Belvoir, VA- Happy Hour Time!

I am excited to be here at Ft Belvoir, VA! Thank you for hosting my Happy Hour Tour!  You Soldiers and Civilians are above and beyond.  I am so thankful for all of you Men and Women defending our Country. Thank you for your Service today and always. I am here June 27, 2014 1000 & 1400 at the Ft Belvoir Community Center- Come say hello, share a laugh, spread the hope! ASAP  rocks!

ROSA LEE THOMPSON- you are the RAFFLE WINNER:Contact info@comedyisthecure.com to claim your copy of I KILLED: TRUE ROAD STORIES FROM AMERICA’s TOP COMEDIANS!

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34 Responses to Ft Belvoir, VA- Happy Hour Time!

  1. Larry Shinn

    Good show, best one I have seen one so far

  2. Alyssa Merryman

    Very funny! I think if more training were interesting and entertaining like this was, more people would actually pay attention. Great job!!

  3. Jessica Toro

    Thank you!! Had a great time and the message was very relatable!!! Awesome show you killed it!!!

  4. Cecil

    Good show!!! Thanks for a great time!!!

  5. Victor

    Great show!!! Thanks for visiting us!!

  6. Michael Roberts

    Thanks so much for your story and for using your gift of seeing the levity in our lives to make your message so much more relatable. Be safe in your travels!

    Semper Fi- Mike Roberts

  7. Joe

    A big thank you from the only Navy guy at the army base. Great show and good luck with the rest of the tour.

  8. Josh

    People move when they are ready…Thanks for hurrying them up!

  9. Phillip G.

    great message brought through comedy!!.. glad to see it from a different point of view other than slides and videos.
    they are boring an YOU KILLED IT…

  10. Rosa Lee Thompson

    Thank you so very much for sharing your story. It resonated with me as my brother also committed suicide. I feel your pain brother. You truly hit the mark with the patients that were there with me today. All of us Alcoholics are greatful.

  11. margaret

    Thanks for mixing up mandatory training a bit. Good luck with the family.

  12. Revenda

    Thank you for such a wonderful show, very funny and your message was very moving!!

  13. Devonte

    Thanks for the great show.. very funny and a great way to get the message delivered!!

  14. Mrs. Wilson

    I identify with your story for the reason that I treat folks like you were and I wonder if it every works. It was actually good to here about an impact and you lifted my spirit.


    You “KILLED” this morning! Outstanding show 🙂

  16. Monica Cayanong

    I really enjoyed meeting you, and your show was awesome! I’m glad that my son’s got the chance to hear your message as well! Thank you for all that you do to spread the word to others. I know that it makes a difference!

  17. Stephen McDoniel

    Great Show & Awesome Message!!!

  18. Glenda Payne

    You killed us!!! Great show and great way of putting the message out!!!!!!!!

  19. jasmin

    Awesome show! Hope you come back (:

  20. SSG Beasley


    Great show…and excellent message. I can relate to your message on so many levels. Definitely killed and inspired…thanks again!

  21. Pablito

    Talk about KILLING it!!!!Good job and come back soon.

  22. Nadine Floerchinger

    Really enjoyed your show this morning. Was finally nice to have a change to a boring/sad training class!! Your story was easy to relate too. Thanks!!!

  23. Denise Harris

    Great Show!!! Glad I was given the chance to see it. This was a great way to get a very important message across. Sometimes hearing other peoples stories can give you a “real” perpective. Keep up the good work!!

  24. Derrick Beamer

    Thanks for the show. It’s a relief knowing that Army training can not only be informative but enjoyable as well.

  25. Raymond Walker

    Awesome show, hilarious jokes, great stories and a powerful message.

    -Thank you.

  26. Raymond Walker

    Great show. Hilarious jokes, great stories, and a powerful message. Also, thanks for taking a photo with the troops.

    -Thank you.

  27. micheLL waters

    {{{BERNIE}}} it was so great meeting you!!! Thank you for such an inspirational message. You ‘KILLED’ bro!!! The ASAP team would love to have you come back.

    Take care,


  28. sam

    very good show right up there with the likes of mark gungor’s presentations on marriages and other professional seminars

  29. Sue Holte

    Nice show! Thanks for your message.

  30. Katina

    Excellent show! We are very appreciative of your testimony, as you touch the lives of so many who struggle daily to overcome addictions.

  31. Doryan Dixon

    Your show was absolutely hilarious today! It was not only entertaining but also very informative.
    We look forward to seeing you again next year!

  32. Jennifer

    Bernie, Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule/life to come to Fort Belvoir. I was looking forward to your show from the beginning. I love comedy and it was a bonus that it was about ASAP as well. It was very inspirational and what better way for it to hit home to people than through comedy. Thanks again. I enjoyed it very much so that I was tearing up and received the important message as well.

  33. Gwen

    Bernie. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing your story. I have a family member that is in that kind of trouble with drinking. I wish you had a DVD. See you Soon Bernieeeeee.

  34. Vanessa Mitchell

    Bernie, Outstanding! Great show full of humor along with a message and real life story. You “Killed Us!” I truly enjoyed meeting you and had a great time. The ASAP Team looks forward to round 2!