BAHRAIN- Joint base ISA in the desert! Tsgt MATTHEW M. HULLMAN- raffle winner.

Thank you Navy for sponsoring this joint base effort in the desert.  I look forward to meeting many sailors, marines, soldiers and Airmen.  For those of you who are not aware: Our men and women serve this country spending six months or more at a very remote location far from the United States of America.  We know not, this sacrifice they provide but we will now.  I am very excited to bring the laughter and the inspiration to our troops.  Thank you FLEET FORCES for caring so much for our men and women who wear the uniform and display courage to our nation.
1Bahrain 4Bahrain 3Bahrain  
L)Post show group shot
C)1st Class Petty Officers, Prevention and inspiration advocate Marie Parker, Detroit Lions quarterback and speaker Eric Hipple
R) CMC McClure inspiring Petty Officers in training!

 On Tour Live! My brother Scott..RIP Me with my brother Sean
L)Stand-up dance move! 
C) My brother Scott whom we miss
R) My special brother Sean at the Dodgers game! 
5Bahrain 6Bahrain2Bahrain
L) Marie Parker, Ruth, Chief Lambert, Bernie,  CMC McClure, Eric Hipple …a Mexican Fiesta!
C) Streets of Bahrain..
R)Commander Boyle, Bernie,  Chief Green,  CMC McClure, Captain Cave

Winners from the show raffle is  Tsgt MATTHEW M. HULLMAN. Contact to claim your prize with your mailing address, and base you attended the show!

Personal emails to Bernie, Click CONTACT page.  They are private and will be returned by Bernie soon.
Thank you ISA!  From the Comedy is the Cure staff back in Cali !  

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4 Responses to BAHRAIN- Joint base ISA in the desert! Tsgt MATTHEW M. HULLMAN- raffle winner.

  1. Tsgt Matthew M. Hullman

    Thank you for coming out. Funny material and a great message!

  2. S. Boyer

    Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Brent Carlson

    Thank you for coming and sharing with us! A good story! May the Lord keep you safe and make you successful!

  4. gervin pimentel

    thank you for coming to isa!!