NAVAL STATION NORFOLK! Happy Hour rolling in. LS2 ALEX PORTER – congrats on Raffle win.

On Tour Live! NORFOLK Me with my brother Sean

Just got off stage!   Rocking crowd.  Thank you Sailors and Civilians! Hit me on the contact link if you want a personal reply. Above center is the crowd from Norfolk, above right is my brother Sean.  Thank you Fleet Forces for your support!

LS2  Alex Porter contact with your name and mailing address to claim your copy of I KILLED ! 

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12 Responses to NAVAL STATION NORFOLK! Happy Hour rolling in. LS2 ALEX PORTER – congrats on Raffle win.

  1. Chase Spurlock

    Great show you were hilarious!

  2. Jose A. Centeno

    Some of your life stories hit home. Thanks for adding an element of humor to deliver an important message. Genius!

  3. Lafern

    Great show! you brouhgt home the importance of have having a plan with a sense of humor.

  4. Weaver

    Great show, allowed a message to be delivered and still have a great time, thank you..I’ll pick up the gallon of milk for my car 🙂 thank you

  5. LCDR Brian DeMange

    Thank you for the great show. You have a talent for getting the word accross to folks in a form they understand. (much better than a powerpoint.) BZ to Fleet and Family Services for having the “out of the box” foresight to have someone like you train our Sailors. I wish you and your family all the best and much succes to you my friend. Cheers, LCDR Brian DeMange

  6. Kiwana Howse

    Great Show,

    I want to thank you for entertaining us today and sharing your story. I had a rough few weeks and needed to laugh today. I have laughed harder today than I have in a long time. I’ve told everyone I know about your 1 out of 3 people are ugly joke. LOL, I had a blast!

  7. Lisa Koblinski

    Thank you for coming to Norfolk. Your show was awesome and entertaining. Also the whole shopping thing I would be the one sitting watching ESPN while the boyfriend went grocery shopping. You were great thank you again.

  8. ABH3 Cumagun, Francis

    You killed it bro! i love your jokes and felt your stories, good luck and God bless.

  9. IT2 Brian Mitnick

    Thank you so much for sharing your humor and insight with us today. It is amazing how the messes we have in our past can be messages to those who come after us. You are doing amazing things and I pray you are able to touch many more. God bless!
    IT2 Brian Mitnick

  10. IT1 Corey Stoakley

    Bernie you killed it today. Thanks for the great show and getting me out of work early today.

  11. LS2 Alex Porter

    the show was hilarious… and it was the perfect blend of humorous, honest, and factual info.

  12. ITSN McGovern

    Bernie you definitely killed it. Way to be. Thanks for the laughs!