NAVAL ACADEMY… Midshipman Rock!

 Established in 1845, the Academy is an icon in the world of leadership education.  I hope you survived the ‘mandatory’  program, had a few laughs and more importantly take away safe & responsible decision making and behavior this Spring Break and duration of your lives.  I appreciate and look up to each and every one of you for choosing this career in the Navy.

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  Personal emails to Bernie should be sent via the CONTACT link on this site and will receive a personal reply from Bernie.  Thank you Midshipman, Lt Martin and all Commanders of the finest Academy in the land!    

 NAVAL ACADEMY  WINNERS: MICHELLE SOTO & ROBERT WILLIAMS- Contact with your Academy or home mailing address to claim your prizes!  

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  1. Clint Livingston

    Well, doesn’t look like many other midshipmen have commented so I guess I’ll give this raffle a try. Looking forward to the show tonight, by all accounts it should be a good time!

  2. Luke Riewestahl

    I am looking forward to the show tonight! Thank You for coming!

  3. Carrington Lewis

    I was here. Some funny material.

  4. Ash Davis

    Great show tonight. The jokes were on point and the story was truly inspiring. Thank you for coming out to visit us at the Academy.

  5. Emile Toscano

    I was here. I really enjoyed your show and learned a lot from it.

  6. Rich Rod

    Thanks for the show!

  7. Sasha Westberg

    Great show! Thanks for coming out tonight. It was a good break from all the powerpoints we get.

  8. Elise Lagergren

    Much better than a powerpoint or lecture. Thanks!

  9. Ian Eisenhauer

    Thanks for the show!

  10. Jonathan Formella

    This show was hilarious and had a great message. Thanks for coming!

  11. Ian Lowry

    Thanks for the show! I really enjoyed listening.

  12. William Miller

    Awesome show! It was great to relieve some Monday night stress and think about being safe and looking out for others over break!
    Thanks for taking the time to make us laugh!

  13. Demetrious Jackson

    Hey Bernie, I was there. The show was amazing and very thought provoking. Thank You. God Bless

  14. Kyle Coffey

    Thanks for the great show!

  15. E Derecktor

    Thanks for the show tonight. Good stuff.

  16. David Allshouse

    Great show tonight Bernie! That was AWESOME!! Thanks for replacing the bring powerpoints and giving us a comical relief! First brief in alumni I haven’t fallen asleep in!

  17. Tanner Buterbaugh

    Made it! Great show, far better than two hours of Power Point for sure.

  18. Jon Kappel

    It’s a free book. Why not? Good show. Thanks for the laughs.

  19. T Ledesma

    really inspirational story thanks again for the laugh and story

  20. Kai Hall

    Thanks for the laughs. Loved the show.

  21. Robert Williams

    My man Bernie with the win for an educational and laughable experience! Thanks for the show!

  22. Laurence Moore

    Thanks for coming out.

  23. Aaron Guerrero

    Thanks for coming

  24. Tara Cutner

    Thanks so much!! Love your outlook on life :) Namaste

  25. Cullen Hanks

    Thanks for coming to USNA. I loved the message, and the comedy was hilarious. The shrieking San Diego-an was my friend sitting right next to me. She was so embarrassed!

  26. Jonathan Kim

    Original. Thanks for the show

  27. William Campbell

    Definitely something different than what we’re used to, and it was appreciated. Thank you for coming out.

  28. Zack Gawboy

    Thanks for the show.

  29. Andrew Garcia

    It was a great show. (I was there tonight.)

  30. Nathan Myers

    Great show and a great message.

  31. Chris Padgett

    Thanks for coming

  32. Kyle Cregge

    I appreciated that it was not a PowerPoint.

  33. Justin Frat

    Awesome stuff,

    Good laughs and an inspiring story!

  34. Justin Engel

    Thank you for the encouraging words Bernie. You were truly inspirational.

  35. Andrea Tinajero

    Thank you for coming to the Naval Academy… I hope that someday you can bring your brother to see all of the sailors. I think he would enjoy that very much. Congratulations on your recovery and on your wedding.

  36. Nora M

    Thank you for coming by. It was a really good show.

  37. Tim Cadigan

    Thanks so much for your time and story!

  38. Matt Daugherty

    Great show Bernie! This was second one I’ve been to, so I should be entered twice technically.

  39. Victor Bowen

    Thanks for coming. You were funny and still got your point across. A great combination!

  40. Richard Padron

    Thanks for a great show and the chance to win a free book!

  41. hayes

    i was here! love the story and give my best to sean.

  42. Stefan Tsarev

    Thank you for the amazing show tonight! I was touched by your story, because I have an uncle who literally ruined his life because of the alcohol… he used to be a truck in Europe and now he’s half the man he used to be – tall, thin, with scars and 70% loss of his eyesight because of accidents involving alcohol. He inspired me and his example made me treat alcohol as a drug, not as a medicine!
    I wish all the best to you, your mother, your sister and your little brother, I hope we can see them next year, they are more than welcome at the Academy!

  43. Giancarlo Palazzo

    I was there. Awesome job and the story really hit home. Definitely can say I learned a lot. Keep doing what you do, Bernie.

  44. Stephen Arceneaux

    Much better than regular navy training. A must for all!

  45. Mr. Ben

    Thanks for the Show tonight Bernie! It was a good time and we appreciate the story. God Bless.

  46. Troy

    Great show tonight! Really enjoyed it.

  47. Brandon Foster

    Thanks for coming out! Everyone can learn something from your story.

  48. Curt Grafton

    Good stuff man, thanks for coming. A lot of your story really resonated with me, I’ve been there. God bless.

  49. Sam vonParis

    Great show Bernie, thanks for a great message.

  50. Susan Scheid

    Thanks for coming! i loved the show.

  51. Danny Garcia

    Thanks for the comedy with a message!

  52. K Johnson

    Thank you for the message as well a great laugh. It was much needed!!

  53. Adam Fischer

    Thanks for the laughs!

  54. Joe Cauley

    Show was great and thanks for the story. it provided for some great insight

  55. Chuck Newnam

    Great message, but sorry, not funny

  56. Wes Giudice

    Great show! Thanks for coming out

  57. Erin DeVivies

    I was truly moved by your story, especially after seeing the photos of your two brothers. Thanks so much for coming out.

  58. Steve Rodriguez

    Great show. Very inspirational story.

  59. Chuck Newnam

    Great show and yes, very funny.

    • Stephen Arceneaux

      I know, right!

    • Chuck Newnam

      I feel obligated to note the above post was not made by myself. I honestly appreciate your message, but also honestly did not think it was funny, as per my original comment.

  60. Matthew Flores

    I hope you enjoyed your time here in Annapolis. Great show, and just a great story!

  61. Bryce Dabbs

    Hi Bernie! My name is Bryce and I can’t tell you how much that show meant to me! It was great! I hope you were telling the truth and we really can be friends! :)

  62. Kristine Doan

    Thank you for the show!

  63. Michael Jacobson

    Hey Bernie, great show man. It was really inspiring. Thanks again!

  64. Zak Baker

    Thanks for the show! You planted some seeds tonight.

  65. Samantha Carl

    Thanks for the show shipmate. Pick me

  66. Stephen Arceneaux

    I want the free book.

  67. Michael Harden

    Great show. Hit home on some accounts.

  68. Albert Schultz

    I was there. Great points and I feel that the speech will make a difference in the way people think about decision making.

  69. Anthony Goliver

    Good laughs and a great story. May not have been the main point of your story, but the message about your brother hit close to home.

  70. Ben Price

    I was there! laughed a lot, thank you so much!

  71. Samantha Casey

    The show was great! Thank you!

  72. Vincent Chu

    I was there. Thanks for coming and sharing some laughs and your story.

  73. Tyler Derderian

    Great show thanks a lot

  74. wes amick


  75. Adam Majoria

    Thanks for the show.

  76. Star Steele

    Thanks for a great show!

  77. Kyle Mortensen

    Great show tonight. You’re story was very humbling and showed us that even the small decisions matter. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Raymundo Arroyobautista

    Good time…Kim Kardashian jokes were on point. Thanks for coming out

  79. Bailey Raye

    Thanks for the great show!

  80. Justin Chapman

    I was there! You are funny!

  81. Matthew Truninger

    Man you rocked! I was there and laughed so hard! Go Navy Beat Army!

  82. Will Gurzynski

    Hey Bernie, I was there! Your show was a great refresher from the ‘norm.’ Thanks for your time!! We appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  83. April De La Cruz

    Thanks for an inspirational story!

  84. Tom Krysil

    Great show, hope to see you next year again!

  85. Scotty Stamer

    Hit home seeing I have the same name and build as your deceased bro. Thanks for coming tonight… Will always remember.

  86. Mark Reaser

    Great Show! It wasn’t what I was expecting at all! Great way to deliver a great message! Thanks!

  87. Camron Kiekintveld

    Thanks for the entertainment and the message. Much appreciated and well received!

  88. Archie

    Good show tonight, great change up from our normal “mando-fun” briefs we usually get.

  89. Saungwon Ko

    I laughed and had a good time. Thanks for opening up to us about a chapter in your life that we can look at and use as reference point of what to be careful about, about what not to do.

  90. Nick

    Thanks for the show, Bernie. Good material, great story, best Alcohol Awareness Brief I’ve ever been to!

  91. Zach Oravec

    Hey! Thanks for visiting Annapolis! I can really only speak for myself, but I think all the Mids really appreciated your message. Thank you again.

  92. Tracy Daniels

    A message well needed before Spring Break to serve as a reminder of the things that could happen.

  93. Cory Leviton

    Thanks for sharing your personal stories so we can hopefully gain something; keep up the useful work!

  94. Thomas Moore

    Thanks for coming out, the comedy was very well done and I am moved by your life story.

  95. Chris Burgett

    I’m gonna keep it short and sweet like you asked, I was there. If it gives me a better chance of receiving a book I’ll say that my little brother and I grew up together listening to comedians such as George Lopez, Jay Leno, etc. It makes me feel good that you could deliver a good message accompanied by some humor. This is something I will share with my little brother who aspires to be like me in many ways.

  96. Jordan Webster

    Thanks for the show! I was there.

  97. Matt Searight

    Great show tonight.

  98. Jocelynn Knudsen

    I was here tonight. Thanks for sharing your experience with my classmates. I can only hope that your message will change/prevent one bad situation from unfolding in the future.

  99. Christian Martin

    I enjoyed your performance and your inspirational story! Thank you for making the training unique and heartfelt!

  100. Michael Hamp

    I was in the audience, and I really enjoyed the show. The comedy was hilarious and his story is amazing.

  101. Amanda Jackson

    The show was great! Thank you for an awesome show!

    PS… I think this is a good clarification of my attendance =)

  102. David Kim

    I was there!

  103. Nafis Ujrat

    Great show ! Amazing message !

  104. Sarah Howard

    Surprised by the message, thank you for sharing your story!

  105. Amelia Wagner

    Thank you so much for the inspirational story!!

  106. John Watkins

    Thanks for the show Bernie. Your show never fails to make me think.

  107. Lucas Weilbacher

    I was there Bernie! Thank you very much!

  108. Zach Braida

    I personally thank you for the show. Eye opening.

  109. Conner O'Neill

    Hey I was at the show tonight and wanted to say thank you for coming out. It was entertaining and I appreciate the message.

  110. Monique Valliere

    The show was great, thank you so much for coming!

  111. Conner Robertson

    I was there! Bernie your doing a great thing

  112. Tucker Marberry

    Great Show! Thank you very much!

  113. Josue Ramos-Calvario

    Great Humor and touching life lesson!

  114. Caleb Prox

    Hey thanks for the show.

  115. Robert Platt

    Great message, thanks for the show.

  116. John Rice

    I was there.

  117. Shawn Banani

    I was there, and I appreciate your story.

  118. Nick

    Thanks so much for coming out and giving up some of your time to speak to us it really meant a lot. If you saved even only one or two of my shipmates that is one or two more people that won’t be putting themselves or those around them in society. Keep the message going!

  119. Mikaela Robbins

    Your show was a great change to the monotony of usual alcohol awareness. The story of your younger brother desiring to be picked up hit very close to home for me and I am very glad that you have had a hero to keep you on track, as well as provide us with a role model. Thanks for the laughs, but mostly for the inspiring story! I was there.

  120. Michelle Soto

    Thank you so much for being open with your life experiences. It’s people like you that allow people like me to push forward, share laughter, have hope, and not dwell over life’s tragedies.God Bless.

  121. Michael Ashmore

    This is the second time I’ve heard you speak at USNA, but I still enjoyed the evening.

  122. Anson Liu

    Thanks for the talk tonight. It’s great to hear a different kind of talk on alcohol.

  123. Matt Deisher

    Thanks for the encouraging words and the awesome atmosphere.

  124. Phil Song

    Thanks for coming!

  125. Ryan Pajor

    Great show man. Thank you.

  126. Calvin Mark

    Great show

  127. J. Erik Hoss

    Good show, man. Keep up the good work. Maybe add a few one-liners next time, but good show overall.

  128. Charlotte Hauser

    Thanks for coming!

  129. Minh-Tuan (Rich) Nguyen

    Thanks for the awesome show! I hope you have a great time with your brother Friday.

  130. Justin Bush

    Thanks for coming!! we appreciate it!

  131. Glory Armentrout

    I was there Bernie. You remember, right? I was in that crowd wearing all black.

  132. Paul Cooper

    I was there thanks for your testimony

  133. Justin Chock

    Hey Thanks for the Show!

  134. Brandon Willis

    Thanks for the show,it was definitely an eye opener.

  135. Max Schlessel

    Hi Bernie, I was really looking forward to your show and it was better than expected! I admire your patience and discipline that you have exemplified through your struggles.

  136. Esteban Salazar

    Thank you very much for an entertaining and insightful show!

  137. Kevin Martin

    Thanks for coming!

  138. Chris Maldonado

    Thanks for the great show, God bless.

  139. Will

    Hey Bernie, it was once again nice to hear your message and your inspiring story. Thanks for everything you do.

  140. Adam Vetere

    I was there. Thanks for the show tonight!

  141. Joe Savo

    Thanks for coming out and sharing both your comedy and your story!

  142. David Szabo

    Thank you for sharing your message with us. God bless you and your family. Keep being a hero to your brother!

  143. Katie Smith

    Great Show! Thanks for coming out and sharing your story!

  144. Alex Yachanin

    I was there!

  145. Czerda Frank

    I was there Bernie. Thanks for the laughs and the advice.

  146. Hunter Lampp

    You were great, thank you for coming!

  147. Britney Thornton

    I was truly moved by your comments last night about your brothers and yourself. Thank you for making a turbulent story bearable with laughter and for coming out to speak to us.

  148. Liam Ubiera

    Great show, very funny

  149. Danny McCaffrey

    Awesome show! Good jokes at the beginning and amazing story after. Really inspiring

  150. Collin Hinson

    Enjoyed the show! Thanks!

  151. David Silver

    Comedy with a message behind is a great combination!

  152. Thomas Morgan

    Outstanding show. Hopefully everyone got something out of it, I did.

  153. Langston

    Thank you Mr. McGrenahan. I really appreciate your time and effort in taking a different approach on Alcohol Awareness, as well as in sharing your story. God Bless!

  154. Kristoffer Larson

    Thanks for the show. It is always helpful to think about.

  155. Kristina Chepurko

    Thanks for coming to the USNA. I enjoyed hearing your story. I hope your story sunk into many people.

  156. Danny

    Had an awesome time Bernie! Thanks for coming out again!

  157. A Crawford

    I was there

  158. Sam Peckham

    Good time. I was there

  159. Luke

    Bernie, you have a great message and you do a great job sharing it. I didn’t know what to expect with a comedian appearing for an alcohol awareness brief and you definitely impressed me and many of my fellow Mids. Thank you so much for coming out and I hope more people get to hear your message.

  160. Susan Wissmann

    Thanks so much for coming to share your story! It was entertaining and had a great message.

  161. Michael Higgins

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  162. Zach Brown

    Thanks for sharing your story. It was much better than the standard lecture.

  163. Kerri Hands

    Great to hear that familiar New York sense of humor. Thanks for coming out!

  164. Chris Giraldi

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your show.

  165. Erica Hippe

    Great Show! Thanks for coming and sharing your story, it was way more effective than a powerpoint.

  166. Trevor Voegele

    I really appreciated your story. It was one of the best ways I have ever had this type of content presented.

  167. Trevor Samaha

    Thank you for the great show.

  168. Corey Garcia

    Thank you!! Good laughs from a good dude. Strong message.

  169. Tabitha Brown

    great show, thanks

  170. Gabriela Baez

    Thank you very much for sharing with the brigade a very personal chapter in your life.
    There were lots of laughs and lots of thought.

    Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks!

  171. Timothy Wu

    Thanks for the show!

  172. Shannon Cuthbert

    Thanks for the show! I really got a lot out of it and appreciated it!

  173. Roy Billodeau

    Awesome show last night; really enjoyed it.

  174. Joey Tom

    I was at the show. Thanks for coming out!

  175. David Garcia

    Hey thanks for coming we really enjoyed the show!

  176. Chance Rauscher

    I was there.

  177. Jeffrey Martino

    I was at the show. Thanks Bernie.

  178. Chris Huynh

    Well seems like no Midshipmen have commented yet, I guess I’ll leave a message. Thanks for the show, Bernie.

  179. Cory Dennis

    Thanks for coming!

  180. Tautiana Harriott

    Hey I really enjoyed your show the other night.

  181. Jonathan Lomberg

    I was there. Thanks!

  182. J. Karter Martin

    You rocked! Thanks for sharing your story! But we may kill you if you come back…

  183. Chelsea Terry

    Great show last night. Really appreciated the message. I was there.

  184. Ben Bondurant

    Thanks for coming, it was great!!

  185. Jane Wissmann

    It was a great show! Thank you for coming out to talk to us!

  186. Kevin Doran

    your were awesome!

  187. Houssein Chawiche

    Bernie, thank you for taking the time to come educate us on alcohol awareness and entertain us with all the jokes.

  188. David Fernandez

    Good show, we’re usually a rough crowd too.