Naval Air Station Corpus Christi TX! Brooks Gregory – Congrats!

Great to return to Corpus Christi TX for one of the finest Navy Operations in the land.  Home to Chief of Naval Air Training, Training Air Wing 4, the Corpus Christi Army Depot and other tenants, NAS Corpus Christi has supported pilot training and operations since 1941.  I am looking forward to bringing some laughs today and a message of inspiration to the great men and women in and out of uniform who serve our country at this great installation.  

CC Navy 2 CC  TX Navy 1  CC Navy3 

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10 Responses to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi TX! Brooks Gregory – Congrats!

  1. Robert Long

    Thanks Bernie! Great show and strong message that is easy to relate to. Thanks!
    Rob Long

  2. Wesley Keylich

    thanks for the laughs Bernie God Bless

  3. David Adams

    Your show was full of good jokes and a great message.

  4. Nick Webster

    Thanks again Bernie. I’ve seen you perform numerous times here at Corpus Christi and I enjoy your courageous story more every time! Great show as always!

    -Nick Webster
    USN K9

  5. Adam Fancher

    Great show! Your message is one that I hold dear to my heart as many of my friends found a similar fate as your brother. May your career continue to grow and God Bless!

  6. Paula Parker

    A testimony that is well shared. Glad to have been here to hear your message.

  7. Gunnar Borthick

    Thanks for the show very well done. This is the second time seeing you and the point still hits home.

  8. Brooks Gregory

    Bernie, Ive sat through your show three years in a row now and the jokes are still funny! The way you promote you’re message is motivating.
    -You’re biggest mandatory fan,
    Brooks Gregory USN

  9. Samantha Rablin

    Bernie! Bernie! BEERRNNAAYY!

  10. Tim Meek

    Thanks Bernie, that was a great show!