Ft Lee, VA- Happy Hour is Rolling In…….

I must say, it is beautiful here at Ft Lee, VA! I am pumped up and ready to Rock and Roll. Thank you Ft Lee for hosting my Happy Hour Tour. I appreciate my freedom every day, that is only possible because of you amazing Soldiers that defend our Country proud. We salute you. Please come and say hello while I am here December 3, 2012 at 1000 & 1400 at the Green Auditorium, Army Logistics University. Come laugh….


  ALU photo courtesy of Albert Cruz

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47 Responses to Ft Lee, VA- Happy Hour is Rolling In…….

  1. Pete Thibodeau

    Watch your presentation from my desk, in virtual mode . . . great job!

    Pete Thibodeau

  2. Renee

    Thank you for the message. It was heartfelt and appreciated. Your story about your brothers made the message more real to everyone who heard it. God bless your brother Sean.

  3. David

    You Killed Today! Thanks for helping!

  4. Randall Grenier

    Was not sure how you would pull off such a serious topic with comedy – you hit it out of the park. Great job, message received.

  5. David

    Some of the best “mandatory” Army training…ever! Great job Bernie

  6. Chad Scott

    Great work today that was an amazing show. Thanks so much for giving us some training we can enjoy! God bless you and your family.

  7. mark

    Watched the virtual presentation and enjoyed it. It is a nice change from the normal Death by powerpoint. Expecially for the younger troops.

  8. Clara Gumm

    Your presentation was great! The way your presented helped grasp the audience on a very serious subject without the entire hour being depressing. Thanks for what you do!!

  9. Kip Fleming

    Great show with a message that is presented in a way most people accept. I enjoyed talking with you afterward and hope we can bring you up to Ohio. God Bless

  10. Eric Nilsen

    Great show today! Definitely was unsure how the comedy was going to work in, but it was excellent! Thanks!

  11. Steve Wentz

    A great start to the day… especially a Monday! I appreciate your comments and for addressing this subject in a way I’ve never seen done before. Very effective.

  12. Coleman

    Thank you for sharing your story, and in a way that captures your audience. You killed it today!

  13. Charles Dale Dunlevy

    Great show Bernie! It was a unique way of discussing serious topics (drug use, alcoholism, suicide) with an audience that’s heard it many times. It was a blast and it will make Soldiers consider these topics seriously!

  14. Meagan Sneeringer

    I almost fell out of my chair, I was laughing so hard this morning. Thank you for a great start to Monday and the week. I really appreciated your comments about female body image- healthy isn’t about a dress size.

  15. Dennis Gibbons


    Great set today. You killed!

  16. Dee

    Really enjoyed the show today! What a way to do mandatory training!

  17. Emmett Wayne


    Thank you for the great message and laughs at Fort Lee today.


  18. Rebekah Thomas

    Great training! Really enjoyed the show, great transition!


  19. Steven S Johnson

    Great show

  20. Sarah Witt

    Thanks for coming out and making mandatory training fun and entertaining! Happy Holidays!

  21. Dimmick, Ian

    Thanks a lot Bernie, you were awsome. I had a good time at your show and am possitive that the majority of the soldiers got something out of it. Hope I get a chance to read that book. SSG Dimmick

  22. Jay-R Strawder

    Thank you for the show. I lost a brother to a drunk driver. Some of you points hit close to home. Have a Happy Holidays.

  23. Kristina K. Bacon

    To think I pay $30-50 for a ticket to the Funny Bone! I have never laughed that hard at one of those shows! And this was free!?!! And this was “training”??? Thank you for what you do!

  24. Jason Paxton

    You killed’em, and in a fasion that would make your famiy and all of ours proud. No one could have done it better then what you did today. Thank you.

  25. CPT Earley, Jason L

    You “Killed It” sir, thanks for taking the time!!!

  26. Renee Williams

    I have two brothers with four DUI’s between them before the age of 25 and one spent time in jail. Thank you!

  27. Hope Bean

    Bernie, the Army has come a very long way in conducting this type of training. This was a very effective way to learn! you have set a new precedence ….laughing and tearing up all at the same time. Outstanding….”You Killed” Thank you, may God continue to bless you and your family.

  28. Kevin

    Thanks for the message. Enjoyed the show!

  29. Michael Dodson

    Great show this afternoon. Hit close to home. I lost one of my past NCOs a couple weeks ago due to suicide. He was like a brother. Thanks for the awareness. Take care.

  30. Bob Sayle

    Thanks for sharing your humble and encouraging message today. You have learned some crucial life lessons and are right on brother. I wish you the best over the next years. Life is tough, but God is good.
    -Bob Sayle

  31. Stephen Walker

    Bernie, this was by far the best suicide, drinking and driving, sexual harassment training I have recieved in all my years in the Army. Your personal spin on these topics will be in the minds of all at FT Lee for years to come. I appreciate you sharing your own personal life experiences with the FT Lee Community. This was a lot better then having a class by powerpoint. Although those messages are important, it is more educational when you put a funny spin on it. Keep educating the military while at the same time making it fun. God bless you!

  32. Lenny

    Great show, very creative way to bring a new view onto a very serious topic, defently hit close to home and inspired me to make a change….. hope you found the food court ok.

  33. Jason Wagner

    Awesome show today, you KILLED it!! It’s nice to see that after 17 years in the Army that a new approach to this stuff has finally being taken.

    The dry stuff on Powerpoint never seemed to be effective other than to check-the-block – “yeah they have been trained, they know what to do and how to use their resources…” When in reality, everyone spent their time looking at their watches wondering when the brutally bland briefing that they’ve heard a 100 times before would end.

    You were able send your message while keeping everyone engaged and on the roller-coaster of emotional connection. There was no way for anyone to detach and look a their watches – everyone was pulled in and captivated the entire time.

    Thank you and whether you know it or not, you saved one more life today from unnecessary tragedy, one more victim from being sexually assaulted (or assaulting), and one less drunk driver on the road this weekend. Several folks in that auditorium took a look in the mirror and changed their minds after being there today – they’ll never forget your message.

  34. Eric Deeds

    Great show!! Thanks for sharing your life experiences and for the hysterical comedy.

  35. Eloy Arzola

    You killed today Bernie. Best mandatory training I’ve had in a while.

  36. Ron


    Thank you so much for a great show today. It was a great way to reach people…you KILLED today!

  37. Justin

    I greatly enjoyed watching your performance this afternoon, your ability to tell your story and past experiences was beyond words. Thank you for all you do! God Bless!

  38. My-Angela

    Thank you for coming out to speak with us. Too bad you can’t give us all of our mandatory training. You were awesome and we enjoyed your talents immensely!

  39. Steven Higgs

    Watched your show at fort lee today! it was great! keep on rocking it!

  40. Jose

    This was the best suicide training that I have ever been to. Thank you!!

  41. SSG Larry Bruce

    Thank you for the amazing show you touched my life & inspiration to continue with my struggles

  42. Albert Cruz

    Awesome Show Today at the Army Logistics University, Fort Lee, VA!

    What an inspiring demonstration on your resiliency and personal drive to share your life long lessons with us, thank you! Also, thank you too for serving our great nation through your humor, words of wisdom, and sense of “family”.

    I am going through my own personal challenges and your words helped me become more empowered on picking myself up and striving to overcome the current adversity which I am currently under…

    Happy Holidays 2012!
    Albert Cruz, (MAJOR, US Army Retired)

  43. Ted Hunt

    Great show!

  44. Spc innocent quarshie

    I think your comedy and story was captivating and thought provoking. I like the way you began with comedy first and then gradually introduced your touching story. I have a similar story but i was addicted to something that was different from yours but my actions and inactions brought some pain and harship to me, my wife and my daughter. It took me enough courage to swallow my big pride and talk to a family life consultant attached to my former unit at fort campbell. I was in a psychiatric hospital in nashville for a couple of weeks.
    I lost my elder brother who had epilepsy and I was able to relate to your brother who had partial brain damage.Hopefully somebody that saw your show today will take it in and act on it.

  45. Jeff Lucowitz

    great job today Bernie! Thanks for coming out and entertaining us today at Fort Lee, VA.

  46. Terryjames Morris

    Great job today! Best prevention training I’ve received from the Army in the past 5 years. Thank you.

  47. Lisa Reid


    Loved your show, I laughed until I cried!
    Really great training and I’m impressed by the way you interspersed so many important messages in an hour of comedic performance.

    Keep on “killing it”-

    CPT Lisa Reid