List of USAFE TOUR 2013 Show Raffle Winners!

 The following persons have won a copy of ‘I Killed’ True Road Stories from America’s Top Comedians

Congratulations to:

Croughton AFB-Andrew Cooper
Alconbury AFB– MSgt Grady Driver and Scott Kennedy
Lakenheath AFB– Marcus Bradley
Ramstein AFB- Tawnya Riehl
Incirlik– Rachel Colon
Lajes Air Field- Krista Thomas & Jordan (Bonus selection)

Please  from your .mil military email address to claim your prize!  Include your:


*MAILING ADDRESS ( United States address, or APO) 


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4 Responses to List of USAFE TOUR 2013 Show Raffle Winners!

  1. ashley holman

    Your comedy show was amazing and heart touching

  2. Jenna Doyle

    Thank you for the awesome show! It was very moving and eye-opening. God Bless you and your family!

  3. Thomas Johnson

    I was touched by your show today and was thinking that I would like to donate a USAF uniform to your brother to thank you and your family for making a difference.

  4. Jonathan Graham

    Your story will positively effect any patriot that hears it and encourage many to step up and do the right thing. Thank you for the knowledge and an awesome show Mr. McGrenhan. God Bless.