NAS Sigonella Italy May 10th! Ryan- Come on down and claim your prize!

I am pumped to be here in Sig!   Hope you enjoyed the comedy with a message tour today.  Thank you Capt Butler and all the great men and women in uniform who helped make this training possible!  Hats off to Fleet Forces for making the trip across the waters as well.  Marie and team, we appreciate you! Angela, keep up the great work.  Ryan- you were picked from the show raffle and won the Comedy book I KILLED!   See the I KILLED raffle POST instructions to claim your prize below.  Thank you NAS SIGONELLA!  Ciao! 

Sigonella 3 Former Detroit Lions Quarterback Eric Hipple and I  Scott, you are missed brother Sean loving his big bro Left, Detroit Lions QB Eric Hipple, My brother Scott, Center and Brother Sean, Right

Sig1 Sig2 Sig4

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4 Responses to NAS Sigonella Italy May 10th! Ryan- Come on down and claim your prize!

  1. John

    Second time I’ve seen it. I liked it as much as I did the first time.

  2. Ryan

    You did an outstanding job combining true life and comedy so eloquently. Its one thing to be funny, but when a strong message, heart felt testimonials and some good laughs are presented in a well prepared format like you have it really helps make the important stuff stick.

  3. Chris

    Thanks Bernie, for sharing your time, talents, and life experiences with us. Keep up the great work. God Bless you and your family.

  4. Stuart

    Bernie, that was the most creative, entertaining but POWERFUL approach to educating each of us to make smart choices when we go out and to be aware of our surroundings and shipmates. Hearing your story made all of us sit back and realize this stuff does happen, and if we all implement a plan, we can prevent bad things from happening. This was the best training program I have been to in my 8 yrs in the Navy. Keep up the great work!