Bernie in Croughton AFB!

Thank you Croughton AFB for hosting the Military’s innovative  approach and program- HAPPY HOUR, Comedy with a Message!  Thank you for attending. It was wonderful to be there. Thank you  men and women who are committed to defending our America! You Airmen make our freedom possible, which I never take for granted. Hope you enjoyed the show!

     Colonel Hamilton   

    Thank You Airmen 

 'I Killed' Book signing    Croughton 1977 

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9 Responses to Bernie in Croughton AFB!

  1. Andrew Cooper

    Thanks alot for coming to sheepsville, I know that you have enjoyed the weather. Your combination of comedy/personal message was a nice twist to my day(mandatory or not). It was a pleasure hearing your story, and to see how you were able to take a negative aspect in your life and change it for the best. Just for the record, Syracuse is not the rich part of New York. Especially, when you NYC people consider us UP-state. Again, Thanks!

  2. TJ Talbot

    Thanks a lot for the comedy show. It may have been mandatory but it was a good show that I was planning on coming to anyway.

    BTW Go SOX!!!

  3. David Bolton

    Much better than the alternate option of death by powerpoint.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

  4. Nicholas Lakey


  5. Ryan Smith

    Don’t forget me. My birthday is February 3rd. Thanks for the laughs. I enjoyed your show very much. coincidentally 3rd time seeing your show. All the best!

  6. annie turner

    I am a uk civilian and the show was our ‘alternative work location’. Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it far more than I thought I would especially at 9am – not laughed so much in ages:). But on a serious note I felt the message was put across in a way where it made you seriously think about your own conduct and that of others. Well done bernie!

  7. Edward Cruz

    This was the second time I heard your story and the message was still just as powerful. Thank you so much for coming to Croughton and bringing some relatable words of wisdom.

  8. Christine Williams

    Thank you for your positive message!

  9. Rasheedah Young

    Thanks for the show, Bernie! Best MANDATORY event ever. 🙂