Dugway Proving Ground,UT!

Pulled over on 199 West, the great people of Dugway and the CLUB!  Showtime! 

Dugway Proving Ground,UT.  Greg and staff, we did it again!  I am honored to return here and had a blast tonight. Thank you Dugway Proving Ground for hosting my ‘Happy Hour’ Tour. I am thankful that you Soldiers defend our Country so proud.  Jerry ( AKA JEFF) Thanks for letting us use the CLUB for the show.  Thanks to  Dan, the Firemen who returned, the buff soldier to my left, and to whoever was lucky enough to get a FREE BOOK of I KILLED- which I left on the STAGE as my PROP BOOK!    WHO HAS IT???  laugh.  Thank you Dugway.  I made it home safe and did not hit any cows on way to Airport.  Keep the Faith and focus.   Robert Owen-Congrats on being the raffle winner.  Comedy is the Cure Inc staff will contact you shortly! HooRah!

My brother Sean and sister Debra are in the middle picture!

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7 Responses to Dugway Proving Ground,UT!

  1. Tammy Leachman

    The trials that in your life was an awakening testamony.

  2. Barbara Herrin

    The show was great!!! Thank you for coming out all the way to Dugway…we really appreciate all you do!!!

  3. Robert Owens

    Nailed it… I wish all military presentations were that good at captivating the audience. So glad I decided to come.

  4. Cecilia Davidson

    I brought my friend to the show and he was touched and moved by your proformence! I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for all of us in the military. The fact that you dedicate your career to helping others and sharing your personal experiences in life is amazing!

  5. Greg Mason

    Thanks for a great show and powerful message, Bernie. I have talked to several people since the show that all expressed ways that your message spoke directly to them. I know we are a bit of a long haul down some lonely roads to get here, but for us…its worth it every time you make the scene.

    Blessings to you and your family. Give Sean a big hug from all of us. Hope to see you out here again next year. Thanks also to Jaime for working her magic behind the curtains.

  6. Valerie M Culver-gabrysiak

    Wonderful Show – great Date nite for the hubby & I too! Thank you for the touching stories, for us the July stat included someone important and remembering him last night was very moving for us. Suicide is so sensless and tragic and leaves so many stumbling for answers – Thank you for bringing such a taboo subject to the forefront for the Military in a informative yet humorous and non-threatening way. God Bless, V & J

  7. Steve Sheffey

    Thanks Bernie for your message of hope and healing. Your experiences I could relate to so much that I felt a kin to you. You also made me laugh and realized that “Comedy is the Cure”. May God’s blessings be with you and what you do. Thanks also for what you do for our soldiers and other military personnel. Give your new wife a kiss from us at Dugway and thanks for letting us borrow you for a few hours. Take care!