Lakenheath AFB…Warrior strong!

I was so excited to be back at Lakenheath AFB in the UK and looking forward to the  programs on Tuesday . Nothing like a Charley’s Grille LARGE PHILLY CHEESE STEAK and FRIES to get me going!  Got to love the food court.  I hope you find the comedy enjoyable and my message to be real and honest. I  simply share a few laughs, followed by my personal experiences.  My wish and hope is each of you will make better choices than I have in the past. Keep the Faith, the Focus and keep mission and family a priority!

Lakenheath Me with my brother Sean and sister DebraMy brother Scott..RIP

1 Lakenheath 4 Lakenheath 1Lakenheath 3 Laken

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36 Responses to Lakenheath AFB…Warrior strong!

  1. Marcus Bradley

    I like this show alot. It was a very funny, tear jerking, yet educational comedy show. Thanks Bernie and please come again.

  2. Brittany Gay

    Hey seen your show at 0700 bright and early. Just wanted to say you were great defiantly worth getting up for. Thanks for an amazing show. 🙂

  3. Chrystal Donathan

    Great Show.. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Douglas Lust

    Was really entertaining and fun to watch but also informative! Thank you for coming out to us and putting on this show.

  5. Tabitha Smith

    What a nice way to spend a mandatory briefing! You were pretty funny, even at 0700! Thanks for coming!

  6. Jennifer Pfennig

    Thank you for coming out and sharing your story, definitely enjoyed it.

  7. Esmeralda Cruz

    Saw your show once in Travis AFB back in June 2012 and got to enjoy it once more all the way in England =) Thanks for the message!

  8. harvey large

    Nice show thanks for taking the time to come see us!

  9. David Conerly

    Thank you it was a good show

  10. Ryan Corpus

    Any time you want to hang out ill be waitng in the “sandbox” at the commissary. And tell Sean to bring his PS3. Thanks Bernie

  11. Faith Fiechtner

    Thank you, your show was very funny and had some touching stories in it. I hope you enjoyed England, Lakenheath and the people. I am sure people took away their own messages from it. I hope You have a safe trip until you get back home to your family.

  12. Tiffany VanHooshier

    Thank you for coming. It was a great show and very emotional/touching.

  13. Kelli Michele Brown

    Definitely in the top 3 mando-fun things I’ve had to do in my career! I will be recommending this to the rest of my friends in Europe in case they get the chance while you’re out and about!

  14. Belen Rico

    Thank you for pursuing your goal to be out here traveling around the world to get the message out. It was nice to hear your story and all the learning experiences. It brings joy to my heart knowing that somebody else is out there trying to spread the love to one another. God has planned this out for you from the beginning. Continue to follow him and be faithful throughout your walk with Christ. All Thanks be to god, because he has and never will leave you. Have a great life and continue to be you.

  15. Cameron Rogers

    Thank you for coming and sharing your life changing story with us, it was deffinatly very inspiring and uplifting. You hit the spot on making good desicions in life and how they effect others and yourself. Your story makes me think how I can try and improve my lifestyle and make better desicions. Thanks again and safe travels.

  16. SSgt. Lidiana D. Carter

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for you coming here to Lakenheath and allowing us to be a part of your Legacy. The contents of your performance was highly motivating. I always love to hear a good comeback story. I hope to see you perform again one day. It’s a great thing you do! Enjoy your travels here in Europe and have a safe flight home. Send your Brother Sean my love!

  17. ray sevens

    Wow amazing show, that is exactly what people need alittle comedy and some to talk about all of the serious problems today. Keep up the good work.

  18. Luca

    Yo Bernie, I got sick over New years too, you know how I got rid of it…? I put on a speedo! Glad you came out and took the time to be with us and share your message. Aloha no malama pono

  19. Quincy Perry

    Hey just wanted to say great show today i actually had a good couple of laughs and i wanted to be there instead of Death by Powerpoint. Keep up the good Work bernie!

  20. Kearie Joi Dillahunt

    Bernie you are AWESOME! I laughed harder today at your show than I have in a good while. So glad I was “voluntold” to go! LOL You are a great comedian, and your story is so inspiring!

  21. Alyssa Cexton

    Your show/briefing was a huge improvement from the usual death by power point. Thank you for sharing, and for the laughs.

  22. Devon Downing

    Hey Bernie, thanks for the awesome show today I was lucky enough to be at both shows 0700 and 1500. Thanks for the postive message and laughs.

  23. Michael Hopkins

    Thank you so much for coming and doing your show for us. It was fantastic

  24. Brandy Lockhart

    Thank you for sharing your story with us today! I think it was presented perfectly, and I am sure that you saved more than one life in that audience.

  25. Scottie Curry

    Very much enjoyed your show. I was a great change up from the typical Air Force briefing. Very positive message along with a lot of laughs. Thanks for stopping by little ole’ RAF Lakenheath!! 🙂

  26. Angela Williams

    WOW! You are an amazing guy! You had me rollin so hard that I about peed my britches!! Great laughs and moving stories. Keep up the amazing work. Hope you have a safe flight home 🙂 Tell your brother Sean that my son is a Power Ranger fanatic as well 🙂

  27. Chelsie Morris

    Bernie you were very inspiring today. I don’t think I have ever felt so many emotions in one setting. I have no doubt that you left some sort of impression on everyone I the auditorium this morning. P.S I loved the fact that you are man enough to admit that you let your grown brother cuddle with you 🙂 I wish more men thought like that.

  28. Andrew Dilts

    Why can’t all mando appointments be like your show? Great show Bernie, keep up the good work. Thank you for supporting the troops the way you do, it means alot.

  29. Ian Jacob Manshum

    Great show! I hope to see you again in my air force career.

  30. Caleb Wines

    Admittedly, I was ready for another 0700 briefing I’ve heard before- Wrong! Thanks for the stories and laughs and keep telling them to people, you make a difference!

  31. Dolores Cofer

    I was there.

  32. Cristen

    Great show! Give Sean a hug for me!!!

  33. Jen Tomb

    I am honestly glad that I had the honor of attending your show. Well put together, captivating, and moving. Thank you for your time and appreciation of the military population.

  34. Kristina Romeo

    Great show Bernie!!!

  35. Katrina Ball

    Thanks for the good show. I definitely enjoyed it.

  36. Aiden Flores

    Great show. I had some genuine good laughs. Good message. I don’t drink either so that should help me eliminate a lot of those scenarios.